Monday, November 24, 2014

Jesus Will Meet You

“Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus,
To reach out and touch Him,
And say that we love Him;
Open our ears, Lord, and help us to listen;
Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus.”

“Jesus will meet you in the Prayer Room.  
Come and join Him.”  These words were spoken by the worship leader at a women’s retreat, introducing us to Jesus – well, a “stuffed doll” Jesus.  She invited us to stop by the Prayer Room, a small closet-like room set up for prayer and meditation.

While attending this women’s retreat, I had intended to stop by the Prayer Room and lift up my prayers to God.  Instead, I found Him in the quiet afternoon outside of the Craft Shack where I stopped to reflect on my needs and what was on my heart.  Of course this wasn’t my first encounter with Jesus; but finding Him as I sat there that afternoon was the perfect timing; when I needed to find Him – and to find Peace.

We meet Jesus in many places:  a quiet walk in the woods or along the beach; during a worship service; driving alone in our car or riding a public bus or subway; morning prayers and meditations in our quiet place; listening to the words of a favorite hymn or song; or even in the smile of a small child, or the words of a friend.

I found Jesus outside of a Craft Shack in the beautiful outdoors of a retreat center!  Where have you met Jesus?  Share your experience in the Comments!


  1. During seminary some friends and I were at a bar and a group of bikers came in. They noticed that one of my friends was wearing a cross so she asked about it. We told her we were seminary students. We had the greatest faith conversation that night.

    1. Tara, you just never know where those conversation will be, or who they will be with...just goes to show it's definitely what's INSIDE that counts and you "can't judge a book..."!!! Thanks for reading and sharing!

  2. I remember talking to a cashier in the grocery store once who told me that she likes going to church so she can meet with God. While that is true, I love that we can meet with Him anywhere and everywhere. What a gift we have been given in Him!

    1. Heather - thanks for stopping by!! While I feel we SHOULD meet God in church, there are times we DO meet Him in so many other places as well. We HAVE been given so many wonderful gifts from Him, haven't we?! Praying you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

  3. God meets us where we are. That is the beauty of being a Christian. God seeks us, we don't seek Him. He waits patiently for us to welcome Him. We have an awesome God!

    1. Yes we DO have an awesome God who meets us where we are!! Thank you for reading and commenting!


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