Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-30-15

All good things must come to an end; and I am certainly sad to see this Blog-tember challenge with Bailey Jean come to an end.  But, writing will continue ... and there is always next year!

Today's prompt is:

How Did the Blog-tember Challenge Go For You? Any surprises?  What was Your Favorite Prompt, Or What Would You Like to See Included Next Time?

The challenge came at a time in my life when I have been questioning myself; my faith; my commitments; my challenges; my choices...

And at a time when I am part of a team at our church, the Pastoral Search Committee.  We have been doing some soul-searching as well.

These two circumstances have inter-connected in the thoughts that have been running around in my brain...and I have pondered many of the prompts with these things in my brain (or elsewhere?).

One thing I learned during this month is:  How to make a photo collage in PicMonkey!  Such an easy thing, I'm sure, for those "techy" people...but I kept getting confused and frustrated all at the same time...

Until I made one!!  And then another...and now I think I could do another and another!!

So, the fact that I did get a collage done for the September 13th post that shared our inspiration or mood board for this season in our life, I'd have to say that is one of my favorite accomplishments!  And, here is the collage:

But, to pick a favorite topic would be really hard!  I enjoyed peeking into everyone's bags and and drooling over what they were carrying around...check out my bag below and on the September 15th post.

I also enjoyed sharing my blog with my friend Karen, who blogs at Finding the Grace Within by inviting her to Guest Post...check out her blog here; and her guest post on my September 23rd post.

This Blog-tember challenge really did help prepare me for writing every day - again - and especially for the October challenge which, of course, begins the day after this one ends!

{I may need to take November and December off to enjoy the holidays and start again in the new year...but I doubt if I do!}

Thanks again, to Bailey Jean for bringing us all together!

Introduction to Another 31 Days!

Last year - September 2014 - I barely knew what a "BLOG" was; much less have one of my own!  Following the example of a friend, who created one to show sample scrapbook layouts and cards, I set one up...just for the fun of it!

A few days later, I read about a challenge for October - "write31days".  The idea was to choose a topic and write every day for the whole month!

Well, that would surely take some planning!

So, I pulled out journaling, research and poems that I had previously written over the past 10 or so years, as we traveled on our "journey with dementia".  The topic found, I managed to create a "button" and get it linked properly - something new for me - again!

And I managed to write a post every day with the title, "31 Days of Dementia's Demands"!

Through persevering for that month-long writing challenge, my passion for writing was born - or "re-born" since I have been writing different things for many years; I had just never done any blogging!

It is now a year later, and I have over 300 posts!  That number will increase because ...

... I have signed up to "do it again", Five Minute Friday style!  Following along with Kate Motaung and the FMF group, we will use the word prompts for "Free Writes" ... writing every day for five minutes only!

So "31 Days of Free Writes" is my topic for the 2015 series; I should be able to get that done!!  In fact, we already have the word prompts in advance (except for the FMF days) and I have already started drafting out ideas.

So, check out Kate's blog for prompts and other information; and follow along

Not sure what this "write31days" is all about, check out the website.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-29-15

Well, it has just about come to an end; I have enjoyed linking up with Bailey Jean for the Blog-tember challenge...

Today's prompt is:

Write Your Own List 
of 10 Blog Topics
to Inspire Next Month

1.  Scriptures to Live By

2.  Photos of Everyday Living

3.  Re-Cycled Crafting
{creating with what you already have!}

4.  Cooking for People Who Hate to Cook

5.  Living with Dementia

6.  What to do now that you're Retired

7.  Sharing our Inner-most Thoughts

8.  What's on Your Bucket List

9.  Fashion into your 60's and 70's

10.  Travel Tips

While I have no plans to write on any of the above topics for the "write31days" challenge, some may show up in the words that are prompted for the Five Minute Friday-style "Free Writes"!

Check out mine here.

One more day is left for the Blog-tember challenge; and I have made it through all but one or two {which were by choice omitted}...I have enjoyed "exploring" some of my likes and dislikes, good days and bad days, and so many other things in between!

Thank you, Bailey Jean for the Blog-tember challenge!  Looking forward to another year in 2016.

Simple Woman's Daybook - September 28, 2015

Linking up with

Back to a Monday with Peggy and all the other "daybookers"!  It's after noon, but it's Monday!  So...

