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Random Journal Day - December 4, 2015

One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Dawn, who blogs at  On the first Friday of each month, Dawn hosts Random Journal Daywhere fellow journalers share an entry from one of their journals...

Whether we share an entry from yesterday, or last month, or even one from several years ago...we just share what's on our hearts or in our journals!

And, since I have followed Dawn every first Friday of 2015...I couldn't let December pass by without sharing.

The entries I share today are from December 2007 and January 2008:

December 31, 2007

"The thing about taking a car in to get a 'check-up' is worrying about finding something major wrong.

"The thing about taking myself in for a 'check-up', or blood test, or paper smear or mammogram, or...

"Get the picture?!  I know doing all of these 'check-ups' is preventive, or to 'catch it early'; but it's pretty scary when you get a 'recall'...

{After having a mammogram earlier in the month, I arrived home on a Friday and my husband told me I had a message; it turned out to be from Baptist...}

"And, of course when I called, everyone was gone for the day!  But I heard from them today -

"It seems they saw a 'shadow' that could be a cyst or just muscle.  They want to do another test on the left breast...

"So, I have to have it done on January 15th...Of course, they said not to worry!

"Easier said than done!  But, I'll try not to worry and leave it in God's hands!"

January 11, 2008

"...I have a 're-do' on the mammo...not really anything to be concerned about!  Or, so they say: 'Don't worry'...

"But, I do know in whose hands I have placed my life; so, I am not worrying!"

January 14, 2008

"Well, tomorrow is the day - I have the 're-do' on the mammogram - the weird thing is the phone call(s) to confirm appointments ended up being two calls; one to confirm a 9 am appointment, and one to confirm a 10 am.  According to the letter I received, I might need an ultra sound as well as the mammogram; so it almost sounds as if they've scheduled both...

"Well, we will see in the morning.  I still say, it is what is is!  And whatever it is, it is in God's hands!  He is the one who holds my future..."

January 17, 2008

"...and it is A-OK!

"The first mammo was not clear; but after taking the others - and really squishing the boob - it was clearer and was just muscle overlapping!

"So, all is well!!

Thank you, God!

And, right before Thanksgiving this year, I had a mammogram...the first one since that episode in 2007/2008.  Since I was without insurance, I did not schedule one until just recently.

So far, I haven't heard anything from the recent exam; but they were ordering the films from that last one before the tech read them.

As I was certain back then, I am still certain that everything will be OK...

And if not, well, I know my life is in the right hands!

This was not really a FUN post for Random Journal Day; but sharing what I have written in my journal!  And...

Sharing my Faith during this time of year when we celebrate Thanksgiving and the "Reason for the Season"...the birth of our Savior!


  1. Maybe not a "fun" post, but a good one. It's easy for people to say "don't worry" but difficult for us really to do (especially right after they've given us something to worry about!) How good it is to know the God Who's "got it" and to be able to roll concerns like this over into His capable hands! Thanks for sharing this, Barbara.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sylvia. It isn't easy to not worry; but with God, it IS! Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  2. Whew I was so worried about where this post was going to take us! Cannot imagine the inner turmoil mixed with faith that you must have lived with during all those in-between days back then! So happy that all is well and will continue to be al A-OK!

    1. Thanks for reading, Susie! It wasn't easy the in-between days back then; and I find I haven't really been concerned this time around! Still waiting for them to get the other films and compare as they view the new ones...appreciate your reading and commenting!

  3. Thanks for sharing your open and honest journey with us!!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Jeanie! I'm happy it turned out to be nothing; so many have different outcomes...and I pray if anything like that ever did come about, I could still keep that faith and be strengthened by our Father in Heaven who will walk beside me all the way!

  4. Barbara- I loved this post! So real and kept me in suspense but at the same time reassured that trusting God is the way to go when worry knocks on our door!

    1. Thanks Kel...a true mystery?! Pray if I ever have to really lean on Him that I'll be able to do so with as much faith as I feel I have now (and back then)...

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  5. Barbara, Wow...can you believe a whole year has passed us? And here you are such a regular- and one I am most grateful for, thank you for your faithfulness to be here all year. UGH- Squishy have only had one mammogram, and am overdue for mine currently. (Will have to wait for health coverage to kick back in in January since Hub is out of work. Well, I love the way you shared the journey, and isn't it true that we have to keep saying /writing what we need to hear over and over again...As we affirm truth, it helps secure us to it! Thanks so much for bravely sharing your heart and health with us this month. Much love and hugs, Dawn

    1. Thank YOU Dawn for keeping us together even though we may be a small group of journalers...I am slack on currently journaling; but want to try to use prompts or something to keep me going!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting and encouraging and...just thank you!!


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