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Gifts Found in July 2015 - Part 3

Continuing with "One Thousand Gifts" - check out Part 1 and Part 2 of "Gifts Found in July 2015"...

July 15th
3 Gifts of Stone

1.  The Gift of Friendship - Connecting through Facebook, e-mail, and blogging, I have met a lot of new friends; hoping one day to meet some I've especially connected with.

Teresa, at, is one that connected during October 2014 through the "write31days" challenge.  She and I have similar "situaitons" and enjoy similar things.  She also once lived in Palatka, FL and Keystone Heights, FL, both very close to where I live!

2.  The Gift of Change - 

How glad it is to know that "Nothing is set in stone..."

We can change; things can change...

"...just go with the flow."

And trust God to help you change the things that need changing; and to accept those things that cannot be changed.

3.  The Gift of God, our Judge -
BIG, little or in between...

We all sin!

And, it is not our place to "throw a stone" at another for their sin...

It is not our place to judge another.  God is the Ultimate Judge.

July 16th
3 Gifts Hanging Down

1.  The Gift of Pain - My head is hanging down in pain and frustration...I know we are suppose to give thanks in all things...

But, I have prayed and prayed for relief from this coughing, and allergies or whatever it is.  I can say, "God, thank you for the time to rest as I try to recover from this illness.  Please heal me and make me whole and well."

And, I guess that is giving thanks in all things!

2.  The Gift of Nature - The leaves outside my window hang down to the ground, blowing lightly in the breeze, reminding me of all the beautiful things God has created.

Photo by BJLondon

3.  The Gift of Fun - No matter how old you are, there's nothing more FUN than getting together with friends!

Hanging up, down, and all around our crafting place are an assortment of "leftover" decorations from our past events:

Red, white and blue ornaments made of paper; "jelly fish" made with a hula-hoop, string and shower caps; yellow bees made from a washcloth...

All evidence of the FUN we have had at our crafting place!

July 17th
3 Gifts Learned

1.  The Gift of Rest - I have learned - am learning - to listen to my body and rest when I am sick or tired.

I have learned - am learning - not to over-do things!  There is a good reason why I am "disable"...

2.  The Gift of Constant - I have learned that no matter how I feel; no matter how much I do or give...

I know there is so much more, and that God is my constant companion -

I need to learn to depend on Him more!

3.  The Gift of Prayers - I have learned - am learning - that I need to focus on the needs of others...

pray more for my family, and friends, and contacts, and connections; pray with and for them...lift their names and prayer requests up to God.

July 18th
3 Gifts Musical

1.  The Gift of Holiday Music - I love the Holiday - Christmas - music, and begin listening to it on the radio...the day after Thanksgiving!

At our "Christmas in July" theme crop, we listened to music of the holidays most of the day!  Wonderful!!

2.  The Gift of Song - A song can be as simple as the "chirping", or "tweeting", or "whistling" of a bird in the tree outside my window...So beautiful and full of joy!

3.  The Gift of Voice - I love music - and singing...but, my singing days are over; at least, for now!

With chronic bronchitas and a sore throat and cough...there's no way I'll be least for now!

Thank you, God, for those people who can sing and provide beautiful music for others to enjoy!

July 19th
3 Gifts Baked

1.  The Gift of Bread - Communion bread, shared in worship...lovingly baked and graciously provided each week, reminding us of the body of Christ...broken for us!

Found on Pinterest
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2.  The Gift of Desserts - A slice of apple pie; cranberry walnut breakfast bread...

Only two of the delicious desserts we had at our crop!

3.  The Gift of Sunshine - The heat of our summers in Florida is miserable!  Some days, I just stay inside all day...

On days when the temperature is way over 90 degrees, I feel like I am quite baked!

I am thankful for the beautiful weather; but maybe not the heat...

But to find something in this to be thankful for - that my schedule is flexible and I can stay inside if I want!

July 20th
A Gift in Light, Dark, Shadow

The Gift of Comfort - Waking up in the middle of the night, coughing and miserable, I can always depend on that light and dark (black and white; or actually white and black) shadow to come to me, rubbing my hand and lying nearby.

My sidekick, my "buddy", Midnight, the tuxedo she comes again - to love and comfort me!

Photo by BJLondon

July 21st
3 Gifts of Story

1.  The Gift of Writing - "In 1992, I wrote a story called 'The Christmas Box' as a Christmas gift for my two little girls..."

These words began a story about 'The Christmas Box' written by Richard Paul Evans in the book, 'Chicken Soup for the Writers' Soul.'  At the time he wrote the story, he was "not a writer by profession," explained Richard.

But, as we know, the book eventually became a big seller, even having a movie made out of it!

A writer doesn't always write for the money or to be famous...

But sometimes, with hard work and perseverence, it works out that way.

2.  The Gift of Life - A pair of twin boys, Carter and Conner, born in Jacksonville, FL in December 2014; conjoined at the torso and having fused livers.

The twins were successfully separated May 7, 2015, and are doing well.

Thank you, God for these two precious boys!

Check out their story here.

3.  The Gift of Talent - I love watching shows like "The Voice", "Dancing with the Stars", "America's Got Talent", etc.

But, more than the actual talent, I love the back-story of some of the performers; such as this one:

Only 14 years old, adopted from Guatemala, this young male dancer's retina is slowly dying, causing him to eventually lose his eye sight.  He is such a beautiful dancer; and he touched the hearts of, not only the judges, but the audience as well - including me!

And for those who know how the show works, he received the "Golden Buzzer" from the judges, which means he was put through to the live performances without having to continue to "compete"!

This was only one of many back-stories we hear when watching these shows!

This ends Part 3 of "Gifts Found in July 2015...continued in Part 4.


  1. Your ability to find the gifts of life and living and appreciate them, even when they are not immediately obvious, is a great inspiration and gift too.

    1. Thank you, Alexa! I appreciate your saying that!! Some days are hard to "find" much less be thankful for them...but God's gifts are all around; we just need to open our eyes and be aware of them!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Am moving into Gifts in August; will publish July's Part 4 this week.


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