Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday @ Ten - I FEEL...

Today I am joining my friend, Karen Beth, for Tuesday @ Ten...just in time to get it done before this week's prompt!!  

This link-up, writing from a prompted word or phrase, is one of my fave...be sure to check out Karen's blog and the links!

Today's prompt is a phrase:  I FEEL...

Sometimes I feel as if my life is flying by in super-sonic rapid-fire motions...

As if time has sped up so it goes by in such a flash that it's hard to keep up with what is happening.

I live each day to the fullest, most of the time.  I am so busy many weeks that there's not time to just sit and relax and enjoy the "retirement".

Yet, I feel the life I have is full, and fun, and flexible and...I am enjoying the retirement.

There are some days that I do feel tired, depressed, or at least just not as "joy-ful" or "happy" as I could/should/would want to feel.

Yet again, I feel the life I have does make me happy, especially when I am spending it with my family, my friends, doing things I enjoy doing...

Even when I am home all day, like today!

Because when I am home, I am usually doing (a few) things that I need want to do, like reading, writing, watching TV, coloring, and just being home relaxing.

Midnight lying in her fave spot,
between my legs while I watch TV.
{It's not easy taking a "selfie"
with a regular camera!!}

So, what do I feel my life will be like in the future - or at least in the new year?  Probably much the same as it is now; except, I need to be trying to get more accomplished...things that we don't really want to think about doing, such as:

  • Making out our Will so our children don't have to worry about what to do with our stuff;
  • Making sure there is a list of "where to find" things such as insurance policies (oh, and I need to get life insurance for myself!);
  • Making a list of our doctors, prescriptions, etc.
  • Getting rid of "stuff" so the above isn't such a "chore";
  • Organizing pictures and photo albums so they can go to someone after I am gone;
  • And I am not going to leave out spending time with family and friends, doing the things we love to do together!  That will not change, until or unless I am unable to do so!

And I am quite sure there are many more things that need to be done, especially with a husband whose memory is fast fading...

Yes, I feel there are many things that I have left un-done; and I need to get a better handle on them.  Afterall, my husband will not be able to do so; and it needs to be done.

So, this is what I feel; making sense or not!

I feel like having fun while I can:

Elfster Gift Exchange and Reveal
December 2015

Selfie with My Girls
at the
Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

And there will be many more fun events to come!

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