Thursday, March 3, 2016

WORD WEDNESDAY - The Joy of Just Being

This week I want to share a journaling entry I came across while decluttering my "stuff"...

Yes, I did get distracted while supposedly going through papers and articles and coloring pages that I wanted to keep.  I am easily distracted!

Written November 18, 2001, I was writing from the prompt, "Someone says, 'Where have you been?'  Write for 12 minutes."  I don't remember where I came across this challenge; but it had me grabbing a notebook and pen!

This is what I wrote over 14 years ago, before I even blogged or did any kind of online writing from a "prompted word or phrase":

"Where have I been?

I've been to town - I had a meeting to attend.  It was a really successful meeting.  We planned a party - a celebration!

What are we celebrating?  That's not easy to answer - 

Life, being alive?!  The joy of fellowship with one another; fun, laughter, the simple joy of just being; of just being together to share our common goals, hopes and dreams.

We planned good food, and fun games; or just time for quiet talk and soft music, and silence and a time to share with each other.

We planned the guest list - and you're invited, too!  I hope you'll plan to come.

It is a party!  A celebration, really!

And we want everybody to come share the joy, share the fun!

I can't wait!

I know I'll see the most wonderful people there!  I have so much to tell them all - especially you!!  So many memories to share.

We don't know when to have the celebration.  It might be next month; but it would be better if we planned it for next week.

I really feel it is important to celebrate life - being alive - tomorrow, or today!  I want to be sure we share our lives together now, not in the future; and that is why we should plan the celebration for today.  Tomorrow might be too late and I want you to know my hopes and dreams and goals and share my life; share my joy before it is too late.

That is why I went to town and we had a special meeting so we could take the time to share in each other's lives now before it is too late for us to share.

That is why it is important for you to come, too!

So you can share my joy; the joy of fellowship; the joy of just being.

It is true that we don't know what tomorrow holds for us.  We may not even be here at all if we writ for the party - celebration.  If we don't say now what we want our loved ones to know; if we don't share the joy...

the Joy of Fellowship;

the Joy of Just Being.

So, let's do it!  Let's party and celebrate life and joy and love and fellowship and each other...


Tomorrow may be too late... 

I hope you'll join me again next week as I discover the joy all around me and you!

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