Friday, May 1, 2015

Random Journal Day - May 1, 2015

Today I am joining Dawn for Random Journal Day.  On the first Friday of each month, we share an entry from one of our journals, whether it's yesterday's entry, or last months, or even one from several years ago...just share something from a journal - it gives me the chance to go back and see what I have written about in the past!

For today’s link-up, I have been invited to be Featured Journal Keeper on Dawn's blog, and share my journey in journaling – that’s a tongue-twister if I ever heard one!

While clearing out a notebook of poetry a few years ago, I found several pages where I had started a journal.  The title for this portion of the notebook was “The Journals of Barbara starting May 1979”, and began with these words:

May 5, 1979:  “Well, now that I’ve decided to start my diary, or journal, let’s see if I can get started on the right foot…

And my day-to-day happenings were written on the next few pages; nothing exciting, just an “I did this and that and whatever” type of entry!  Quite boring, actually.

So, how did I do?  Well, the next entry was...

January 26, 1980:  “I didn’t do a very good job keeping up my journal, did I?!  I was reading through my poems and other writings tonight, as I do occasionally; and I really had forgotten I had even started a journal here!  Well, just look how long it’s been!”

And, still, I left those pages in the notebook with my poetry!

My "Book"
with Poetry and other Writings
by BJLondon

The next entry?

July 24, 2012How crazy is this?! – 32 years ago - I wrote that I was “reading through my poems"; and what did I find then as I did this morning?  The pages where I had started a journal at the end of the poetry!

"Funny how things come back around – nothing really special was happening then; and nothing really special is happening this morning either – just pulled this book out to add a poem I wrote called “Love Has No Color”.  Guess I’ll add these journal pages to my basket full of completed journals!"

My "Treasure Chest"
of Completed Journals!
Photo by BJLondon

No other information was shared about the reason the words came to mind for the poem; but I tore the few pages out of the notebook this time, and added them to my basket of completed journals.

I came across the loose pages again in March of this year while looking for entries for Random Journal Day posts.  At that time I posted the poem "Love Has No Color".

I did learn one thing from “misplacing” journal entries:  Make sure there is a separate journal (book, notebook, etc.) so my journaling isn’t buried between the pages of my poetry or other writings;

And, I have a large collection of journals for all kinds of things: Gratitude and/or Blessings; Prayers; "regular" Journaling; Poetry; etc.

So, today for Random Journal Day I have shared just a snap-shot of my journey in journaling…check out “the rest of the story” on Dawn's blog at where my Featured Journal Keeper post can be found.

It has been an honor to share with others my Journey...and to be a part of Dawn's blog and the Random Journal Day folks!

Keep writing and sharing!


  1. I am admiring your journalling efforts - both the number of them and the length of time you have been journalling ...

    1. Thank you, Alexa! I don't always journal or add much in some of them; but over the years, I have tried!!

      Sorry for delay in responding...I have been at a scrapbook retreat this past weekend - and will be trying to catch up tonight and reading, writing, Bible devotions, etc. have been sorely neglected for socializing and crafting; but I had an awesome weekend, and no stress!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. You are such a blessing to me, Barbara. I am so grateful that you have decided to be part of our community at RJD! You fit right in with us as one who loves to let her words flow from Christ and through Him...and also as one discovering Him one day at a time. On the journey with you! With aprreciation and admiration for the mutual love we share in journal keeping and Jesus!

    1. Oh, Dawn! You are a blessing to me as well...I am glad to have discovered RJD and the community of bloggers and journalers. Happy to know I "fit in" because I do feel HE is the one that gives me the words...don't know where they would come from otherwise!

      Thank you for inviting me to be the Featured Journal Keeper! It was FUN to put this post together for you!!

      Appreciate your comment(s)! Will keep sharing as we continue our journaling and our journey with Jesus!!

  3. Barbara- I enjoyed your honesty about the times between journal entries...sometimes life doesn't really let us do things the way we hope or want. I am glad you kept at it...and loved your post about the Blue Day Journal...I also like to have various journals going at the same time, plus I work in my art journals...a new found love in my mid-life adventures. Keep celebrating life with words!

    1. Thank you! I haven't always been the best of journal keepers! Life does get in the way, doesn't it!!?? I love the Blue Day journal; and need to get a post out with the Random Story's a bit silly and quirky; but I love doing it using the words in the Blue Day journal!

      Thank you for reading and commenting...and it IS fun to celebrate with the words!!

  4. Oh, Barbara....32 years! LOVE your treasure chest of your journals...a veritable treasure indeed!

    1. Oh yes! I didn't even realize I had been writing that long!! My treasure chest is over-flowing! I need a bigger, sturdier one for all the journals I am writing in for different things!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...I need to get back to writing - after this craft/yard sale is over, I think things may slow down a bit...

  5. My daughter bought me a journal but I have not kept up in writing in. I should. The journal is so cute. It has Mickey Mouse on it. She remembered I like Mickey Mouse, how thoughtful of her.

    1. Not sure how old your daughter is; but that was very sweet of her to buy you a Mickey Mouse journal, knowing you like him!!! My daughter bought me one for Christmas last year with a beautiful cross on the front; I've been using it to journal with my daily devotions and Bible readings. Already filled it up and had to move on to another one that has a scripture on the front and lots of pages to write.

      You will find the words to continue to write in your journal; in the beginning, I didn't write every fact, as I wrote in this post...some entries were YEARS apart!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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