Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-22-15

Another of the Blog-tember Challenge posts!  Linking up with Bailey Jean and catching up - 

Today's prompt is:

Get Creative!
Sketch, Paint, Dance,
Play Music,
Then share on your space for the Day.

So, as a crafter, specifically a scrapbooker, I do a lot of creating; and I guess it would fall under the "whatever" category listed above!

Once I have created an scrapbook page (layout), the pages are placed into an album and put on a shelf.  The albums created for my grandchildren will be given to them at some time in the future!

Here are a couple of layouts I have created:

My Youngest Two Grandsons
"Riding" the Dinosaur

A Flower Mosaic Layout
(top photo is the left side;
bottom photo is the right side)

Daytona Beach Mosaic
(those are real shells!)

 A new "obsession" is creating these "paper dolls" - actually called "Prima Dolls:

My Girls!

This card was made
in a class I took

...and I used the idea
to create this door hanger.

Scrapbook layout using Prima Doll

 Then, there are the "other" projects I have done:

A "Button Tree"

A "book" I decoupaged
(top is the inside;
bottom is the outside).

Currently I am putting a puzzle together:

It's actually further along than this photo shows!  Once I have the puzzle completed, I plan to decoupage it in a frame or onto a tray (or something) all depends on the size of the puzzle and what I can find that will work!

And that is my creative side!

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