September 28, 2015

Outside My Window:  The temp has been about 10 degrees lower than it was a few weeks ago; so that would be around 80's!!  As far as I can tell, it is still more summer than fall!  But...rain is predicted!

I am Hearing:  "Chopped" on the Food Network channel...

I am Thinking About:  What projects I want to take with me to work on while at the Puppy Crop scrapbooking retreat in a couple of weeks!

I am Thankful for:  The leadership at church that implemented the Childrens' Art Center 10 years ago!

I believe children should be exposed to the arts: singing, dancing, musical instruments, sports, art...whatever may be included in "the arts"!  In my opinion, schools are wrong when these are the things that are cut when the budget gets tight.  I don't know what alternative they would cut, but feel this area is just as important as "reading, writing and 'rithmetic".

I am Praying for: {continuing to pray for} Our church and the task assigned to the Pastoral Search Committee of finding an Interim Minister, and ultimately, a permanent minister. 

I am Wearing:  My bright fuschia, pink and white flowered pj's (top to bottom!) and my crocs.

I am Creating:  Most of my cuts are done for the "travel" layout for a page swap; just have 20 hot air balloosns to cut!  I have a "template" to go by and will begin putting the layout together later, at the retreat starting October 9th.

I am Going:  I am so thankful that this is a lighter week than last week!  Today, I am doing my normal - writing, laundry, reading, preparing for a women's meeting lesson in a couple of weeks...and getting ready for the "write31days" challenge beginning on Thursday, October 1st! is coming SOON!

The only places I need to go are to a Pastor Search team meeting on Tuesday evening; and choir rehearsal on Wednesday evening.  

The only other place I'll be going is on Saturday for a  Disciples' Women's meeting in Orlando, FL.  It will be a very inspirational meeting, including a luncheon and great uplifting speakers.  Excited to attend...

Unless something else comes up...I'm home bound to get things organized for the retreat, which includes some writing done ahead of time!

I am Wondering:  If I should go ahead and get dressed today or stay in my pj's...nah!  I think I'll just stay in myy comfy pj's today!  {Looks like some very deep thinking going on here today!}

I am Reading:  Persevered and finished reading the last book, ""Into the Darkest Corner" by Elizabeth Haynes...a very intense book about a young woman who was being physically abused by her boyfriend.  It was a very eye-opening book; I know this happens to women and years ago couldn't understand why they didn't just "get out" of the relationship.  I realize it is not that easy to do...

So, after taking a couple of days off from reading, I finally picked up another book on Friday; and started reading "Juliet" by Anne Fortier...check out the first paragraph that gives an idea of what the book is  may be about:

"Twenty-five year old Julie Jacobs is heart-broken over the death of her beloved Aunt Rose.  But the shock goes even deeper when she learns that the woman who has been like a mother to her has left her entire estate to Julie's twin sister.  The only thing Julie receives is a key - one carried by her mother on the day she herself died - to a safety-deposit box in Siena, Italy."

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?!  I just love a mystery; especially one that brings in some historical real stuff!

I am Excited for:  The Puppy Crop" scrapbooking means I get to scrapbook as long as I want; enjoy my friends as we talk, and craft and catch up and create and...whatever else we can think of doing!

Our Last "Puppy Crop"
May 2015

The theme for our last retreat was "Mardi Gras" even though it was already May!  This time, the theme will be Minions - as in "Our Volunteers (and other supporters!) are One in a Minion"...can't wait!

The weekend will be full of fun, friendships old and new, food, crafting, and lots of dogs to "oooh" and "aaah" over...and one who is about to have her puppies!  What fun that will be!!

I am Learning to:  What am I learning?  I still have not figured that out yet!

In My Kitchen:  No sure yet; probably some fried fish fillets, french fries and a veggie?

I am Pondering:  I don't think I need to "ponder" what I just "wondered"!  Today, I am pondering the questions in our resource book we are using as a Pastor Search team; we will be discussing prayer and praying and what we are looking for in a minister and...

Yeah, these types of "pondering" have me also pondering my own spiritual journey.

A Fave Scripture Thought:  "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."  (Deuteronomy 31:8 NIV).

I will be pondering this scripture and others in the next few weeks for a post I'll be doing later...more on this as I get closer to the date!!

