31 Days of Free Writes - 2015

Here I go - again!  Was it really just a year ago that I spent a whole month writing for "write31days"?  For more information on this challenge, click HERE.

It is time for the writing challenge again!  But, this year I will be following KATE MOTAUNG for "31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes"...

Kate has provided the words for each day except for the Friday prompts, which will be revealed as usual at 10:00 pm on Thursday nights ... 

Be sure to stop by frequently as I will be updating this page with each day's post!

So, here are the prompts for my "Free Writes ".
Day 2 - Family {FMF}
Day 3 - Capture
Day 4 - Embrace
Day 5 - Home
Day 6 - Possible
Day 7 - Love
Day 8 - Purple
Day 9 - Trust {FMF}
Day 10 - Ready
Day 11 - Rest
Day 12 - Storm
Day 13 - Patience
Day 14 - Fly
Day 15 - Laugh
Day 16 - Green {FMF}
Day 17 - Offer
Day 18 - Worth
Day 19 - Honor
Day 20 - Temporary
Day 21 - Wave
Day 22 - Value
Day 23 - Joy {FMF}
Day 24 - Silence
Day 25 - Crash
Day 26 - Whisper
Day 27 - Perhaps
Day 28 - Hope
Day 29 - Sea
Day 30 - Bacon {FMF}
Day 31 - Almost

And that ends another 31 Days of writing!  Not sure what I will be writing now, but will wait for January to do any more "series"...

Also working on re-doing my blog and moving it to Wordpress, with the help of a friend!

So...changes are coming!!


  1. I am excited to read your posts. It was such a delight meeting you in person.

    1. Thank you, Natalie! Yes, it was great being able to actually meet a fellow blogger! Excited to read everyone's blogs; I fear I'll be on this computer even more during October!!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Exciting! Looking forward to a great month of writing!

    1. Oh yes, it will be a great month! Thanks for reading and commenting, Sara!


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