Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gifts Found in August 2015 - Part 2

August 8th
3 Gifts in Summer

1.  The Gift of Heat:  I admit, in the COLD weather - nothing like the cold up north; but cold for us! - I yearn for the warm Summers!

But, Summer is not my favorite time of year...

Yet, it's a time of longer days; the school-age grandkids are out for Summer Vacation.

So, trips to the pool or the beach are great!  Short, or even longer, vacation trips are great!  We even have fun together just hanging out!

But, I am so drained by the end of the day - NO ENERGY!  And the call for an afternoon nap is clear, and I sometimes answer that call!

2.  The Gift of Sundays - The first day of the week...or is it the last day of the week?!

However you view it, Sunday is a day of relaxing...and, as August comes at the end of a long, hot Summer - although September can be quite warm also - we think of hot Summer days as rest and relaxation, especially after FUN days in the sun!

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3.  The Gift of Disney's "Frozen":  I love the movie "Frozen"; in fact, I love all Disney movies...but, a fave is "Frozen".

{Let me apologize now if you are tired of hearing "Frozen" anything!}

When I first read the words "3 Gifts IN SUMMER" for today's gift...well, I automatically sung those words "In Summer", just as Olaf did in the movie!

I love Olaf; he is so...what?!  Innocent?!  Little does he know that "In Summer":, well, that isn't exactly a time for a snowman, now is it?!  I don't think I'd want to ruin his excitement, either, by telling him the truth!

Thank you, God, for the innocense; of excitement, looking forward to another time of FUN!

{And, yes I am going to do it...but you don't have to listen if you'd rather not!!!}

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August 9th
A Gift Hole, Whole, Half

The Gift of Everlasting, Never-Ending Love:  There is a hole in my Soul, O God...waiting to be filled with Your love!

And yet, no matter how full of Your love I may be, there is forever a need for more...

Because I am not whole without Your love, and I continuously need re-filling!

Yet, even if my sould should be only half full of Your love, it would be enough to sustain me.

Thank you, God, for Your Everlasting, Never-Ending love.

August 10th
3 Hard Eucharisteos

1.  The Gift of Grace:  Sometimes I think back to things I've done in my life...not the good things; those "other" things that I'm ashamed I did.  Those things that He forgives me for;

Yet, I can't even remember if I ever confessed them to Him...yes, I know He knows; just as I know He forgives...

IF we confess our sins.

And, that's why I "wonder" if I actually confessed to Him...Yet, I also know there is His Grace...

2.  The Gift of Thanksgiving:  And yet, we are told to "give thanks" - in everything!!  "Through it all!"  Give thanks!  No matter how good or bad or whatever...

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"Mother Letters"

And a response to this quote from about 2 years ago:

"And one day you'll look back, and you'll laugh at the embarrasing, see the purpose in the pain, and realize that it was all meant to be.  And that makes it good."

So, giving thanks to God for my life's experiences - "the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous" - and knowing from Thanksgiving, and covered by His Grace...

there comes...

3.  The Gift of Joy:  And when I receive God's Grace...giving thanks in all things - I receive JOY!

So, today God, I thank you for "remembering my past experiences", and for Your forgiveness and grace of those "not so lovely" ones!

EUCHARISTEOS (Greek for "to give thanks")...so a hard Eucharisteo means those things in which it is hard to see the blessing.

And knowing that God has forgiven my past experiences - even the "not so lovely" ones - I can say:

YES!  Grace + Thanksgiving = JOY!


And, I can:

Thank you, God...just...Thank You!

August 11th
3 Gifts of Metal

1.  The Gift of Transportation:  A car, a truck, a motorcycle, a bike, a train, a bus...

So many ways to get from one point to another.  We can all be thankful for being able to get where we want to - quickly!

Unless...the traffic on the major highway is crawling, or sitting still!  Thankfully, we made a u-turn and took a different route, arriving a few minutes late for our monthly breakfast.

But...as we were leaving, another couple was just arriving - they were not so lucky and ended up in traffic for an hour and a half...

Thankful everyone was OK - still not sure of the reason for the traffic jam; probably construction combined with an accident!