A Fave Quote:  On ABC-TV in March 1998, I jotted down this quote that Stevie Wonder said on "A Tribute to Christopher Reeve"...

"Just because one can't see doesn't mean he doesn't have vision; and just because one can't walk doesn't mean he can't go the distance."

I think this can apply to almost any "lack of" that we may feel we have.

And that ends another week's Simple Woman's Daybook...

Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-28-15

I have been linking up with Bailey Jean for the Blog-tember challenge; and now that it is almost finished, I think I may miss writing every day...oh, wait!  The "write31days" challenge comes next!

Today's prompt is:

A Day in the Life...
Take us through it with you!

What would a day in my life be like?  Hmmm...

Should I pick a really busy day?  Or, one of those lazy days?

Let's see...maybe I can come up with a combination deal!

So, on this "day in the life" of this retired grandma, I would stay in bed until I felt rested ... and this usually comes after getting up for a "potty break" around 6ish!  Then, I would crawl back into bed, pull the comforter up to my neck, close my eyes and ...

Not get back up until 8:30 or 9:00 am!  Yep!  That's all...9:00 am is about as late as it gets, even if I have stayed up 'til 11:30 pm or 12:00 am!

First stop - my comfy "prayer chair"!  OK, I don't really call it that; but my chair is rather comfy; and it was given to us; and that is where I do my morning devotions!

Add a dark purple prayer shawl and a couple of pillows - a bright lime green and aqua blue one, and a heart-shaped pillow with tiny flowers in shades of pink {a hand-made "comfort pillow" I received during one of my hospital stays}...

Sitting in the {hopefully} quiet, I open my devotion book and Bible and spend some time reading and journaling.  Sometimes the reading leads me to other scriptures; other times I just read from the two books I am currently using.

Next, I "check in" with what is going on - e-mail, Facebook, maybe the news, but usually not!  As I browse the e-mails, there are blogs to read and e-mails to send and other things to do on the computer!   And...

Before I know it, I'm eating brunch instead of breakfast; and that is OK with me!  While eating brunch, I tune in to one of the shows I need to catch up watching: "The Voice", or "Project Runway", or some other "building" or "cooking" show that my husband really doesn't enjoy watching!  {He does enjoy "The Voice"; but it is on at the same time as "Dancing with the Stars"; so we have to choose which to watch later.}

While I'm preparing and eating brunch, watching TV or checking e-mails and Facebook, I usually have a load of laundry in the washer and one in the dryer...multi-tasking.  And when I am finished eating, it's time to clean up the kitchen.

Since I'm sharing a "mixed" day - one that is busy at home and also has a bit of errands or other things to do - after breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, I may go shopping; or to the bank; or to pick up prescriptions; or to put gas in the car - or maybe all ot the above

...or, I may get one of those rare opportunities to go shopping alone and buy myself something I need (clothes, shoes, etc.)

Later, after the shopping trip, I would take a break {my day is a break!} and read my book - always have one going!! - or read more blogs.  And, at some point, I would be writing; either for my blog, drafting for a future post, or writing in one of my other journals {the non-computerized one!}

Since I had brunch, I usually wait to have an afternoon "snack"; and later cook something for the two of us for dinner aroung 6 or 7:00 pm...

And then, into my pj's for an evening watching something on TV with my husband.  At times, he goes to bed early and I have "free reign" of the remote control; other times, we find a movie or one of the shows we watch together.

Bedtime is anywhere from 11:00 pm to midnight - after watching our shows, I usually check Facebook and do a little more reading of blogs or writing on mine...

And, when I get tired and ready to head to bed...I'm off 'til the next day when I do it all over again!

Some days are busier than others; but I sure do love this life!


When I first read this week's Tuesday @ Ten prompt phrase, I knew immediately what I would write about!  I have had such a busy week that I have almost run out of time...

But, I didnt!  So, here is this week's prompt:

A Moment I Will Never Forget


While watching the three youngest grandchildren, I really had my hands FULL!  They are ages 1-year, 2-year and 4-year...

And that little cutie of a girl (the 1-year old!) is a real dare-devil.

So, while I was with them, she stood holding onto something, and before I knew what was happening...

She let go - and took about four steps before sitting down, and then pulled up and did it again!  {Wouldn't you know it...I did not have my camera; and if I had it, I doubt I would have been quick enough to get a picture!  The photo below is about a week or so after those first few steps.}

When I talked to my daughter later, she told me that I should "hold that memory in my heart, because she had not done that before"!

