Friday, July 3, 2015

Random Journal Day - July 3, 2015 - "MOLLY and ME"

Every month, I get ready for Random Journal Day.  On the first Friday of each month, we share an entry from one of our journals, whether it's yesterday's entry, or last month's, or even one from several years ago...just share!

It's exciting to go back through my journals and decide what I want to share with Dawn and all the other bloggers!  Most of the time, I decide far in advance what I will share; and most of the time - I share something "different"!

I AM a "Rebel" - Dawn is very well aware of this fact!  One month, I shared a story with information I had found about my mother and her birth; last month I shared "A Midnight Journey", the story of our 3 year old cat that we adopted almost 2 years ago! may be wondering what I have up my sleeve for this month's RJD entry?!  Well, I hope you are not disappointed!!

This month will be taken directly from two days' entries from my journal!!

So, here goes!!

January, 2014

I was looking forward to the Scrapbook Retreat to be held the end of January!  Then, we learned a new twist would be added to the retreat weekend...

January 22, 2014

A "Murder Mystery" event would be part of our weekend!  I am not sure what all is actually involved as we "play out" our characters on Saturday.  I am not very good at guessing clues and solving crimes; and this "acting" stuff is so outside my norm!  But I am excited to "play out" my role...

I am the Drama Queen; and as we attend the "30th Reunion of Murder High", my character - Molly Ringworm - will play the role of her life...

Or is it the role of my life?!

More bio on my character:  Molly moved to Los Angeles, CA after graduation, following a dream of an acting career.  After many years in LA, and a small film by classmate, Steve Spielson, she finally lands a job on the soap opera, "The Brash and the Brutal."  After 5 years on the soap opera as a psychotic lawyer who is a serial killer, Molly has won her first daytime Emmy, and has just been cast for a leading role in a new Disney film.

Well, that's the background; my bags are packed - 2 different bags: a "Barbara crafting weekend bag" and a "Molly, the Drama Queen bag"...not to mention all of my scrapbooking stuff!


January 27, 2014

...and what FUN it was!  Not sure how to begin, or where to begin...

But, let's just say from the time I entered that big crafting conference room, I took on the personna of Molly Ringworm - yeah!  What a name!!

The real fun started Saturday afternoon.  so, first - hair and make-up.  I didn't know I had so much hair; but with a curling iron, some teasing, and hairspray - wow!

Before Make-Over

After Make-Over

We were to start at 1:00 pm on Saturday I made my grand entrance - as a Drama Queen would do - at 1:20 pm!

"Molly" makes her grand entrance,
late of course!

Our classmate, Nick Nixon - Class President who is running for U.S. President in 2016 - welcomed us to our 30th Reunion.  He is married to Nancy, Class Vice President - who really stands with her man!

Then, there were those classmates who - as far as I can figure - must really be jealous of me (Molly) and my career, my Emmy, and the life I (Molly) have in LA.  These were Dina Diva; Mallory, the Prom Queen; and of course, Mrs. Nixon!

As we received our first envelope of instructions, we continued to "play out" our parts, trying to see who our friends were; who our enemies were; where we could get information; who to give information to; and how much information we should give...

We spent the afternoon playing our roles; the "jocks", Prom King, and others stepped out for a beer, as the guys would do!  The girls continued to fawn over "the next U.S. President", who was quick to proposition them, including Molly, Dina Diva, and probably others who were not so quick to accept!

What FUN!!

At about 4:00 pm, as a few of us were gathered near the front of the room, [the lights go out, and when they come back on], Steve Spielson - class audio visual turned Hollywood director - is found DEAD!!

"Steve Spielson"
has been murdered!

Molly screams; Dina Diva faints in hysterics; Byron - Math Team Captain - applies CPR; and someone yells to call 911!

Then someone else yells there was another body in the lobby...Mallory, the Prom Queen, has apparently committed suicide - to throw off the suspicion of "Who Dunnit"!

The crime scene is taped off...and we receive our 2nd envelope of information - all the while as accusations fly, and bribes are handed out, and secrets are whispered in various corners of the room!

At some point, I slipped off to my table to read the information I had just received...

