Friday, May 27, 2016

WORD WEDNESDAY - A Heart Full of Joy

This year I am pondering "Joy".

What is Joy?

What gives me Joy?

How/where do we find Joy?

I've heard it said that if there is anyone in our life that is negative, or bringing us down, we should leave that person out of our life...

That cannot always be done!  And, since this post is about JOY, I won't linger on that statement.

Instead, I'll focus on the joys that we can find every day all around us!

Remember this song?

OK, so I couldn't resist the kittens!  But, didn't that bring you joy!?

And I couldn't resist sharing - again! - the mom with the Chewbacca mask!  It is all over the Internet and the TV ... 

Absolutely hilarious!  Made you laugh didn't it?!

That laughter - joy - that comes from deep inside ...

Way down in my heart!  Deep down in my soul!

It brings joy to me; it brings joy to you! 

Joy, from Disney Pixar's movie "Inside Out", gives us some good advice about starting our day:

"All right everyone, fresh start!
We're gonna have a good day,
which will turn into a good week,
which will turn into a good year,
which will turn into a good life!"

It just grows, doesn't it?!  Once we have found that joy - no matter how deep it may be buried - it is contagious!  It sticks with us from day to week to year...

To Life!

We were not created to be sad or unhappy!  God wants us to have joy and happiness  in our lives...

So, let's reach deep down into our heart and soul and find that Joy!

It is contagious!  Share it!!

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