Saturday, November 8, 2014


Like the solemn mask
of a Halloween Eve,
You hide your feelings,
Your thoughts.

Like the precious flower’s bud
beneath a blanket of snow,
You shelter your dreams,
your desires.

Like the huge iceberg
Slowly drifting to sea,
Gradually melting
to blend with the surrounding waters,
You slowly remove the barriers,
the mask,
the blanket of snow,
the icy coverings,
And begin to share
Your feelings,
Your thoughts,
Your dreams,
Your desires;
But most of all,
You share the beauty of You.

(BJL-May 13, 1992)


  1. Beautiful. Couldn't think of a blog (or lady) more worthy of the word lovely:

    1. Thank you so much! Appreciate your reading and you comment; I am humbled!

    2. ...and thanks for recognizing me and the sweet words on your blog! I REALLY am humbled and honored now after reading yours!


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