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Simple Woman's Daybook - January 4, 2016

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January 4, 2016

Outside My Window:  Breezy; the sun is shining...and it's in the 50's at 11:30 a.m.  I really do love this weather!!

I am Thankful for:  My online friends who encourage me at times when I need to be encouraged!  And uplift me when I need to be lifted up...they are there for me, whenever I need them!

And, guess what?  I am there for them as well!

In My Kitchen:  Dishes in the dishwasher; one load of clothes washed and dried - need to be folded and put away (that is hubby's job).

I am Wearing:  A pair of jeans and my black and white night shirt; and, of course, my crocs...and they didn't have any at CVS when I checked.  I'll be looking for a new pair soon.

I am Creating:  Added the glue to the puzzle I need for a project...for my friend as a Christmas gift!  We don't usually see each other over the holidays; so I knew I had time...it is now time!!

I am Thinking About:  What I need to do in order to "declutter" my life: my reading, writing, Facebook, e-mail time; my devotion and Bible reading time; my "stuff"...not to give any of it up necessarily; but to reduce how much of it all that has become overwhelming for me!

I am Praying for:  My youngest daughter's mother-in-law who has some health issues she is dealing with at this time. 

I am Going:  Out briefly with hubby to put gas in his car and, maybe, pick up a couple of items at the store?  Can't think what we need, but...he needs to go!

I am Wondering:  What's next?!

I am Reading:  "Aslan's Call - Finding Our Way to Narnia" by Mark Eddy Smith.

The information at the back of the book states:  "In 'Aslan's Call' Mark Eddy Smith shows us how - in this fanciful world - we discover the truest reality.  In the children who travel to Narnia we find ourselves.  In Aslan we find Christ.  And in the place of Narnia we find the very adventure for which God made us.  We begin with the journey, and it is the journey that shapes us."

It is quite interesting to compare the two, Aslan and Christ!  I'm nearly finished with the book, and am not sure what I'll be reading next...I am following a "2016 Reading Challenge" in addition to reading the many books I already have!

A couple of these book challenges require help:

  • a book published this year (2016?);
  • a book recommended by local librarian or bookseller;
  • a book should have read in school (I don't remember what I read, much less a book I should have read!
  • a book chosen by spouse, partner, sibling, child, or BFF;
  • a book banned at some point (wasn't Wuthering Heights banned at one time? Or Uncle Tom's Cabin?  I'll have to research these!); and
  • a book that "intimidates" you...(not sure what that would be?!

I am Excited for:  A new year; new journey; new adventures!  What does the new year have in store for me?

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I am Learning:  To realize more of how the disease is showing itself in my husband's behavior and actions/reactions!

I am Hearing:  Since I'm late in writing my post, it's almost noon; and I am hearing The Steve Harvey Show...it is his Christmas show; so, yeah, a repeat!!

A Quote for Today:  More from "Aslan's Call"...

"...from far away comes the sound of another voice singing.  There are no words - there's hardly a tune - and yet it seems a song of sowing and tending and reaping all at once.  All of a sudden there is an accompanying chorus and a thousand thousand stars appear in the sky."

Can't you just hear the chorus as "a thousand thousand stars appear in the sky"?

I am Pondering:  While driving home from our brief errand this afternoon, it crossed my mind to "make my 2014 'write31days' posts into a book", and call it "My Journey with Dementia's Demands".

Hmmmm!  A divine inspiration?  Or, what?  Perhaps this is what the "I am Wondering...what next?" will be??

I have no idea how to do this!  Should I even consider it???  Now that I really think about it...

It sounds sooooo overwhelming!

A Scripture Thought:  "Cast all your anxiety on {God} because he cares for you."  (1 Peter 5:7 NIV)

Can I really post this verse after what I wrote above about "Pondering..."??

Well, I will continue to ponder, and also to pray about it!  Perhaps I will receive a clear vision about this idea!

And, that concludes the Simple Woman's Daybook to begin the new year, 2016!


  1. Love your post. I hope you have a great year. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Stacey! I hope you also have a great year...a great day!!


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