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Well, I seem to be doing my writing more on the weekends lately!!  It is Saturday night already...and actually, it is almost Sunday morning!!

So, trying to get this week's post for Tuesday @ Ten...

This week the prompt is:

I Will Never Forget...

And, if "I will never forget", why has it been so hard to figure out - what I would never forget?!

There have been many unforgettable incidents in my life - some good and some bad!  I could write about many times that come to my mind...

But, after pondering that phrase for a few days, I have decided to write about Prayer and Praying for One Another!

I will never forget the day you prayed for me.

Actually, you prayed with me!  It was one of those days, and you just happened to call to see how I was doing...

And during that conversation, you asked:

"Would you like me to pray for you?"

I gave a tearful, "Yes"...

And you started praying...right then and there while we were on the phone!

That was just what I needed, right then and there!

There were other times, too, that we prayed together; by phone or in knew the words to say!  You touched my heart!

And there were other people, other times...

A group of women, some English speaking, others Spanish speaking; all attending a weekend women's retreat, uniting as one, worshipping and singing and praying together!

We shared our prayer concerns; we shared our hearts.  And we partnered with one or two other women we didn't already know, joining our hearts and souls in prayer!

Prayers lifted up to one...lifting up the exact concerns I had shared earlier...

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Years later, my daughter prayed for me on the phone the night before I was to have surgery.  And I cried; but...

Hearing his mommy praying, and only knowing the doctors needed to "fix" MeMaw's heart, my then three-year old grandson also wanted to pray:

"God help doctors...", he said in his innocent little voice.  "Fix MeMaw's heart.  In Jesus' name, Amen!"

Yes, I cried!

These are just a couple of times someone has intentionally prayed for me...with me...right then and there!

Each time, it meant so much to me - at that very moment;

And I will never forget...

Many times I would say to someone, who had just poured out their heart to me, "I will pray for you."  Many times I would move on to whatever I was headed to do...and pray for them later...or did I go on and forget?!

But, I did not take the time to stop right then and there to pray with that would have been so easy; it would not have taken any time at all to lift them up in prayer.

There have been times when someone would request prayer on Facebook, within some of the Groups I am a part of...and more recently, I have taken time to just bow my head right then and there to pray for whatever their needs may be.

Knowing now - as I pondered this week's prompt - how much it has meant to me for someone to pray for me, I will intentionally, with God's help, to take the time to stop right then and there and lift that person up in prayer...

"And so from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding."  Colossians 1:9

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Father God, you are our all-powerful Heavenly Father.  You know all about us...

You know our hearts and our desires.  You know our needs and our ocncerns; our sorrows and our joys.  You know our fears; and you are beside us in our walk, whether we are in the valleys low or the mountains high, you are with us.

 You are our Creator and our Shepherd.  You are our Guide and our Comforter.  You are our Heavenly Father.

I pray your loving arms will reach out to the needs of all those who are reading this post.  May they feel Your arms wrapped tightly around them, giving assurance that you are with them, whatever their situaion or need may be.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally; and for listening to our prayers.  May I, your wandering child, continue to lift others up in prayer, as so many have done for me over the years.

In your Holy Name, I pray.  Amen.


  1. I sure feel your prayers, Barbara. I appreciate and treasure them.

  2. So glad you feel my prayers - our prayers! For there are MANY of us praying with you!!! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post today...praying yet again that you rest in comfort.

  3. Oh how I love this! I am a huge pray-er and believer in prayer and I think the best response to a request is to lift it up right then and there! I don't always do that... but I try to remember to! Great post, neighbor!

    1. Yes, Karrilee...I don't always do that either; but do try to do so!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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