Friday, November 14, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Recently I received a very special award from Helen who blogs at iwillbloom.  Helen has been following my blog and leaving very special and sweet comments that have encouraged me to continue writing!  I am honored, humbled and just plain tickled to receive an award for my blog (as a "newbie" blogger, it is especially exciting).  Here is what Helen said about me in her nomination…

"Darling Barbara from Barbara's Blog. [Such insightful, inspiring writing and such a very dear soul]." 

Now, so you can get to know me better, I am to post "7 Facts About Me":
  1. My first child, a son, was born in Augsburg, Germany while we were stationed there with my first husband who was serving in the U.S. Army.  My son is in the U. S. Army National Guard and served twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan.  He has also helped with clean-ups from Hurricane Katrina, the oil spill in the Gulf, and many other "natural" disasters.
  2. As an Army Brat - daughter of a U. S. Army Veteran - we lived in France, Germany, Virginia, Georgia and Florida - not quite as well traveled as some; but I still had those opportunities to live in different places.
  3. My favorite subject in school was English.  I LOVED to write and am happy that I have renewed that desire in the past few months.  I don't remember the grammar I learned but am a pretty good speller.  I have written many poems in my teenage years; but not quite up to the "grown woman" that I am I haven't share these poems on my blog although I have shared some more recently written.
  4. My hobby is scrapbooking - and I am completely obsessed with taking photos and creating special pages where I can display these photos in albums.  My favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday afternoon is to join other scrapbookers, creating our pages while we talk and share our ideas (and our lives).
  5. I was raised in the church.  I can't remember a time when I wasn't attending some kind of a church, even while we were living overseas.  I have served in my church as an adult in such roles as Worship Leader, Deacon, Elder, Sunday school teacher, Board Secretary, Choir Member, Christian Women's Fellowship (secretary, worship, president, treasurer)...Yet I still find it hard to openly express how I feel about religion and different beliefs.  But those around me DO know that I am a Christian!
  6. My husband and I recently down-sized from a 4-bedroom/2 bathroom house to a 2-bedroom/2 bathroom apartment.  Many reasons brought us to that decision; the most important one was our health; our home was falling apart and had roof leaks and issues we just could not handle...and the mold and mildew kept me sick!
  7. Are these supposed to be HAPPY facts?!  Not sure I followed the rules; but these are what came to my mind.  And, last...
  8. These are supposed to be facts about ME; but I find it weird to always be using "I" or "MY"!  It sounds a bit selfish to me...but that is the way of the photographer, the scrapbooker, the blogger...we take photos, scrapbook them, and write about life and are usually "behind the scenes".
And, now I have to nominate other wonderful ladies for the "One Lovely Blog Award".  This is hard for me!  Does anyone watch competition shows like "The Voice" where the coach or judge has to make a decision - who do keep on their team for the "live show" and who they will send home?!  I feel like one of those coaches in trying to nominate just a few other bloggers for the "One Lovely Blog Award".  I have read so many great blogs and so many others have supported and encourage me by reading and commenting on my blog posts.  I can't name everyone; so here are the ones I have nominated:

Anita has encouraged me to continue writing and sharing the journey of Dementia’s Demands; and has affirmed that not only am I a Writer, but I am a Caregiver!  Thank you, Anita!

Heidi has reminded me how thoughtful it can be to send a real thank you note; not just a Facebook post or a Private Message or even a phone call.  All of these are great - but receiving a personalized not is awesome!

Anastasia shared some beautiful photos that she has taken, and gave me the idea to use photos on my blog as well.

Brave and courageous, The Momma shared her battle with depression in a beautiful, heart-felt way.  Thank you for opening your heart and your life.

Jennifer writes about Theology, Books and great author C. S. Lewis.  She has me compelled to read The Chronicles of Narnia.  I have seen the movie The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, but have never read the books (I am now half way through the first book in the series!).

Both Teresa and Tara have followed my blog since the beginning of the write 31 challenge.  I have been encouraged to continue writing during the whole 31 days because of their uplifting and supportive comments.

Robyn told her beautiful and special story about their adoption journey and kept me on the edge of my chair, waiting from day to day to see what would happen next!

And, the recent tribute to Charlotte's father on Veteran’s Day had me remembering my own father, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Army.  I have loved getting inside her mind through her posts!

I could keep on writing about these lovely ladies and many more!  But, this is ending up being a very long post!  Visit these ladies I have nominated and give them some “blog luv”!! Just click on their name and check out their blog...


  1. Replies
    1. No problem!! I appreciate all of your comments and encouragement! We are sisters of the blog...and I have come to really love and appreciate this group of ladies!! Thanks for reading (I know it was pretty long!!)

  2. You are so sweet to nominate me! Thank you so much! :) God bless you my friend!

    1. May God bless you as well! Your story had me wanting more and more just so I could see you through this journey! I pray you continue to reach out to Him as He journeys with you; and lean on your "other" him - your hubby - who has been with you throughout!

  3. Barbara, I've been busy, unfortunately, so missed your post. I'm keeping it open to be able to savour it tonight when I have more time. [Thank you for posting about the award! It's made my day!]

    1. THANK YOU!!! It took me a while to get it written, and posted...I just didn't want to leave anyone out of nominations...but couldn't pick EVERYONE!!! Life IS busy for us when you can!!

  4. Barbara, am back...! Fascinated to hear more about you: I love that you love scrapbooking so much (I feel exactly the same way about it!) were so brave to make the move and I hope you're settled :) And, I agree, I think women find it so hard to say 'I' or to talk about 'me'.....I think it's just the way we're to check out the bloggers you recommended (can't wait!)

    1. It is nice to read more about our fellow bloggers! Hope you enjoy the other bloggers...they have all be great (I must admit, though, I haven't read every post - especially during the 31 days of October; but have read a lot of them and try to continue to keep up). Just returned from a weekend scrapbooking retreat..SICK! Maybe it was the weather change or the late hours; but I have either a cold or sinus infection...gotta get well by Thanksgiving - ALL THREE of my "kids", their spouses, and ALL SIX grandkids will be here (thankfully not at MY apartment!!). Thanks again for reading and commenting...


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