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Gifts Found in October 2015 - Part 1

Although I continued to write out the "Gifts Found..." in my journal, I didn't share them on my blog!

So, now that a new year has come, I will be updating my blog to include "Gifts Found..." in October, November and December 2015, as well as adding January 2016.

October 1st
3 Gifts Orange

1.  The Gift of Bright - Shine bright!  Carried over from September 30th...

Fount on Pinterest
Shared by

May your light shine bright!

2.  The Gift of Fall - The colors of fall - reds, yellows, oranges!  Beautifully bright.  The days with their breezes and the hope for cooler weather!

Not only the trees show their beautiful, bright colors, but the fall flowers; pumpkins - Orange! - and other fall promises...

Thank you, God, for all of these and more!

3.  The Gift of Youth - A beautiful young artist - a 15-year old autistic teen, shares her art with us - and I love the bright, colorful pieces she shares, expressing herself in the best way she can - through her art!

This bright orange painting, with touches of red, green and yello9w, makes me smile; makes me happy!

Found on Facebook Page

Check out "Candy Waters Autism Artist" on Facebook...

October 2nd
3 Gifts Falling

1.  The Gift of Rest - I get so tired from not sleeping well at night, that I can't sit down during the day without falling asleep.

I thank God for rest - and if it comes from an afternoon nap, then I guess a nap it will be!

2.  The Gift of Love - I wonder why it is said that we are "falling in love"...does one slip and find love?  Do we sink to the bottom to find love?  Why do we "fall in love"?  Why not "rise to find" our loved one?  Stand tall as we seek and find?

Well, I'm not sure where this came from...but I thank God for the love I have: the love of a husband; parents who raised me in a Christian home; my children and their children - my grandchildren; grandparents; cousins, aunts and uncles; friends in many areas of my life!

Thank you, God, for all of them!  And, thank you for all you have done for me especially; but for all humanity!

3.  The Gift of Autumn - This time of year, as we leave the summer heat and move into a cooler, "re"fresher time of year, I thank God for Autumn - also known as Fall.

So, if we are coming into the season called "Fall", does that mean we are "Fall" - ing?

Whatever that may mean...the days are getting shorter; the weather cooler...and it's a beautiful time God has blessed us with.

October 3rd
A Gift Caught, Let-Go, Mid-Way

The Gift of Unity - Today, I attended an amazing event for the Region of Florida Disciples Women!  In a church, with over 300 women, I - we all - caught the Spirit that was present as we sang, worshipped, praised, listened...dwelled in the Spirit of God.

We were challenged to let-go of the burdens that hold us back from being the woman God wants us to be.  At times, I feel I have released those burdens; yet they are still burdening me...they are released only mid-way, still holding them back.

God, please help me to release the burdens I keep holding on to.  Help me to release them to you...for you alone can take them away!

October 4th
3 Gifts Reaped

1.  The Gift of Sowing Seeds - We plant seeds...and eventually they bloom.  They are ready for us to "reap" what we have sowed.

Our lives are that way, too; our witness to others.  We plant the "seed" of God's Word, our life witness, our faith...

We may never see those seeds again; we may never "reap that which we have sowed"; that is God's part in the task...

We plan the seeds, and He wors on the growing of those seeds in the life of another.

2.  The Gift of Love - If we do not sow the seeds, how will we reap that which the seeds become?

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Lord, I look around and see HATE!  I listen to the news and hear HARE!  Are we no longer sowing love?  I pray for your love and peace among us all.

3.  The Gift of an Echo - What you sow...that is what you will reap.  Life is an Echo...

Found on Pinterest

So, make sure what is seen in you is what you want others (and God) to see!

P.S. From "A Daily Journey Through Psalms for Women", Day 281:

"Sow an act, and you reap a habit.
Sow a habit and you reap a character.
Sow a character and you reap a destiny."
(author unknown)

October 5th
3 Gifts Returned

1.  The Gift of Giggles - It isn't that I have to babysit my grandchildren; it is that I get to be with them!  And in return, I get / receive their kisses, and their smiles; their giggles, and just being with them!

Thank you, God, for my precious grandchildren - though 2 of them are teenagers rather than children!

2.  The Gift of a Smile - Have you heard the statement, "If you see somebody without a smile, give them one of yours"?

Remember yesterday's "gifts reaped"?  Well, if you give someone a smile, you will surely get one in return!  A gift sown, reaped, returned!

3.  The Gift of a Journey - We are on a journey - a life's journey.  Once we begin the journey, we will continue walking, yet never alone.  For God travels with us on our life's journey...

And when our life's journey has ended, we will be returned to our Heavenly Home, where we will be with our Heavenly Father forever.

October 6th
3 Gifts Redeemed

1.  The Gift of Writing - By sharing our life's journey with others - the good and the bad - we open our lives to others, hoping the words we share will somehow help them in their life's journey.  I pray my words reflect those that honor God; and may help even one person.

God gave the life of His Own Precious Redeem (or "pay off") my sins.  He uses my story and your story, and everybody's story, to help others...

Found on Pinterest

And, perhaps it's your story that I need to hear!

2.  The Gift of God's Love - "Fear not, for I have Redeemed you; I have called you by name: You are Mine...You are Precious and Honored in my sight...because I LOVE YOU." (Isaiah 43:1b, 4)

3.  The Gift of Music - 

"I am redeemed.
You set me free;
So I'll shake off these heavy chains,
And wipe away every stain,
Now I'm not who I used to be.
I am redeemed.
I am redeemed."

Listen as Big Daddy Weave sings "Redeemed"

"I am redeemed!  Thank God, redeemed!"

October 7th
A Gift Baked, Stirred, Eaten

The Gift of Taste - Just smelling something cooking/baking in the oven starts my tastebuds to be prepared to tast something Yummy!

What sense does this make?  Smelling prepares for tasting...and, I am ready to eat it!

Thank you, God, for all things Yummy!

And so ends Part 1 of "Gifts Found in October 2015".  Be sure to check out the rest of the gifts in Parts 2, 3 and 4...

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