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Simple Woman's Daybook - July 20, 2015

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For Today:
July 20, 2015

Outside My Window
A little lightning;
a lot of thunder,
and very close!
A little rain,
slowly moving on.

I am Hearing


I am Thinking

I have so much to do...
getting ready for another retreat!

I am Thankful

For my daughters;
No explanation needed!

Cathy and a new "do"

Melissa and a "new" hat

I am Praying for
My friend,
who is scheduled for
hip replacement surgery

I am Wearing

Gray shorts;
blue, gray and white stripped shirt;
and bare feet.

I am Creating

Finished the projects I needed
for the retreat next weekend.
to organize and get my stuff ready!!

I am Going

To the store to pick up
another prescription
the doctor called in...
hope this helps!

I am Wondering
Is it going to rain
all day today?
Will it continue
all week?

I am Reading
"To Kill a Mockingbird"
by Harper Lee
(almost finished!)

I am Hoping

To feel better,
so I can get ready for,
and enjoy,
next weekend...
out of town
for a retreat!

I am Excited That

It's RETREAT time!

I am Learning to

Listen to my body,
and rest...
when I am sick or tired.
I have learned - am learning -
not to over-do things!
There is a good reason
why I am "disabled".
This chronic cough and whatever,
I am over it!!
Enough is enough!

In My Kitchen

The usual mess!

Around the House

Another mess...
called "getting ready
for retreat."

I am Pondering

These words from my devotion
the other morning:

"But sometimes, in life's darker moments,
you may lose sight of these blessings,
and when you do,
it's easy to lose hope."

And, I wrote these words:

'Have I, God, lost sight of your blessings?
Have I lost sight of what you have so graciously given -
Your own Son who paid with His life...
for me; and you!
So I (we) could have eternal life!
What a wonderful blessing...
Thank you, God, for your priceless gift...
may I show you how grateful I am to you.'

A Favorite Quote for Today

Found on Pinterest
Shared by etsy.com

Well, that is all for this week's Simple Woman's Daybook; join me again next Monday...

Now, for my "surprise":

Today I received a "surprise" in the mail - well, not really a "surprise" because I was expecting it to arrive!

Check out Peggy's post from July, where she announced the winner of a give-away she sponsored:  July 13th Edition 

As the winner of that Freeset give-away...I would like to say a heart-felt "THANK YOU" to Peggy.

Make sure you go to the Freeset site and check them out....  I love this organization (and others like it) that is a "fair trade" company that offers employment for women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade (or other situations).

Here are my "goodies":

A large bag,
a key chain
(the black thing
on the "orange-y bag),
and a smaller bag.

Thanks again, Peggy!


  1. Sounds like a good day!

    I have to confess that the first time someone suggested To Kill A Mockingbird I thought I was about to be handed a good stiff drink...Tequila Mockingbird.

    What a disappointment!

    It's thundery here, right now.A storm is moving up the east side of the Rio Grande and will shortly give ABQ a much-needed bath.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you in my reading choice, Andrew!!! Just finished that one...how about one called "Old Fashioned"...hmmm? Isn't there a drink called that too?!

      Thankfully the thunder storm passed and today, so far, there hasn't been any...but I am sure it will come later today!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Congratulations on winning and receiving your prize! That's awesome. I hope you enjoy your retreat and I hipe the prescription helps. Don't lose hope!

    1. Thanks! I am so trying NOT to lose hope...this cough does seem hopeless right now!!

      Planning to TRY to enjoy the retreat; at least if I get tired, or start coughing too much, I can go to the room and rest a while...although, the weekend really isn't stressful; but can be tiring!

      Plan to use my new larger bag for the weekend! It is roomy enough for my camera, wallet, and other essentials!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Allyson! I hope to have a great week and weekend!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  4. I like your days acccounting and a nice way to list it. Is this from a site or your creation?

    1. Thank you, Tessa! This is certainly not my creation!! Thanks for the compliment, though! If you go to the site - http://thesimplewoman.blogspot.com/ - and Peggy is the one that hosts this weekly prompt!

      Thank you for reading and commenting - hope you will join us next week for Simple Woman's Daybook.


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