Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - FEEL

Once again it is time to link up with Karen for Tuesday @ Ten.  Karen posts the word (or sometimes a phrase) prompt on Tuesdays, and we have a full week to write our post.  It's just another way to connect with others through our writing...

So, here goes:

This week's prompt is - Feel

Today, I feel so blessed!

Yesterday, I turned 65 years old; and I feel so overwhelmed; and so blessed!

Feel - a touch on your arm, and you know you've been touched.  You feel the touch the moment you have been touched!

But, to "feel" a touch to the heart?  Deep inside your soul?

How can you know you've been touched?  How can you feel a touch to your heart?

Perhaps a shiver down the spine?  Or, little "prickles" on your arms...

On American Idol, Jennifer Lopez describes those feels to the heart as "goosies"; prickles she gets when somebody sings their heart out and really touches her!

Perhaps a lump in your throat or a tear in your eyes signals a touch to the heart?

You know you've been touched; you feel it inside, and know the moment you've been touched!

Feel?  Just watch a precious little one, quiet in an unfamiliar place, break into smiles when she hears her favorite cousin's name!

Or, the overwhelming feeling of being special when an unexpected envelope full of "happy mail" is received...whether on a special day, or just because!

I received both this week!!

Happy Birthday Mail
received from Bonnie

Happy Mail
Received from Tamara

And, as I read through post after post after post of birthday wishes on my Facebook page ... over 100 of them! ... I could feel the love and friendship of so many friends; some I have never even met!!

There's also those feelings we get when we see or hear someone who is in pain...

Physically, mentally, emotionally...the pain they feel is real;

And, sometimes we get a little glimpse of that pain...

Like the woman behind me at the grocery store.

I had to wait while the clerk checked the price on one of my items and I heard the cashier ask the woman, "Are you having a good day?"

When the woman answered, "No," I looked at her face full of sadness; and her hands were shaking so bad she couldn't even process her card.

She told the cashier, "I just put my husband in the hospital...cancer."

That touched my heart; that touched me to the core!  I could feel her pain deep inside...

What could I do about it?  I could give her a hug; I could pray for her; I could pay for her purchases...

It wasn't much.  But it was what I had to give at the time when she was feeling so low.

Did it help her husband, lying in a hospital bed, battling the disease we all dread; even hate to hear the word...cancer?!

No, it may not have helped her husband; it really didn't help her?  But, for one brief moment in her life, during a time when she had so much on her shoulders, perhaps it gave her just a little bit of hope and assurance that she wasn't alone.

Feel?  We all feel differently about different things.  We all act and react in different ways.

But, we all feel!

And, we can all give something of ourselves to help others, even if just for a brief moment in time.

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