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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 27, 2016

For Today
June 27, 2016

Looking Out My Window
A beautiful Monday morning, almost 80 degrees at 9:00 am.  Planned to spend the day inside, but I'll be going out to do a couple of errands.

I Am Thinking
Trying to remember when I arrived home on Saturday evening after an afternoon of crafting...

What did I bring home?  What did I leave for the next crafting day?  Did a particular bag get thrown away - accidentally - by my husband?

I fear it did!

I Am Thankful
For my church and the leaders who step up during our time without a minister.  We continue to search for one, and will be making some hard decisions at our meeting this week.

Prayers for our Pastor Search Committee would be appreciated.

One of my Favorite Things
Things - or events - one of my favorite is spending time with my family and friends!

Oh, I know!  I've already used that one, many times!  But, it is a major favorite "event" for me!

I Am Wearing
Pink with black polka dot pajama pants; black pajama top that says "I {heart} SLEEP"; and, of course, my crocs!

{HONESTLY, I want to buy a new pair of "something" to wear around the house; but other things are priority!}

I Am Creating

Spending a whole afternoon Saturday crafting ...means I can get a lot accomplished on my projects.

First, since this was a Themed Crop - Super Heroes - we usually have a layout for the photo op we always have.  I completed the two-page layout that will hold photos of the "heroes" that attended.

Then, I finished the Summer Fun door hangers I made for a swap:

I also finished embossing almost 40 pillow boxes for the upcoming Puppy Crop.  They will be filled with candy and other treats to help in celebrating the birthday of the puppies born October 2015.

And of course, I visited with friends, ate too much, and just enjoyed the time we had together...though it was too hot and the longer I stayed, the hotter it seemed to be.

I Am Reading
I am still reading "Three Fates" by Nora Roberts; it's a really good book, a mystery...and I keep wanting to stop everything and keep reading!

I Am Hoping
The rest of the week is slow and not too hot!  I plan to do more scrapbooking; but would really like to get some other things done...

I Am Learning
I need to think more clearly before speaking to my husband; things can get a bit confusing when I string out the words I am trying to say to him.

Example:  I handed him two bags when I came home from a day of scrapbooking:  "This one is trash," I said, "and this one is not trash."  And, I said this several times...

Well, that was Saturday; last night I was looking for the bag that was not trash.  I am quite sure I brought it home but don't want to make an issue of it until I make sure I didn't leave it at our craft place.

So, in my mind, I really believed it was thrown away - by mistake - but a lesson learned!

And...maybe I am the one that needs a lesson on "remembering"!  I found the bag in the trunk of my car when we went out to run errands;

I'm being honest here, as I didn't change what I had written earlier!  Instead I just added that I had found it...thank you, God!

In My Kitchen
Hamburger to make burgers later; new potatoes to cut up and sprinkle with onion soup mix to bake...and whatever else I can find to go with it.

Also, dishes in the dishwasher; clothes in the washer and dryer...

Time for other errands!

Shared Quote
I was challenged to do a quote-a-day for 30 days; thankfully, I started on June 1st so I didn't have to figure out the days!

Today, I posted this one from C. S. Lewis...I think I have many friends like this whom I have connected with either through my love of crafting and writing/blogging!

AMoment From My Day
A hot, and not-so-pleasant hour to run a couple of errands; I'd have preferred going alone but hubby wanted to "get out of the house."

But, at least I found the bag that I originally thought had accidentally gotten thrown away!

Thank you, God...I was sad because it was for my Grandson's birthday!

Closing Notes
And, with the clicking of the keys, so ends another Simple Woman's Daybook!

I hope you'll join me next week; enjoy your week and the 4th of July weekend.

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