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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 22, 2015

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For Today:
June 22, 2015

Outside My Window
The sun is shining bright;
there doesn't seem to be a breeze in sight!
The weather is going to be HOT again today!

I am Hearing

The only sounds I am hearing right now
are the fan and the air conditioner...
it is quiet because hubby
is laying down.

I am Thinking
About my mother and father...
Yesterday being Fathers' Day,
I am remembering my father
who passed away 25 years ago.
And today...
my mother has been gone 3 years.
I miss them both;
but am comforted in knowing -
they have been re-united
in their Heavenly Home.

I am Thankful

For my loving mother and father!

Wedding Day
June 1950

I am Wearing
A pair of jeans capris;
a gray night shirt
with purple and pink flowers;
and my usual
pair of crocs
(I'm thinking I need
a new pair of crocs!!)

I am Creating

Die cuts for a swap...
one is a sand castle
and the other
is a beach ball.
These will be sent out
to 8 other people
to use on a scrapbook page.
{They are done!
Hope they are OK
for this group of
Crafty Ladies!}

I am Going

To be babysitting
my three youngest grandkids
this afternoon;
every time we are together,
it is an adventure!

I am Wondering

Will I get my die cuts finished
and mailed by Wednesday?!
{actually need to be mailed on Tuesday;
they are done and in the envelopes!!}

I am Reading

Though I am still reading
by Jim Brickman
"Chicken Soup
the Writers' Soul"...
since these are the type of books
that can be read in bits and pieces...
I wanted to re-read
"Through Gates of Splendor"
by Elisabeth Elliot
who passed away June 15th.
What an amazing woman!

I am Hoping
To get some housecleaning done
tomorrow and Thursday,
maybe Friday...
those are the only days
with nothing planned - yet!

I am Looking Forward to

Another card class on Saturday
with my friend...
we always have FUN together!

I am Learning to

Let my husband "think"
he is taking care of me!
He wants to do things like
put gas in my car...
even when it's still half full;
or go buy a few groceries...
even it we don't really need them!
But, it gives him something to do!

In My Kitchen

The dishes are already done!!
Since I am leaving in about an hour
I have done my chores already...

Around the House

A mess...
just that!

I am Pondering

My spiritual life...
am I doing enough?!

A Favorite Quote for Today

"It's funny how, in this journey of life,
even though we may begin
at different times and places,
our paths cross with others
so that we may share our love,
compassion, observations,
and hope.
This is a design of God
that I appreciate and cherish."
- Steve Maraboli,
"Unapologetically You:
Reflections on Life
and the Human Experience"

One of My (New) Fave Things

A little bench I bought from a friend,
"because I liked it!"

From the Board Room
Be sure to read this story,
"Red Marbles"
from Devonay Potter

Red Marbles

And here is another example of
God's Beautiful
shared by our bloggin' friend,
Karrilee Aggett
Abiding Love, Abounding Grace

God's beautiful masterpiece,
sunset over Yakima Valley

Until next week...may you have a beautiful week!


  1. I know I say it everytime, but I just LOVE these posts! (And so glad you liked that shot.... it truly is one of God's Masterpieces - the way He paints a sunset... every. single. night!)

    1. Oh yes! And, I love these Simple Woman's Daybook posts too...haven't read others; but will get to it later tonight(?) or tomorrow...or - I WILL get to them!

      And thanks again for sharing the photo! LOVE His masterpieces!!


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