So, I will cherish that memory in my heart! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-27-15

Coming to an end; check out today's prompt for Blog-tember with Bailey Jean.

Today's prompt is:

What's on your wish list?
Include links...

There are not very many items on my "wish list"; but with the holidays quickly approaching, I need to give it a good thought - just in case somebody wants to buy me a gift!

Actually, I don't require much!  I already have more than I really need; but will list a few things that I'd love to have {and pass this post on to my family}!

Journals:  While I enjoy blogging, I love to write in my journal(s).  Whenever I see a pretty journal, I can't resist buying it and adding it to my "stash", waiting for the current journal to run out so I can start a new one.

I have a journal for so many different things: devotions; Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts"; quotes; blessings or kindnesses...and am always finding a new reason to start a new journal!

Crafting:  I could say anything scrapbooking would be great to receive; but there are a few items I would love to have...Julie Nutting's Prima Doll Stamps; here are a few I'd love to own!  They are so much FUN to "play", yeah, back to playing with paper dolls, as in my childhood!

Prima Marketing Mixed Media Doll Cling Rubber Stamps, Aurora with Crown by Prima MarketingPrima Marketing Mixed Media Doll Cling Rubber Stamps, Doll with Peasant Dress

And one more item I'd like to have for scrapbooking is this Cricut cartridge:

Reading:  I love to read; and a good book is always a great gift!  I don't have any particular books that I'd request; but there are a couple of devotional books I'd love to use in the new year:


And I would love to own the full set of C. S. Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia"!


Music and Movies:  I enjoy listening to music and watching good movies.  The Soundtrack CD and Video I'd love to have is "The Jersey Boys".  I'd also love to have the Casting Crown - Thrive CD and Colton Dixon's CD.

OK, I think this is way too many "wishes"!  I'll stop there!  What kind of "wishes" do you have...or, did you go a totally different route and write something different regarding "wishes"?!.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-26-15

This journey called "Blog-tember" with Bailey Jean is just about over; and we will be heading into another month-long link-up with the "write31days" challenge!  Love these link ups; and hope you will join us!!  Check it out here.

Today's prompt is:

What is on your to-reading list,
and what have you recently read?

Starting with the second question first; I have recently read:

"Into the Darkest Corner"
by Elizabeth Haynes

"The House at Tyneford"
by Natasha Solomons

by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts

"Old Fashioned"
by Rene Gutteridge

...since the end of July, I have read the above books.  I don't read all the time; but I am reading something all the time!  We have a "book swap" at church, so I am always picking up new books (different authors) because they "sound good"!  The following "to-read" list is made up of some of those books I just happened to pick up:

"The Brethren"
John Grisham

Anne Fortier

"Smoke Screen"
Sandra Brown

"The Darkness and the Dawn"
Charles Swindoll

"Consolation for an Exile"
Caroline Roe

"God's Guest List"
Debbie Macomber

"Beautiful Lies"
Lisa Unger

Sandra Brown

I just finished reading my last book, "Into the Darkest Corner" yesterday; and have not decided which of these book I will read next {I don't always pull the top one off the shelf!}.  Since things will be quite busy with blogging and the holidays and other (commitments) going on in my life right now, I may wait to choose one later...

But then again, if I get "bored" and need something to "do"...I just may grab a book and get started!

Just a few more days of Blog-tember!  What are you books read and to-read?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-25-15

I have been linking up with Bailey Jean for the Blog-tember challenge; and now that it is almost finished, I think I may miss writing every day!

Today's prompt is:

Three Songs
You Are Connecting with Right Now

"Through All of It"
by Colton Dixon

"I have won and I have lost.
I got it right sometimes 
but sometimes I did not.
Life's been a journey.
I've seen joy,
I've seen regret.
Oh and You have been my God
through all of it."

"Just Be Held"
by Casting Crown

"So when you're on your knees
and answers seem so far away
You're not alone,
Stop holding on
and just be held.

You're worlds not falling apart,
It's falling into place..."

And, last but certainly not least!  This one really gets to me; and I share all of the lyrics so you can see why...

