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Gifts Found in July 2015 - Part 2

Continuing with "One Thousand Gifts" - check out Part 1 of "Gifts Found in July 2015"...

July 8th
3 Gifts Water

1.  The Gift of Refreshing Waters - Nothing refreshes better than a nice hot shower - water flowing over the achy shoulders and back, cleansing the body and refreshing the soul!

2.  The Gift of Reflection - Washing dishes - by hand - water running into the sudsy soap...

A time of "mindless" work; a time of reflection; whatever comes to mind...

Just letting my thoughts wander - and reflect - much as a reflection seen in the water when the suds clear...

3.  The Gift of the Ocean - I live near the ocean - well, about a 45 minute drive to get to a decent beach -

And, I am not really a "beach babe".

But, the sound of the ocean...

"...the gentle rhythm of the waves" (words from the Upper Room devotion for today)

...helps to calm me; helps me to realize how vast the ocean vast God's love is!

July 9th
A Gift of Rhythm, Rhyme, Reason

The Gift of Dance - I love dance, and music!  The swaying back and forth, to the music - whether it's in my head or is audible to all around...

The rhythm of the waves also are music and dance - flowing in and out; back and forth; up and down...

I am not a dancer - but sure love to watch it!  And, love to see the ocean's rhythmic moves!

And I will Dance to the Rhythm of the Universe!

July 10th
3 Gifts in Weakness

1.  The Gift of Strength - When I am weak, He is strong; I can depend on God's strength to get me through any situation -

2.  The Gift of Health - When I am sick - allergies, sinus infection, bronchitas - I ache all over; my mood is horrible; I get frustrated and shows all over!

God, I thank you for good health, and pray for over-all healing so I can be the person I should be for you...

3.  The Gift of Tears - Tears don't mean one is weak!  Washington Irving said,

Found on Pinterest

"Tears - they speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues."

July 11th
3 Gifts in Jars

1.  The Gift of Rest - Before I lay down to sleep, I opened my jar of Vick's Vapo-Rub and rubbed some around my nose - hoping it would help open my sinuses so I could rest - and feel better.

It worked!

2.  The Gift of Comfort - When I am sick, or upset, I want comfort - and food - comfort food!

A big bowl of ice cream; macaroni and cheese; a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly - spread on slices of toasted bread!

At least it helps the tummy feel better - perhaps, the whole me, too!

3.  The Gift of Blessings  - Counting my blessings - joys - used to involve dropping coins into a container...not necessarily a jar; more of a decorated box or other type of container.  These coins were added up, along with other "bills" and given to the "Blessing Box Fund" at our Christian Women's Fellowship meeting.

My "little" added to everyone else's adds up to "more"!

July 12th
A Gift of Life, Growth, Decline

The Gift of Me! - Yes...I am God's Gift; I am the only me there is...

My parents gave me life; they raised me in a Christian home, and were there to over-see my growth: physically, mentally, spiritually. And for nearly 64 years, I have continued my growth in those ways... 

Bringing me to the now; that phase of my life where health seems to decline; memory isn't so sharp; my step isn't as quick or sure; and my true hair color certainly isn't brown, or red, or even black!

God has seen me from the beginning of my the "now" of my life!

Thank you, God, that you have walked beside me all the way - and continue to do so 'til you bring me home.

July 13th
3 Gifts Curled

1.  The Gift of Safety - When a storm is headed our way, our cat senses it, and mews to get to her "safe place" - our bedroom walk-in closet!  There she curls up in the far corner of the closet where she is safe to wait out the storm.

When the storms of life get too close, I don't have a "safe place" that I can curl up in - but I do have a loving God whose arms surround me with love and comfort while I wait out the storm.

2.  The Gift of Sleep - There are many nights I have trouble sleeping - due to allergies, coughing, restroom "breaks" ...

It would be awesome if this worked:

"Can I curl up in Your arms and let the beat of Your heart soothe me to sleep?  Because that sounds absolutely lovely." 

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3.  The Gift of God - God, I thank you for...YOU!  Your BIGNESS, and Your smallness!  Just enough to go around to all of us!  Just right for each of us!

July 14th
3 Gifts Yellow

1.  The Gift of Direction - Yellow lights beckon us to "slow down"; a directional sign points us in the right direction...

God's Word beckons us to "slow down" - "Be still."  And His Word points us in the right direction.

2.  The Gift of Joy - Not sure what this commercial is advertising - I think some kind of vitamin or something; but the JOY of it caught my attention...

Each person that is highlighted is wearing bright yellow clothing, while others around are in darker, gloomier clothing!  Those in yellow are dancing and singing:  "It's a great big beautiful day to be alive!"

What if we all did just that?!

3.  The Gift of Rest - (This "word" or gift may be over-used; but for one who doesn't slow down until forced to...well, this is yet another gift of rest!)

So, here I sit in my yellow gown with little blue and red flowers; it's after 11 pm and I am tired from little sleep the past few days.  But, I can't settle down to rest without coughing.  I may as well stay up 'til midnight now so I can take another dose of cough medicine and tylenol...

Praying I rest well!  And, if I don't rest well, I know that eventually this will pass - and I'll feel better!

Thank you, God, for a much-needed rest - He knows what is best, even if it means a "slow down" so I can rest! 

Continued in "Gifts Found in July - Part 3".


  1. What a beautiful list this is!
    Thank you for sharing this, Barbara.

    1. Thank you for reading my "Gifts" and commenting! I really am blessed...


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