Monday, September 21, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-17-15

Time for another Blog-tember Challenge with Bailey Jean; and, thankfully, today's is a little less "thought-provoking"...

Today's prompt is:

Just for Fun, Your Latest Obsession.
What can you not get enough of these days?

My latest obsession?  That didn't take me long to figure out, once I sat down and read through the prompt!

It seems that every day, when my husband sticks his head into my room (craft and/or computer room) I am typing away on the keyboard.  If not that, I am writing in one of my journals.

My words may not always make sense; they may not be profound words that will change the world, or one person ...

But they flow from my heart and deep inside where they may have once been hidden.

Thanks to last year's "write31days" challenge, I persevered to accomplish something I never thought I could do - write every day for a whole month on a topic ...

And ever since that challenge ended, I have been writing more and more.  It's a challenge in itself, just writing; and some days it gets over-whelming with so much in my head that I can't always seem to get out of that head!

I persevere; and eventually, the words come tumbling out!

If I had to pick another obsession, it would have to be scrapbooking.  It works much the same way as writing ...

The ideas are there, inside my head; and I just have to get them out by creating a scrapbook layout, or a card, or some other project.

Both of these obsessions are important to my; they are my "hobbies" that make me happy and keep me busy (or "out of trouble", as my husband would say).

That would be my top two obsessions!  What are yours?


  1. Your words convey so well the energy which makes the words and ideas tumble out :).

    1. Thank you, Alexa! Appreciate your words - and how you visually saw my words and ideas tumble out!!

  2. Birds ;). I spend a lot of time taking photos of birds, learning about birds and traveling to places that have new birds. I call it my 'anti-aging campaign' because I have to keep on learning!

    1. And you post some very beautiful ones, too!! We all do have our obsessions, don't we?! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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