Among the Thirsty

"I'm feeling so small
Standing here weeping
As I'm coming clean
Of the secrets I'm keeping
I've caused so much pain
To the ones I love the most
And I'm falling apart
As I carry my heart to Your throne.

I am completely surrendering
Finally giving You everything
You're my redeemer,
I run to the cross
Because You are more than enough
Lord complete me
Cause I'm Yours completely.

I'm letting go
There's nothing I own
The treasures I held
Just weighed down my soul
And there's nothing left
Inside of me
But a longing for Your
And a longing to be the man that You need.

I am completely surrendering
Finally giving You everything
You're my redeemer,
I run to the cross
Because You are more than enough
Lord complete me
Cause I'm Yours completely.

I let Your gifts take the place of You
And You pulled up my selfishness from its roots
I am a broken and fragile me
But I'm where You want me to be.

I am completely surrendering
Finally giving You everything
You're my redeemer,
I run to the cross
Because You are more than enough
Lord complete me
Cause I'm Yours completely
Lord complete me
Cause I'm Yours completely."

Whenever I hear any of these songs on the radio - which is most often where I listen to music - I tear up thinking of my life and praying I can be the person He wants me to be!

And I pray these songs will touch you as well!

Blog-tember Daily - 9-24-15

The Blog-tember challenge is almost finished ... and it has really been a challenge to keep up with this and other posts I normally write!

I have been linking up with Bailey Jean ... 

Today's prompt is:

Shout out five of your favorite bloggers.
Who are your regular reads?

So, the prompt is to list five bloggers that I read, and that is not easy for me to do!  I read many of the blogs I follow; and follow the threads in Facebook under the groups Together We {Blog}; 31 Day Survivors or 31 Dayers; and others that share a daily post.

There are also quite a number of blogs that notify me via e-mail that a new post has been published.  I usually save these to my computer to read later ... unfortunately, it takes time to read them!

But, there are several that I read automatically {and this list is not a complete list of those!}...

 Andrew at

Helen at

Karen at

Dawn at

Shirley at

{I have no idea why these links do not all show up the same color!
They are in the post as I am writing them out!}

These are by no means the only blogs I read or follow or "support" or encourage!!  I only lift these up today... Be sure to check them out!

Gifts Found in September - Part 3

The 3rd Part of "Gifts Found in September" continues this journey of sorts - looking for the gifts, or blessings, that God gives us every day!  Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 ...

September 15th
3 Gifts Paired

1.  The Gift of Saving Money - We live on a fixed income, as do many others, especially those who are retired like we are.  I try hard to save money on groceries; but it isn't easy with one who wants to buy (or have "money in his pocket") as if we had tons of money!  We don't!

It is helpful to look for sales; and the BOGO deals are great - those "buy one get one" deals!  A "pair" of something for the price of one!

2.  The Gift of Shoes - Yes, a pair of shoes can be a gift, especially for someone who doesn't have a pair.  We are so fortunate; so blessed ... we don't just have a pair of shoes, we have multiple pairs of shoes!

Thank you, God, for all that we have; and for those who reach out to those in need, sharing our blessings with others.

3.  The Gift of Twos! - A Pair of ...

These amazing photos were found on Pinterest and shared by the links noted:
Horse Silhouettes:
Blue Jays:
Love Birds:
Green Love Birds:

So, with all these beautiful pairs of God's creatures, it's easy to imagine an Ark full of Pairs!

Thank you, God, for a peek at these beautiful pairs!

September 16th
3 Gifts Shared

1.  The Gift of a Meal - Time spent with any of my "kids" or grandkids is always a highlight of my day!

Today, I went shopping with my daughter, Cathy ... not exactly what we started out to do; but ended up at the mall, where we walked a bit, and shopped a bit ...

Then we headed to lunch where we shared a meal - literally!  It was a "2 for $20" - 2 entrees with a shared appetizer!

2.  The Gift of Voice - Sharing my life - my joys and sorrows, and concerns; my worries and excitement - always easy for me.  In fact, I sometimes feel I share too much about me and my life.

There have been times when it has come back to "bite me in the rear" ... but, I have continued to share with friends; and, at times, co-workers.  Those co-workers I considered friends, at first seemed to be OK; yet, it has been some of those co-workers that have "hurt" me.

So, I must remember:

Found on Pinterest
Shared by

Thank you, God, for those friends we share our lives wiht, and those who keep our confidences.  I have moved past those who "stabbed me in the back", and forgive them.  I pray that I am that friend who will "hear their voices and keep it private"!

