Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 6, 2016

For Today
June 6, 2016

Looking Out My Window
Getting ready to watch a travel documentary this morning, "How to Do Florida - A Look at Places to Visit in the Sunshine State"...

As I watch the rain falling and hear the thunder in the background!  Thanks to Tropical Storm Colin spreading its trail across the area, we are experiencing rain and stormy weather and even tornado warnings in some areas.

I Am Thinking
Hurricane Season is coming in like the stormy weather it can bring!  And, we are already on "C"!  Not loving this weather!

I Am Thankful
As I sit at my computer, I am thankful that my daughters and their families are all home, safe from the storm that has blown through our area...but there will be more!!

Prayers for those still out in the weather; stuck in traffic or in the flooded streets or dealing with downed trees.  And, thankful for those who brave the storms to report to our community, and to fix and repair things when they break.

One of My Favorite Things
The quiet of an early TV or noises of the traffic.  Just the singing of the birds and the whirring of the ceiling fan; and I rest in the quiet beginning of a new day.

I Am Wearing
A pair of black stretch pants and my gray "Challenge Accepted" t-shirt from last October's "write31days" challenge.

I Am Creating
Getting a lot of inspiration from those on the "Addicted 2 Paper Dolls" Facebook group I just joined; check them out here.

I have been inspired to "mix up" the dolls, using different parts from several of them to create something new...I'll post my creation when completed; but here is a Mexican girl I created from the mermaid, designing my own dress for her and adding shoes from another doll!

I Am Reading
I am still reading "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson; but have managed to get more than half-way through it.

I Am Hoping
For more opportunities to spend time with my family now that school is out (for two grandsons) and almost out (for my school teacher daughter and her boys).

It seems their lives get so booked up, and mine is so routine with home, chores, hobby and friends...

I just don't get enough time with family!

I Am Learning
To rest/relax when I need to; but not to take it too far...some days I feel so lazy, not wanting to do anything!

But, I will get started and do what needs to be done...eventually!

In My Kitchen
Laundry done, with the towels still in the dryer; dishes washed off and in the dishwasher; a pack of hot dogs for me to boil for my husband, with some baked beans or chili - depending on which is in the cabinet!

I'm eating my leftover vegetable fried rice, I think!

Post Script
Don't forget to check out my Facebook page, "Barbara's Journey", which highlights my blog posts - found here.

Shared Quote
I have been challenged to share a quote every day for the month of June/30 days.  

Today, I am remembering a conversation with a friend yesterday, encouraging her to take care of herself after going through a rough patch in her life.

We are all caregivers, in some way or other; and we must always remember to take care of ourselves, too...

A Moment from My Day
As I mentioned earlier in "One of My Favorite Things", I love the early morning quiet; that time when there is no noise, no conversation...just time to sit and ponder God's word and let my mind wander.

I've actually had a few of those this week!

Closing Notes
I almost didn't post today; haven't been feeling well for the past week and had a few other things to get done today.

But, while relaxing and trying to get rid of a headache, I had a thought...and decided I needed to write my post!

So, here it is!

Join me again next week for another episode of the Simple Woman's Daybook.  I just can't seem to let this one pass without joining Peggy; check out her website here.


  1. Barbara, I enjoyed this Daybook. We have a lot in common, loving the quiet mornings, in the same season of life, and we both like to create. I just LOVE the paper dolls and took a peek at the Facebook page. The write31 days challenge sounds intriguing, I always need challenges to keep me on track! Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you, Karen...check out my Facebook page for my blog, too -; you can see the two years' I did the 31 day challenge, first with the theme, "Dementia's Demands" and then with the Five Minute Friday word prompts...I think I'm just going to do the word prompts again this year. It really IS a challenge...

      Would LOVE to see some of YOUR creations, too!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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