Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 23, 2016

For Today
May 23, 2016

Looking Out My Window
It is a gorgeous, sun shiny day!  The temps are "scheduled" to be in the mid 80's...which is great; much better than the high 80's already!!

I Am Thinking
About my grandchildren, and the things we can do together this summer.

I Am Thankful
For the young people in my church!  They had a wonderful and inspiring Youth Sunday service last Sunday...really talented young people!

One of My Favorite Things
Having the lifestyle where I am able to spontaneously decide to do something - or nothing - and just do it - or not do it!  That's what I love about retirement!

I Am Wearing
A pair gray pajama bottoms and a gray and black striped night shirt, and crocs.  I have been looking to replace these crocs for a few months now but haven't found just the right comfy pair that will work for me!

{Besides, after a walk on the beach Saturday, after a women's meeting held at a church located on the beach, I had to buy a new pair of tennis shoes!!}

I Am Creating
I attended a "card making" event Sunday afternoon and made two cards...one was learning a new technique that I had seen others creating, the "accordion" or "drapery" fold:

I Am Reading
I finished reading "Honor Thyself" by Danielle Steel; and have barely started "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson.

I Am Hoping
That I can enjoy this summer with my family - daughters and their families - without the heat affecting my mood and attitude!

I Am Learning
To take my days slow and easy; but set aside time to enjoy them as well.  No sitting around doing nothing, though there are days when I am home and can take my time with whatever needs to be done.

In My Kitchen
Laundry to be done - about three loads!  Dishes to be done - unload dishwasher and reload it!  But first, a bit of breakfast.  Then, some organizing and putting things away.

Post Script
As a writer, a blogger, there have been times when I just didn't have the words to write.  No matter how much I tried to pull words out, they just wouldn't come.

There have been times, since I actually started blogging - not even 2 years ago! - that I wondered if it was even worth it at all!

My friend and fellow blogger, Barbie Swihart, posted "Where I've Been, Where I'm At, and Where I'm Going - A Blog Update".  Read it here.

Shared Quote
Sharing a quote one of my daughters posted earlier today:

A Moment from My Day
This comical event actually happened to me on Saturday, after a wonderful meeting at the beach, and a walk on the beach with a few friends after the meeting concluded.

I can't walk barefoot on the beach, especially where there are seashells; they really bother hurt my feet!  So, I left my socks and tennis shoes on...

Needless to say, the water came in and caught me while we were trying to get a selfie!  Soaked my shoes and socks...

As I left the beach area, I was searching for a store I could stop by and look for another pair of shoes!  Ended up closer to home, but found a pair, after looking around for a while (I take a wide size, and am picky about how they fit/feel)...

So, here I am walking around the store barefoot while I was looking at shoes.  Once I paid for them, I put my wet socks and shoes in the bag and carried the new shoes in the box; and put them on after I left the store!

No photos of me walking around barefoot; nor any of the shoes - I did think about taking a photo of the wet shoes and the new shoes!!

Closing Notes
And so ends another post for the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Be sure to check out the other posts on Peggy's website here, and join me next week for another "episode" of my "simple" life!


  1. Loving your simple life episode today. I left you a reply over on my blog about my Life Lists!!

    1. Thank you, Paula!! I'll go over to your blog and check out the reply!! Appreciate your reading and commenting...

  2. Barbara, had to laugh at the idea of you walking around with no shoes or socks! (I can imagine you were chuckling at yourself, too!).

    That accordion folding technique is a lovely technique, isn't it.

    Hoping you *do* get to enjoy the summer with your family: I can hear the excitement in your voice!! (Do you have a fan? One of the handheld ones? I've started using one here and it's amazing the difference it makes...if you don't have one, let me know and I would gladly send one....they have really spectacularly beautiful painted ones here...)

    Missing you, lovely you....but think of you often...

    Helen xxx

    1. For sure, I was laughing inside at myself; though with my tummy hurting and frustrated to find the right size and style of shoe...I was ready to get what I needed and get home!

      I love the accordion fold technique; and was happy they used that as one of the techniques to teach us...I want to make more; perhaps you'll receive one?!

      I'm quite sure I'll enjoy the summer...starting already; spent the evening at a "soft opening" (special nights before grand opening) of a movie theater near where my daughter lives...seats recline! And you can bet I did! We saw "Hotel Transylvania 2" - for my 7-year old grandson!!

      I actually don't have a hand-held fan; and a "beautiful painted one" sounds amazing...speaking of "sending"...your devotion booklets are "on the way"; hoping they get there at the right time!!

      Miss you also, and I DO think of you also!! Hope all is well! Have a "lovely" rest of the week, and also weekend!


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