Tuesday, September 30, 2014

OK So Here Goes...

Not really sure what I am doing; but here goes!!!

Life as a retired grandmother is the best!!!  I LOVE the flexibility, as I indicated in my profile.  At the drop of a hat or the ringing of the cell phone - my plans may change from hanging around the apartment to hanging out with one of my daughters or the grandchildren.  It could also change with an event that is planned for my craft - scrapbooking!  I love challenging myself with different techniques and ideas and have a great group of friends that I get ideas from.  We don't mind sharing our ideas and helping each other with our layouts.  I also attend church and have just returned to the choir after being away for several years.  I am the treasurer for our district women's fellowship and attend meetings every other month at the different churches.  I have a great group of friends at church, and most Sundays several of us go out to eat after worship service.

Now that I am retired, I look back and wonder how I managed to get everything done when I was working full time - because my life has only gotten better and fuller since I retired.