Upon opening the envelope, I read:

"You are the murderer!  LET NO ONE ELSE KNOW!

Of course, I didn't plan to reveal that piece of information!

Additional information and objectives were found in my envelope; and the role-playing continued, including more accusations and threats and bribes...including the disappearance of Molly's Emmy.

Around 7:00 pm the Investigation Report was read and the evidence was presented.  The "Murder Mystery" event was mostly over; everyone had the opportunity to guess who the murderer was, as well as voting on "Best Dressed" and "Most Entertaining".

The evidence presented pointed to only one person who could have done it:  Molly Ringworm.  And facts were shared as to why:

The film in which Molly had starred at the beginning of her career, directed by Steve Spielson, was a porno film...and that information would ruin her chances for starring in the Disney film.  Fearing her stardom would ruin his own career advancement, Steve was planning to expose Molly's porno role.  The Emmy Molly so proudly showed off was the exact type of "weapon" that could have killed Steve.  The fact that the Emmy had disappeared...only added to the evidence against Molly!

Well, the role of my life, for sure!!  Everybody who participated in the Murder Mystery certainly deserve to receive an award for their impromptu acting skills!!!

The Cast of "Characters"

But, the votes were cast; Four people actually guessed who the murderer was!  And the "Best Dressed" award went to Mallory, the Prom Queen; and the "Most Entertaining" - Molly!

"Best Dressed", Mallory, left and
"Most Entertaining", Molly with her Emmy

I certainly had an awesome time - playing my part to the fullest!  This was certainly something "outside the norm" for me!!  And it was soooo much FUN!

This was only the second "role" I have ever played; the first one was that of a "tree" - but that's another story!!

Hope you enjoyed my re-cap of the events of that Scrapbooking Retreat - we did get some scrapbooking done...but not much!


  1. How Fun! It looks like you really lived it up. Great job.

    1. Yes! Natalie...I DID live it up...played my part to the fullest! Never thought I could do something like this; my friends were amazed. We talked about this event for a LONG LONG time after! We all had a lot of FUN (but did not get much crafting done)...but there's always another retreat!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. That sounds like fun, but I don't know if I could let go and just play along.

    1. Yes, Tessa, it was FUN...and I certainly did not think I could do any justice to the role...where I found it, I'm not sure!!! But, when I am with my friends, I let loose and have a good time - no alcohol or other stimulants to make it happen; just "old-age craziness" maybe??

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Cool! Good fun, good memories to have.

    1. Thanks Andrew! We all DID have loads of FUN!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Barbara: This is so good, We had a drama ministry at our church until recently. The one character that people seem to remember is when I played "Delilah" a motorcycle mamma. We did it twice. Totally out of character for me. I have been in groups when a fairly new person is asked,"Did you know Cecelia was a motorcyle mamma?" We get the usual shocked look and then we explain.

    1. That is so FUN...we actually have a children's art center at our church and at times have drama presentations "acted" by the children. One year they did "Little" which was a take-off of Little Red Riding Hood, re-written by a couple of college professors who are a part of the church and the art a fund-raiser, we thought it would be FUN for ADULTS to do the play - and that is what I was alluding to when I said my 1st role was that of a "tree" - we had about 8 of us who were "trees" (I was pine, and even had a solo line!!) and we did the narration. We had two performances, a Sat. matinee and that evening. It was loads of FUN and generated a lot of interest and funds for the art center, which is this year celebrating 10 years!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Barbara, THat sounds hilarious! I can so see you whooping it up and enjoying your scrappy, mystery murder retreat. We would have fun together! I used to go to SCrapbook events...but never one of those kind. lol

  6. Well, this was a first (and probably only) event of this type!! Some of the retreats have themes (like the one in October for our non-profit Patriot Service Dogs which is MINIONS!!). I don't normally do things like that particular event; certainly am NOT an actress OR a "drama queen". But it was fun doing something outside what I would ever do! I am just having FUN in my OLD AGE...

    And...would LOVE to get together to see what kind of fun we could get into (ummm - have) together!

    Thanks for reading and commenting...heading to the journals for something for August!!! MY birthday and anniversary month! What kind of creature do you think we'd find in August?!


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