Friday, September 11, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-9-15

During the month of September, I am joining Bailey Jean the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge, thanks to my  friend Helen for sharing the information about this challenge!

One thing I am learning this month from writing a post every day - it's hard!  Then again, last October when I did the "write31days" was hard!  So, spending September getting ready...

The prompt for today is:

Write a letter to sixteen-year old YOU.
Any advice or funny stories?

So, here is a letter to myself:

Hey, Girl!
I know you are just sitting there day-dreaming about your special birthday coming up … it is so hard to believe you – we will be sixteen soon!


What a great day to celebrate!

But, first there are a few things we need to talk about…

Just because you are turning sixteen doesn’t mean you will magically be grown up!  Although it may feel like it in some ways – driving (your own car?); working a part time job – you still have so much to learn!

Mom and Dad have worked so hard providing for us three kids … imagine!!  Three teenagers at one time – those pesky younger brothers!  And, Dad being in the Army made it difficult for us when he was away from fact, it was hard for Dad to be away from his family!  We didn't have the technology back then...but, well, these are some of the things you will learn as you grow up!

We were family; certainly not rich ... but far from being poor!  Yet, we were rich in so many more meaningful ways!

LOVE:  For sure!  Unconditional love from both Mom and Dad - Mom was the main disciplinarian with Dad working, and especially when he was away.  Dad was the quiet one; but a disciplinarian when he needed to be!  Once, he got soooo mad at us - don't really remember whom he was mad at; maybe all of us?! - and he threw down his pipe!  We knew he meant business...but, yes he loved us so much and demanded we respect he and our Mom.

EDUCATION:  Just your everyday public education; none of the extras; but plenty of "reading, writing and arithmetic", with some music and PE classes thrown in!  But, remember to take advantage of opportunities for education once you graduate from high school!

FRIENDS:  You don't have to be "popular" to be popular!  In other words, the football players and cheerleaders, and student council president or vice president and other of those "popular" classmates are not the only ones who have friends.  But, choose your friends wisely...some will stay with you forever; others will come and go.  But, a life-long friend will be closer than a sister (and we never had one of those sisters!)

RELIGION:  We never lacked in our Christian upbringing.  Sunday School, Worship, Youth activities, Camp every summer, Choir or Chorus - we all attended as a Family, just as we sat down for dinner together every night at 5:00 pm; and on Sunday after attending church, we sat down together for dinner - which would be ready for us when we came home, cooking in the electric skillet while we were at church!

And watch out for those "other things" that should not become a part of our lives:  smoking, drinking, partying, sex, drugs...remember to not only respect our parents; but respect yourself!

Now that all of this "stuff" is out of the way, go get yourself ready for that special party!  Dad has the burgers and hot dogs on the grill; and the cupcakes are ready for us to dig into...

And during the big party, when you say, "I feel like a cupcake"; and that cute football player you have a crush on replies, "You don't look like a cupcake"...well, just smile at him and blush!!  He is one of those "popular" guys, and he's actually one of our party crowd ... one who isn't ashamed to "hang out" with people like us who are not popular!  He is not "the one"; just one of many who will make you smile and blush!

Enjoy it!  And, have a great time at the party...I know - I did!

Happy Sweet Sixteen,
From Your Future Self


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