Monday, September 7, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-6-15

During the month of September, I am joining Bailey Jean and others for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge!  

This challenge is a daily post with pre-planned prompts.  "Where is the 5th?" you may ask?  Well, that prompt is to "put your iTunes/music player on shuffle and share the first 10 songs that play."

Well, I do listen to music - in the car as I am driving!  I don't usually try to put music on the computer while I am writing or trying to read posts or blogs or e-mails; it is way too distracting because I want to sing-along!

So, skipping the 5th!  And here is the prompt for the 6th...

Share your style.  What fashion trends do you love, frequent, or avoid?

Fashion?!  I am not a "fasionista"!  I don't keep up with the current "what is in to wear" ideas!

My "fashion" is to dress comfortable!  Even when I was working full time, I found the clothes that were appropriate for work, but were comfortable to wear...

And, eventually came to the conclusion - as I did many years ago - that I wear what I like and what I feel good in or what I think looks good on me.

Now that I am retired, I love to lounge around in my comfy pj's at least one or two days of the week - those days when I am not planning to leave the apartment!

When I do get dressed for a "normal" day, I am usually wearing a pair of capris and a loose top; or, depending on the weather, a pair of jeans and a loose top.  Even in the cold weather, I hardly ever wear a long-sleeved shirt; I'd rather wear a short-sleeved shirt and put a sweater on if I need to.

Shoes?  Comfy is the word for those!  My feet swell too much to worry about trying to wear "nice" shoes; so, low heel or flats.  And for casual, tennis shoes or sandals.  Around the house, I wear a very worn pair of crocs or slippers.

Accessories:  a watch that was my mom's; a "turtle" bracelet given to me by a friend; a "turtle" necklace - I found the pendant and my daughter found the perfect chair.

I also have a few other pieces that I love, but don't wear very often.  Another favorite is a "floating opal" that was my grandmother's, with the original chain and the box that it came in, as a gift to her from my grandfather.

And that is my "fashion sense"!  Nothing very fancy...just comfy!


  1. I'm another one who prefers PJs to any other clothes (although I do love to get dressed up too)...I love opals (I think they're such an interesting stone) and I'm waiting to be able to pay in full for an opal necklace I set aside at a's my 'you did it''s such a beautiful stone and setting (I think I might manage it for Christmas (or that's my hope!))...

    1. Aren't opals beautiful! I hope you have your beautiful stone and setting deserve it!!

      PJ's...YES! Any day I can!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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