Friday, July 10, 2015

Gifts Found in July 2015 - Part 1

July starts my 4th month counting "gifts" with Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts"...

The first three months opened my eyes to the many gifts God gives us every day -

And they are right in front of us/me...

So, I continue with another month; after finding 238 gifts (and more!) the first three months, I am excited to find what God has in store for me in July!

July 1st
3 Gifts Loved

1.  The Gift of Surprises - Cathy (my daughter) handed me something, wrapped in a plastic bag...

A colorful turtle magnet from Daytona Beach, FL where they had recently spent a few days' vacation.

Photo by BJLondon

2.  The Gift of Family Time - Our original plans were to meet at the pool at our apartment; but Cathy wasn't feeling well...

So, we all went to her house to hang out - she was OK with that - but just wasn't "in to" the pool or outside - neither was I, for that matter!!

Spending the day with my two daughters and five grandkids is always great, wherever we spend it!

Always love spending time with family!

3.  The Gift of Flexibility - One thing about being retired is the flexibility of my time.  I can make or change plans from one moment to the next, if I choose to...

And I can also choose to do nothing, and just relax at home!

July 2nd
3 Gifts Read

1.  The Gift of Relaxing - Some weeks, I am busy every single day, with no "down time" or "me time"...

Other weeks I hardly have anything to do, and I relax or rest -

Or just be lazy!!

In the book, "Soothe" by Jim Brickman, he cautions us not to over-schedule our day; even in retirement, we can manage to over-schedule; he says...

"How do you know if you're over-scheduling yourself into a total stress ball?  According to research, the clearest indicator is that you're short-tempered".

Perhaps this may be why I get short-tempered, or defensive, or upset and frustrated...

Am I stressing because I'm over-doing things?!  Perhaps!

2.  The Gift of Encouragement - Reading the blogs of other people sometimes brings things to mind that I may not have known or thought of.

Even though I don't like "discussing" religion, politics, or how I feel about race issues or the gay/lesbian issues, I am open to read others' blogs and encourage them - as they encourage me.

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, without expecting that everyone will agree 100% with their views.  I don't expect my views to be what others' feel; but it is how I feel...

3.  The Gift of Inspiraiton - Well, my friend, who is being treated for cancer, has posted another inspiring message on Facebook!  He is so special, reaching out to others during this time in his life.

God has blessed him with the words - the heart - to share!

Thank you, God, for my with him during this time of so many changes; so many decisions to make.  Help him have the strength, wisdom, perseverance, whatever he needs, to face the days ahead.

July 3rd
A Gift in Faith, Family, Freedom

1.  The Gift of Faith, Family, Freedom - Not choosing just one of these amazing words!  I thank God for Faith...that though I have not seen God, I know he is there, right beside me - everyday!

And, I thank God for my family; all of my family - even though I do not see them everyday, they are my family and I am thankful for them...

Those who are no longer with us; and even those who may no longer be a part of the family due to separation or divorce.  In my heart, they are still part of my family.

And, then there is freedom!  So many things fall under this word "freedom" -

And I thank God for our freedom:  of speech; to gather as Christians (or Jews, or whatever!) and worship; to peacefully protest!  The freedom to choose whom we will marry...

But with freedom comes loss - so many Americans lost in wars that gave us our freedom.  God bless those who still do so; and hold closely those who lost their lives - for our freedom.

Thank you, God - for Faith; for Family; for Freedom!

July 4th
A Gift in Red, White and Blue

The Gift of Celebrating our Freedom - Using Ann's words for this 4th of July - because, well...her words say what I cannot put into words...

"What really unites this great land is more than a flag - It's an idea.  The idea that all peoples under heaven are the idea of a Great God."

And because she is an amazing young lady who does awesome work, here is another piece of art from Candy Waters (Autism Artist):

So, today as we celebrate our freedom, and the gift of God's love for us...

Let us remember - Our freedom is not free!

Thank you, God, for those who died so we could be free; and for your Son, who gave his life so we were free from our sins!

July 5th
3 Gifts of Persistence

{Persist - continue doing;
Persistence - refusal fo stop doing}

1.  The Gift of Writing - So many writers try and try and try to get their words published.  They persist - continually writing and sending their words to publishers - and in their persistence, eventually become a published author.

{Though my goal is not necessarily to be a published author, I persist in writing my blog, to share my story, my life and my journey with dementia's demands!}

2.  The Gift of Prayer - I use to think I wasn't getting it right - praying over and over and over, for peace, or patience or whatever I was needing...

Why did I have to keep asking for it?  Was I not praying right?

But, God knows our needs; He is always there to hear our prayers - and knowing He is there, always, I can continually ask for those needs.

I will persist!

3.  The Gift of Success - And, what is success, except the end of that which you have worked so hard to achieve!

So, remember:

July 6th
3 Gifts of Enthusiasm

1.  The Gift of Learning - Ask a four year old to help with a "big boy chore"...and he will do so with enthusiasm!

My grandson was a big help getting the table set for dinner, while MeMaw played with the little ones and Mom could finish cooking.

2.  The Gift of Work - "Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."  Ephesians 6:7

Maybe this was my problem when I was working - trying to work for (and please) people rather than God!

3.  The Gift of Creativity - "Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm."  Earl Nightingale

I am definately enthusiastic with my creative outlet - scrapbooking, card-making, and other fun crafts!

July 7th
A Gift of Challenge, Conflict, Change

The Gift of Compromise - In every relationship, there may be conflict at times.  It can be a real challenge to compromise our needs, thoughts, desires...for that of another's.

We must change our thoughts to one of compromise...

A shared need or desire; the thoughts of your mate (spouse, boy/girlfriend), even other relationships like parent/child, or siblings, must compromise at times...

It isn't always easy; but it may be necessary in a relationship.

Continued in Part 2...


  1. You have a lot to be thankful for. What a nice post.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It is at Accept if you want to.

    1. Thank you, Tessa...for reading and commenting - I haven't been doing much lately; been sick...and thank you for the nomination! I appreciate your nominating me...

  2. What a lovely post, it's always nice to see people that reflect on the little things in life. :)

    1. Thank you Felicia! I am so glad I found Ann Voskamp's book and started "looking for" all the gifts...God sure graces us with so many and they ARE right in front of us!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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