2.  The Gift of Music:  I love music, most of it anyway!  But I don't love heavy metal (or rap!).

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And, if muusic does share what our feelings are, then perhaps a bit of heavy metal may show those deep, dark feelings we may hide inside!

Perhaps a bit of current or contemporary Christian music would help at this time?  Here is one that has meant a lot to me lately:

Thank you, God, for music in which we can share our feelings...

And that "You have been my God Through all of it!

3.  The Gift of Food and Safety:  Microwavable!  A quick meal or a warm-up...

Fast-paced lifestyles require fast-paced food!

But, be careful what you put into the microwave...One day I headed off a disaster by stopping my husband - just in time! - from putting an aluminum - metal?! - pie tin into the microwave!  That would have been bad!

Thank you, God, that I saw what he was doing.  He hates to be "observed"; but was glad I "saved his life" that day!

August 12
3 Gifts Half-Hidden

1.  The Gift of Compansionship:  Underneath the facade; the "I'm just acting this way (like I'm "retarded", "stupid" or whatever - his words!) so you'll think I need to go to a nursing home...

{My husband has a real phobia about being in a nursing home!  He is always doing/saying these things, by no prompting from me!!}

What does that mind of his think he looks like, or acts like?  And, what does he think a nursing home is for - stupid people?!  Or people who are sick and need nursing care?

But, deep inside - half-hidden - is he only wanting companionship; a person to share an evening with?  I think he is there somewhere - the man I once knew...but diseases like dementia or Alzheimer's disease have taken that man away.

Thank you, God, that he does forget these outbursts; help me to "overlook" and forget them, too!

2.  The Gift of the Sun:  On an overcast, cloudy, or rainy day, the sun may be Half-Hidden behind all the rain and blackness...

Yet, we know that somewhere the sun waits to shine; sometimes peeking out from the rain and clouds to surprise us with -

A Rainbow!

3.  The Gift of Story:  I love to read - all kinds of books!  The characters come alive as I read the story; as the plot continues, I look forward to "what happens next".

But, within the story are always words that touch me inside...whether a thought or a conversation that "hits home", reminds me of a situation in my life; or a word or two (or more) that really get me to thinking...

These Half-Hidden words are what make the story more real, more me!

God uses everything, everyone, around us to speak to us!  Thank you, God, for words; for stories that reach me as I read the words!

August 13th
3 Gifts in Green

1.  The Gift of Rain:  Yes, the rain is a gift from God!  And, the rain nourishes the beautiful green trees, lawns, shrubs - all part of God's beautiful masterpieces...

All along the road, sprinkled with other colorful blooms, God's masterpieces open my eyes to the beauty all around us...

Just open your eyes to His beauty!

2.  The Gift of Finances:  I'm really proud of my daughter and her husband; they are really generous in giving to others when the needed arises; or just because!

Today, while shopping for school supplies for her boys, my daughter also helped me with a couple of tops and three pairs of shorts/capris.  I really needed them, and she was happy to do it!

3.  The Gift of the Psalms:  My favorite book in the Bible is Psalm.  I love to read them; perhaps, a major reason is because I love poetry, and the poetic flow of the Psalms is so beautiful!

Although they are all beautiful, one of my favorites is the 23rd Psalm...which speaks of "green pastures", a gift for today.

"The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down
in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters;
He restores my soul..."

I can just picture those "still waters" and that beautiful "green pasture"...

Thank you, God, for leading me to rest; for "restoring my soul."

August 14th
A Gift in a Ring, Curve, Sphere

The Gift of Sports:  Not an athletic person myself, I do enjoy watching some sports.  tonight we watched the Jacksonville Jaguars (our home-town team!) beat the Pittsburgh Steelers - a "curve" for sure because the Steelers are a BIG name team, and a winning team!

I also love watching baseball, especially my grandson...

Grandson Shayne
Catcher at the FSU 
Summer Baseball Camp

And, a quote that relates to baseball, but also to life!

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And this ends Part 2 of "Gifts Found in August"!  Join me for the next part!


  1. I loved this, and read it slowly, to savour every word. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Andrew, for reading...and savoring the words of this post! You are such an encouragement - in MANY ways! Appreciate your thoughts...


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