Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-28-15

I have been linking up with Bailey Jean for the Blog-tember challenge; and now that it is almost finished, I think I may miss writing every day...oh, wait!  The "write31days" challenge comes next!

Today's prompt is:

A Day in the Life...
Take us through it with you!

What would a day in my life be like?  Hmmm...

Should I pick a really busy day?  Or, one of those lazy days?

Let's see...maybe I can come up with a combination deal!

So, on this "day in the life" of this retired grandma, I would stay in bed until I felt rested ... and this usually comes after getting up for a "potty break" around 6ish!  Then, I would crawl back into bed, pull the comforter up to my neck, close my eyes and ...

Not get back up until 8:30 or 9:00 am!  Yep!  That's all...9:00 am is about as late as it gets, even if I have stayed up 'til 11:30 pm or 12:00 am!

First stop - my comfy "prayer chair"!  OK, I don't really call it that; but my chair is rather comfy; and it was given to us; and that is where I do my morning devotions!

Add a dark purple prayer shawl and a couple of pillows - a bright lime green and aqua blue one, and a heart-shaped pillow with tiny flowers in shades of pink {a hand-made "comfort pillow" I received during one of my hospital stays}...

Sitting in the {hopefully} quiet, I open my devotion book and Bible and spend some time reading and journaling.  Sometimes the reading leads me to other scriptures; other times I just read from the two books I am currently using.

Next, I "check in" with what is going on - e-mail, Facebook, maybe the news, but usually not!  As I browse the e-mails, there are blogs to read and e-mails to send and other things to do on the computer!   And...

Before I know it, I'm eating brunch instead of breakfast; and that is OK with me!  While eating brunch, I tune in to one of the shows I need to catch up watching: "The Voice", or "Project Runway", or some other "building" or "cooking" show that my husband really doesn't enjoy watching!  {He does enjoy "The Voice"; but it is on at the same time as "Dancing with the Stars"; so we have to choose which to watch later.}

While I'm preparing and eating brunch, watching TV or checking e-mails and Facebook, I usually have a load of laundry in the washer and one in the dryer...multi-tasking.  And when I am finished eating, it's time to clean up the kitchen.

Since I'm sharing a "mixed" day - one that is busy at home and also has a bit of errands or other things to do - after breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, I may go shopping; or to the bank; or to pick up prescriptions; or to put gas in the car - or maybe all ot the above

...or, I may get one of those rare opportunities to go shopping alone and buy myself something I need (clothes, shoes, etc.)

Later, after the shopping trip, I would take a break {my day is a break!} and read my book - always have one going!! - or read more blogs.  And, at some point, I would be writing; either for my blog, drafting for a future post, or writing in one of my other journals {the non-computerized one!}

Since I had brunch, I usually wait to have an afternoon "snack"; and later cook something for the two of us for dinner aroung 6 or 7:00 pm...

And then, into my pj's for an evening watching something on TV with my husband.  At times, he goes to bed early and I have "free reign" of the remote control; other times, we find a movie or one of the shows we watch together.

Bedtime is anywhere from 11:00 pm to midnight - after watching our shows, I usually check Facebook and do a little more reading of blogs or writing on mine...

And, when I get tired and ready to head to bed...I'm off 'til the next day when I do it all over again!

Some days are busier than others; but I sure do love this life!


  1. Write 31 days, is that Bailey's next challenge or is it someone else's, I'll have to check on that one!......

    1. Write 31 Days is hosted by Crystal Stine; information can be found here:

      Basically, it is a month-long challenge where you choose a topic, make a button that identifies your blog and topic, and link up for the month...all info needed is found at the above site; but if you need more info, there is a 31 dayers Facebook page!


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