3.  The Gift of Our Resources - Sharing what we have, our resources ... whether financially, or our "stuff", comes faily easy for me.  I may not have much, but am willing to share what I do have!

I thank God for all that I have, and pray He shows me who is in need so I can share my blessings with them!

September 17th
3 Gifts Ugly-Beautiful

1.  The Gift of Attitude - Most days, I really do wake up in a good mood, with a good attitude!  But, many days - especially if I am awakened by a blaring, chattering TV - my head is pounding, I feel tired and groggy ...

And I know my attitude is not beautiful.  In fact, it's pretty ugly!

God, help me to take a deep breath before I crawl out of bed!

2.  The Gift of Lessons - The children's story abut the Rainbow Fish, shared in a Children's Moment at church, tells of a beautiful fish.  But, he was a very selfish fish ... so selfish that other fish stayed away from him; and that made him unhappy.

One day, the Octopus told the Rainbow Fish that if he would give his beautiful scales away, one by one, to the other fish, he would make friends and they would all be happy ... and he did!

Thank you, God, for lessons learned in children's stories, and Bible stories, and all things around us.

3.  The Gift of Beauty - It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ... What one person calls "beauty" may not necessarily be "beauty" to another.

But, beauty is not always seen on the outside; more often it is found within.

Perhaps not ugly; but in the eyes of some, just not all that beautiful ...

Ugly - Beautiful

Found on Pinterest; Shared by

September 18th
A Gift Fixed, Folded, Freckled

The Gift of a Smile - When I read these words, my thoughts stopped when I read "freckled" ... and I smiled, thinking of a precious, sweet, freckle-faced seven-year old - my grandson!

He loves to dress up, even on a "regular" day at school ... but, now he has a special reason to smile on Thursdays, and to "dress up"!

He has partnered with the Assistant Principal to make every Thursday - 

Bow-tie Thursday!

He makes me smile - and I thank God for him!

September 19th
3 Gifts in Conversation

1.  The Gift of Voices - The voices in my head, are they conversations with myself; or is "someone" trying to get my attention?

I pray my head can turn off the unknown voices so I can hear Him clearly!

2.  The Gift of Friends - I love to share with my friends, holding a conversation - serious or funny or sad or happy; sharing my inner-most thoughts and concerns with a close friend ... nothing expected from either of us; just to listen to each other!

3.  The Gifts of Jesus' Teachings - Teachings ... Parables ... Stories ... Jesus taught His Disciples many things during His ministry; and those teachings continue to show us the way, His way!

September 20th
3 Gifts in Salvation

1.  The Gift of "Old" - "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the old {life} has passed away; he is a new creation, behold, the new has come."  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

2.  The Gift of "New" - "I will give you a new heart and put a  new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."  (Ezekiel 36:26)

3.  The Gift of Everlasting Life" - "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosover believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."  (John 3:16)

September 21st
3 Gifts in Information

1.  The Gift of Generosity - So many places ... yet, I spent nearly half a day ... walking, entering, nervously asking for donations for this worthy non-profit:  Patriot Service Dogs

With our event quickly approaching, and the co-founder of PSD working full time, I offered to go ask for donations for our raffles; leaving information that may or may not be passed on to the manager/owner of the shop.

But, we were blessed with two items (and not cheap!) and three gift cards - and one was a "call back".  I also have a promise of "something" for us from a small shop owned by a friend of my daughters ...

Thank you, God, for the generosity of small business owners - as one said to me, the are not rich because they own a business.  We must support our local small business owners!

2.  The Gift of News - I don't read the newspaper ... there is a lot of information in the newspaper; but I don't usually read it ... I wait for my husband to share bits of information with me.

And, perhaps Mr. Twain has a good idea here:  uninformed or misinformed!  

Either way, am I looking in the right place for news?!

3.  The Gift of Technology - I'm not sure if I'd say technology was a blessing - but it sure does put everything at our fingertips, and available in a "quick hurry"!

All sorts of information can be found on the Internet:  Google, Ask, Pinterest; social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (phone?), and others that I am not even aware of - as a totally non-techy person!

Thank you, God, for information!

Another part of Gifts Found in September is completed!  The final part will be published later...