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Simple Woman's Daybook - May 30, 2016

For Today
May 30, 2016

Looking Out My Window
As I sit at my computer, it is after 5:00 pm, and the temps are still in the high 80's.  Today was a scorcher; weather reports show the high is some areas was 93 degrees...and I have not left the apartment to enjoy this beautiful, sunny day; my choice to spend the time relaxing!

I Am Thinking
About all of the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom, and those who continue to serve our country...

I Am Thankful
And, I am thankful for them all, including my father, first husband (father of my two oldest "children"), my brother and his wife, and my husband - all who served their time and more.  And also my son who is currently in the Louisiana Army National Guard.

One of My Favorite Things
Spending time with friends, doing the craft we all love!  All day Saturday, a group of crafters met in the fellowship hall of a local church.  A few of our friends from Daytona Beach drove up to join us!

One of the women's husband made a delicious Andes Mint Chocolate Cake for us; he called us "a bunch of scrapping freaks"!  I "resemble" that comment - because I think we are!

I Am Wearing
A pair of pink with black polka dot pajama bottoms with a black top with "I {heart} Sleep.  The heart matches the bottoms.  And, of course, my crocs.  Since I bought a new pair of tennis shoes last week - because of my walk on the beach - I will put off buying a pair of "something" to wear around the house!

I Am Creating
Spent most of Saturday (besides socializing and eating) making tags, cards and a scrapbook layout using the Prima dolls that are already finished.  Here are some of the projects I completed:

I Am Reading
I am still reading "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson; my schedule has been so crazy busy ("cra-cra" as my oldest grandson would say).  Not much reading being done right now!

I Am Hoping
This cold or sinus/allergy infection goes away very soon!  I have been feeling rough the past few days and do not like feeling this way...I usually don't stop; but need to take it easy a few days to feel better.

I Am Learning
To be more patient and understanding with my husband.  I don't begin to understand why he does some of the things he does; why he says some of the things he says...but, I try to be patient with him, knowing that many times it's not something he can control.

I need to continue to learn that!

In My Kitchen
Since it is after 5:00 pm, hubby is getting hungry; so I'll be pulling out all of the leftovers accumulated from the weekend: fried chicken and wings, potato salad and macaroni salad and fruit.  Also have some leftover pizza and fried rice with chicken and veggies.  So...

Board Room
Sharing a couple of projects I want to do using the Prima doll stamps.  First, is a "set" of nine smaller pieces about the size of a business card, called "Pocket Letters".  Check it out here.

And, a canvas using the mermaid stamp found here.

Post Script
Check out more of the Prima projects on the Facebook group, "Julie Nutting Paper Dolls and Other Fun Stuff", here.

Shared Quote
In honor and memory of those who served our country, I am sharing a quote as well as a musical tribute:

And let's listen as Lee Greenwood sings it for us.  Please be respectful of this video, saluting those who have served and still serve the USA.  I realize there are many bloggers that are not of this country; but for this Memorial Day 2016, I share this tribute:

A Moment from My Day
I enjoy watching competition shows like Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.  Tonight, the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance - Next Generation aired with talented kids from ages 8 - 13.  Love watching the kids dance and sing and share their talents...so I sat long enough to watch the whole show!

Closing Notes
So on this Memorial Day, another link-up has been completed, joining Peggy and other bloggers to share our life through a few prompts and phrases.

Join me again next week for another episode of the Simple Woman's Daybook.  And check out Peggy's website here.

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