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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 17, 2015

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Well, it is Monday; but I've had a very busy weekend, actually ending when I came home this afternoon around 1:00 pm!   

I did not want to miss linking up with Peggy and the other bloggers for "The Simple Woman's Daybook"; so, here I am at 6:00 pm!

And, here goes...

For Today:
August 17, 2015

Outside My Window:  A rather wet and rainy evening, after thunderstorms came through a short time ago...thunder, lightning; and the cat headed to her "safe place" at the first "boom" of thunder!

I am Hearing:  The evening news: a murder investigation; a rape of an eight-year-old little girl; the weather; shootings and robberies and...

Where is the GOOD NEWS??

I am Thinking:  Of our up-coming vacation trip to Atlanta!

I am Thankful:  For my loving brother and sister-in-law who will be "treating" us for this vacation!

I am Praying for:  My friend Carl who is undergoing chemo, and having a rough time; my friend Edith who just had knee replacement surgery; many un-named needs that I see so often on Facebook and hear of at church and other places...God knows their needs!

I am Wearing:  A pair of comfortable gray sweat shorts and a purple flowered shirt; and my old stand-by crocs!

I am Creating:  Just painted a small easel for a gift; also "dressing" a few more Prima dolls for an event in October.

I am Going:  To the doctor's office tomorrow; just a regular check-up...praying no problems surface!

I am Wondering:  If I will survive the LONG drive on Wednesday!

I am Reading:  A two-story book by Nora Roberts; the first story is "Reflections" which I am about half-way through.  The second story is "Dreams".

I am Excited That:  We leave in just over a day for our little vacation.  My brother and sister-in-law are taking us to the Coca Cola Museum and the Aquarium on Thursday; and who knows what else!  Friday my sister-in-law and I will have a "girls' day" and meet one of my "on-line friends" for lunch!  On Saturday we are attending the Annual BBQ Festival in Kennessaw, GA...and at some point, I want to check out the "original" Chick-fil-a - The Dwarf House!

Photo from Pinterest

You can be sure to see more photos from The Dwarf House in Hapeville, GA once we visit it!

Atlanta here we come...

I am Learning to:  Accept other's "gifts" (or blessings) with gracious gratitude!  I may have said this before; but it's still a learning process for me - a "giver"!!

In My Kitchen:  A few dirty dishes to go into the dishwasher; I cooked some scrambled eggs and biscuits for dinner...

Around the House:  In the process of packing for the vacation; so...laundry!

I am Pondering:  God's wonderful blessings!  Just can't believe how blessed I am...but check out my "1000 Gifts" notebook and I see so much that He blesses me with!

A Favorite Quote for Today:  I'm not sure where I read this quote, but I do have the author...

"I don't have to be perfect.  All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect and beautiful journey of my life.  It's a trip more wonderful than I could have imagined."
- Kerry Washington           

A Fave Scripture Thought: From yesterday's devotion, a well-known and favorite scripture from Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV):

"I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

The devotion states, "...despite all I have learned of God's grace, I confess that sometimes deep down I still feel I have to earn that grace."

These could certainly be my words!  What I wrote is: "God gives His grace - freely; often; we do not need to do anything to earn God's grace...

Freely!  God's Grace is Freely Given!

To us; by God...


A Photo to Share:

My brother Bill and I
standing outside our home
in Orleans, France
cir. 1956/57

And that is another Simple Woman's Daybook!  Catch me again next week!!


  1. Orleans? Pray tell!

    And Godspeed on your journey to Atlanta!

    1. My dad was in the US Army and we were stationed in France for a while when my brothers and I were younger. My brother Bill and I (the one pictured) went to a French Kindergarten, with ALL French students AND teachers. I was inclined to use my LEFT hand; something that really frustrated the teachers, and my mom had a hard time telling them to leave it alone (my grandmother - dad's father - was also left-handed). My mom WON that battle. But, from what she has told us, we spoke French well enough to converse with the kids in our class - yet, when I took French in HS, I FLUNKED because it was soooooo different (and I was not too long back from Germany and that language in my head!!).

      Will fill in more - probably in next week's Simple Woman - on our journey to Atlanta...we haven't been away (just us) in a few years; last trip was to NC and SC.

      Thanks as always for reading!


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