Friday, April 17, 2015

Five Minute Friday - TOMORROW

Well, it is Thursday night, almost Friday - and I am linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday.  I haven't done an FMF post in a couple of real reason except I have been a bit tired lately and haven't been up to "thinking" at 10:30 or so at night!!

So, here I am again, writing on tonight's word...check it out at Kate's at


We are told not to worry about tomorrow; God has it all covered.  But we do worry, don't we?!

And we don't always do things today because we know -

There is always tomorrow!

What I don't get done today, I can do tomorrow.

I'll wear this new dress another day; it's too nice for a regular day.

Let's save our China and Silver for a special occasion.

I need to finish my chores right now; I'll read that book to you tomorrow.

Just leaving for an "important meeting"; we can talk later when I get home.

There is always later...

There is always tomorrow.

And, if we are having a bad day, wishing it would end quickly...

Thinking to ourselves,

There is always tomorrow!  Tomorrow will be a much better day...


What if tomorrow never comes?

What if...the unexpected happens and...

Tomorrow doesn't come?!

What if your opportunity to finish what you didn't get done today - never comes?

What if you never get to wear that new dress?

What if the China and Silver are never taken down from the top of that cabinet and used - at all?

What if tomorrow never comes - and you don't get that book read...or have that talk?

What if...

Tomorrow never comes?

What if your last day is your worst day ever...

And, tomorrow never comes so you can have another good day!
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Tomorrow is a brand new day...


Live each day as if it were your last day -

knowing that when your last day comes...

it will be your best day ever;

because on your very  last day...

you will find your way HOME.


  1. Wow...what a powerful thought: ""On your very last will find your way HOME!" Glad you did a FMF post this week and that are "FMF neighbors"! :) My grandma is dying and she's been teaching me so much about making the most of each day as we aren't putting off conversations and those things we want to do while we still have time. It puts a different perspective on tomorrow. Can't wait to share your post with her bcs I know she's going to love the last few lines as much as I do! What a blessing!!

    1. Oh, Amy, I am so sorry to hear about your grandma! It is a hard thing to watch a loved on die...I pray you are making the most of each day...I did not expect my mother to pass so suddenly, thought she did have COPD and emphysema; but thought we had time. I put it off talking to her more; although I did get some stories and info that I have been able to share and put together for my family to remember.

      Appreciate your sweet words about what I have written (so often I am so tired - and am now - that I wonder if my words even make any sense!) You have encouraged me greatly. Thank you for reading and commenting! I read a few and will go back tomorrow and read more!!

  2. That quotation from Matthew is one I often heard from my paternal grandmother - she was wonderful about focusing on Now :). Lovely reminder this morning, thank-you.

    1. Yes, it isn't easy to focus on the NOW but since HE has tomorrow, that is exactly what we should do!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. It's amazing that there are so many ways that the word "Tomorrow" can be taken :) Nice to meet you today!

    1. Yes, I am often amazed at all the different posts on these FMF prompts! Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

  4. What great thoughts! I'm guilty of wishing today away and saving things for a special occasion and procrastinating. (My weekly to-do list regularly has items pushed off from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday....) But yes, living today to its fullest, because we don't know if we'll have a tomorrow, is a great thing. I'll start tomorrow. ;)

    1. Funny Melissa R!!! That you will "start tomorrow"!!

      We all do that, for real...and chores are one thing; but the special occasions and using our good stuff...yeah, that is one thing that we need to do...thank for reading and commenting!

  5. Love the Matthew verse. Love your post. Love your last line....

    1. Yes, eventually we will all "find our way home"!! Thanks for reading and commenting...appreciate your encouragement and comments; they are very helpful!!


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