Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 16, 2016

For Today
May 16, 2016

Looking Out My Window
It is 76 degrees at 11:00 am; the view from my window is a bright sunny - probably HOT - beautiful day.

I Am Thinking
About what I need to buy when we go shopping tomorrow; I think I need to make some changes in my eating habits.

I Am Thankful
For my Family; spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon together, outside, in the beautiful weather!  And, it also included some inside super hero dress-up fun, and ice cream!

One of My Favorite Things
I have to repeat...spending time with Family!  See the above FUN!

I Am Wearing
A pair of green capri pants, a yellow shirt, and crocs.

I Am Creating
Though I was tired, and a bit out-of-sorts, I spent time scrapbooking on Saturday; I finished creating a Mexican prima doll to go along with the theme of the day, Cinco de Mayo!

I think the reason for my being so out-of-sorts is because I was not feeling well and was really tired; pushed myself anyway, and ended up having a good time, as I usually do when I am crafting!

The reason for the Mexican doll comes from a challenge on a Facebook group I am in; we were to show the dolls we create participating in every day life or travel, like the "Flat Stanley" that was so popular a while back!  So I "traveled" to Mexico via the scrapbook event!

I Am Reading
I finished reading "The Yearling" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; and started reading "Honor Thyself" by Danielle Steel.

I Am Hoping
The rain holds off long enough for us to get our grocery shopping done tomorrow; though we need the rain, I don't really want to be out shopping in it!

I Am Learning
That I need to take better care of me...rest, eating right, exercise(?); but mostly, my attitude and enjoying this life I have.

In My Kitchen
Leftover spaghetti and biscuits - it's what's for dinner.  And the dishes are in the dishwasher.

Shared Quote
I loved reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C. S. Lewis - all seven books in the series.  Here is a quote from Mr. Lewis:

Closing Notes
Another post has been written, linking up with Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Be sure to check out the other posts on her website here, and join me next week for another "episode" of my "simple" life!


  1. I liked this, Barbara! Looking at your photos, it is hard to believe that we live on the same planet...LOL! We were at 44 degrees this morning...trying to patient wait on warmer temps.

    1. Well, Peggy, just think...as your 44 degrees become warmer, so does ours; and by the summer, I would probably prefer to be wherever you are!! But, here I am!!

      Thank you for reading, but especially for sharing this wonderful way of writing. I enjoy this linking up, and sharing of our lives!!

  2. Danielle Steele is one of my fave authors!

    1. Yes, Tara! She is also one of my faves!! I am currently trying to read through the books on my shelves that have not yet been read; then I have a number of boxes to go through and get rid of and read and whatever!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting! Having trouble always getting to read others' blogs; but need to do better...right now have been reading profiles and listening to sermons, etc. as a part of our pastor search team...takes up a lot of time; but we want the RIGHT PERSON, the one that God is preparing to be our pastor!!

  3. Good to drop in and see what you are up to Barbara. I do my own version of this now and don't like up at SWD anymore but miss some of my 'old friends'

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Paula...I guess I need to check out your version of SWD!!! New prompts are always loved and appreciated!! Appreciate your "visit" and leaving comment!!


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