Thursday, February 18, 2016

WORD WEDNESDAY - The Joy of Writing

My Word for the Year 2016 is JOY!  Each week I will share a "Word Wednesday" post as I discover the JOY in my life that has been revealed to me during the week.  Please join me during this year-long journey...

This week's title is, "The Joy of Writing", and I owe this inspiration from my friend, Dawn, who blogs at  She has just started a series called "Journaling as a Lifestyle" which I will be following.

I love to write...guess that is pretty obvious for anyone who follows my blog!  I mostly write for myself; when writing, I can get my thoughts out and share with those who do read the posts I share.

I didn't really consider myself a writer...

Until I completed that first year - 2014 - of the "write31days" challenge.  At the end of that time period, I finally accepted that fact - I am a writer - as well as the fact that I am a caregiver.

I love to read the blogs that others write, and learn more from those whom I follow.  Knowing how passionate she is with her journaling, I was excited to see the series Dawn has just started.  In her post "Read, Pray, Write: On Living a Journaling Lifestyle (Intro)", found here, these words caught my attention:

"...I will write.
Not because I am a great writer.
Not because I have something to say that hasn't perhaps been said before.
Not because everyone wants to read my writing.
I will write because when I write I feel the wind beneath my wings, satisfaction in my soul, and a JOY that is UN-containable."

Yes, Dawn, you took the words right from my brain!

Oh, wait...

I think it was I who took the words from your blog!!

{Thank you, Dawn, for sharing with us and allowing me to remember the Joy of writing and sharing my words (and yours) with others!}

Be sure to check out Dawn's series!

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For me, it really doesn't matter if anyone reads my journaling or my blog.  I mostly write in my journal for my eyes only.

But, sometimes I share what is in my journal; and then, it doesn't matter to me if it's even read.  I think it's the sharing that I love...

The writing my heart in my journal; the sharing my heart on my blog...

This is what I love!
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As Oprah says on the Weight Watchers commercials - "This is my joy..."

I say, "this is my joy...I. Love. To. Write!"



  1. You do an amazing job in your writing! I am so thankful to know you. Praying that I too will find my joy in writing again. Sometimes life gets in the way.

    1. Thank you, Barbie! I appeciate your encouragement...I DO love to write; and sometimes find life getting in the way, too...of writing AND other aspects of life!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting; pray that you WILL find your joy in writing again soon!


Thank you for stopping by to read my post today! I appreciate your reading and commenting - your comments are a welcome encouragement for me to continue one of my favorite things - writing!

You are special to me; and your words help in more ways than I can number...Thank you just isn't enough!