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Simple Woman's Daybook - April 13, 2015

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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today:

April 13, 2015

Outside my Window:

A pleasant day;
not too warm - yet!
A little sunny;
but cloudy - rain?

The tree outside my window
that once held full branches
of little white flowers...
now only holds branches
of green leaves.

I am Thinking:

There is so much I should be doing:
organizing my craft stuff;
house-cleaning - yuck!
checking the laundry;
clearing off my computer desk...
I could go on and on an on,
but the cat needs attention!

I am Thankful:

Today's weather is not as hot
as it was a few days ago...
when I was miserable!

I am Wearing:

A pair of navy shorts,
a light blue flowered shirt,
and a pair of crocs

I am Creating:

Ideas in my head!
Projects to do:
Decorate picture frames;
Create scrapbook layouts;
Cover old magnets;
Make a mosaic turtle...

Ideas, yes!
Completed, no!

I am Going:

To have a light week -
I think!

I am Wondering:

If my laundry has finished washing?!

I am Reading:

"The Witness"
by Nora Roberts

A thriller about a young girl
who witnesses a killing...
Years later -
well, that is where I am at the moment!

I am Hoping:

To get some important things done today;
things like balancing the checkbook
and washing the clothes!

I am Looking Forward to:

Another great weekend of scrapbooking:
Friday Card Swap
Saturday Theme Crop -
"Under the Sea".

I am Learning:

I have way too many thoughts in my head
for just one journal or notebook;
I have one for everything you might think of!
Gratitude and Blessings;
Artistic "doodles"...

take me awaaay!!

In My Kitchen:

That's what's for dinner!

Around the House:

If you really need to ask...
Scrapbooking stuff
scattered around the living room,
waiting to be put into the craft room -

I am Pondering:

What God has in His plans
for the rest of this year?!

A Favorite Quote for Today:

"The beauty of a woman
is not in the clothes she wears,
the figure she carries,
or the way she combs her hair.
The beauty of a woman is seen
in her eyes,
because that is
the doorway
to her heart."

(Audrey Hepburn)

This quote was used in a post written
February 28th,
the last day of Fab-ruary -
finding the fab in your life!

{Read it here.}

I also found this one;
too bad the author is "unknown"...

"I'm not beautiful like you.
I'm beautiful like me."

for hosting that month of FAB!!

One of my Fave Things:

A Beautiful Peacock
{no, I did not take this photo;
but here is one I "made":
A paper-piecing project I did
several years ago
before I had a machine to do it for me!!

A Few Plans
for the Rest of the Week:

Already mentioned the weekend,
{and today is only Monday!}
Tuesday - 
Hubby's high school alumni 
monthly breakfast.
Wednesday -
Grocery (and other) shopping.
Thursday -
Another day at home?
Friday -
Hand-made card swap
{this was included in the "weekend"}
Sunday -
Another awesome day at church
and lunch with friends!

From the Board Room
and a
Post Script:

"...yeah, so come the Monday after Resurrection Sunday and now we get to *be* the Resurrection People:

we get to believe that hope rises from dead places,

that impossible stones can be rolled away,

that all the sad things are becoming undone.

We get to be part of the resurrection of all things,

of His Kingdom coming -


{These quotes were found on Ann Voskamp's Facebook page here.}

Thanks for joining me for another "Simple Woman's Daybook"!  Here's something to make your day...

So, have a "goofy" kind of day - and enjoy!


  1. I love both pictures of the peacock!!! Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jodi! Aren't peacocks so beautiful?!

  2. I like the Audrey Hepburn quote - thanks!

    1. Yes, Barbara...I found that quote very touching...for one who would NOT be classified as "beautiful", I thought it very good!

  3. Making a mosaic turtle sounds interesting! and I like the sound of the doodling ... She had some great things to say, Audrey Hepburn (one of my faves). Wishing you a week in which the chores get done superfast and there's plenty of time for play.

    1. My vision, Alexa - for the turtle - is with stones or these square clear glass-like things I found; and I have an old wooden certificate holder that I was going to sand or something and use as the base...the idea is there - sort of!!

      I am into my second "art journal" - but have done a lot of Mandalas that are kept in sheet protectors inside a 3-ring binder. No telling what I'll ever do with them; but it keeps me relaxed, and keeps my hands busy when watching TV or just sitting and resting!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I think that paper pieced peacock you made is beautiful! I have not done scrapbooking for ages, but I really enjoy it. I just started a journal and realize that one is definitely not enough! Both your quotes are so good ( see? I need a book for great quotes I read on daybook blogs! I hope you have a wonderful week and it isn't too hot.

    1. Thanks, Ellie! That peacock was done several years ago; well, since my grandson will be 16 this Nov. - he was around 18 months, I'd guess - so, yes, that long ago!!! If you write, or save quotes like I do...yes, you will need more than one journal!!

      Hope you also have a wonderful week; it started with a cloudy Monday, and a bit of rain, and not too hot!

  5. Replies
    1. Ha! Hope that Goofy image helped you with whatever goofy happened! Thanks for reading and commenting, Susan!

  6. Grace over Guilt.... This is what I am learning! Thank you for this fun post.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura!

  7. Great quotes Barbara! Wishing you a great day also!

    1. Yes Siggie! I have had a great few days...sorry I didn't catch your comment earlier! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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