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Gifts Found in September 2015 - Part 1

Another month has come - and gone in a flash! - and we are into September already.  So far, I have completed 5 months of looking for God's wonderful gifts ... and have found a total of 395 of His awesome gifts written in (so far) two journals!

More amazing gifts with Ann's "One Thousand Gifts" as we move into Autumn and the holidays and all that brings to us ... including finding (and sharing) many more gifts (or blessings) with you!

September 1st
3 Gifts Summer

1.  The Gift of Lazy Days:  Love these "lazy, hazy days of summer"!  Being retired, I can be - lazy!  And, I can be flexible.

Days hanging out with others - my daughters, one or both, and their families; or just them;

My friends, scrapbooking, classes to learn new things, lunch, whatever;

Church and my "lunch bunch" friends, or attending meetings or other events ...

And I can be available for those last minute things or events or FUN that come up unexpectedly!

Thank you, God, for these "lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer"!

2.  The Gift of Rain:  Living in Florida ... it is expected that there will be rain, almost every summer afternoon!

And, since it's right in the midst of hurricane season, it could be a major thunderstorm!

But ... the rain is needed!

3.  The Gift of FUN:  Summer, and school is out!  That means FUN with family ... especially with those who are school age!

Vacations, short (and longer) trips; the pool and beach; picnics, and just hanging out!

The perfect time of year ... except for the HEAT!

September 2nd
3 Gifts Cut

1.  The Gift of Life ... Cut Short:  From Andrew at blessed are the pure of heart:

"And when the test results come in, and you know that the days are, truly,numbered, you end up doing the math...

"Some people can look back on a life well-lived, but others - perhaps most, especially those life feels like it's being "cut short", feel like they're leaving too much unfinished business."

Yes, our lives are a gift; we thank God for our lives ... and when we receive that news and our life is cut short -

We thank God one more day; and then one more and one more ...

'til we meet Him in our Heavenly Home.

2.  The Gift of Dinner:  I may not be a very good cook; but I can manage to get a decent meal ready for us ... tonight, bacon cheeseburger hamburger helper - how can you go wrong with that?!  And, with that, leftover mac 'n cheese, "cut" French-style green beans, and baby lima beans.

Thank you, God, for our "daily bread"!

3.  The Gift of Home:  Building a home is a stressful, yet rewarding, feat ... 

Working together to choose colors and furnishings, and special features; cutting your own tile or crown molding;

And when you're completely finished, having a home you shared in building.

Well, we didn't exactly do that; but we have a home that we have chosen and put together (or decorated).

Thank you, God!

September 3rd
3 Gifts Yellow

1.  The Gift of Reaching Out:  While sorting through a large container of "stuff", I found a yellow envelope.

What I thought about when I saw the yellow envelope ...was connecting with others by sending a card or a letter - for a special occasion or just a "Hello!" or "Thinking of You".

The gift of reaching out to others and communicating special words ...

2.  The Gift of Flowers:  My favorite color is Yellow!  My favorite flower is a Yellow Rose - also my grandmother's favorite!

Recently, my daughter gave me a bouquet of a dozen beautiful roses for my birthday.  They were more white than yellow; but you could see a bit of yellow in the petals.

3.  The Gift of Inspiring Quotes:  This bright yellow image was shared by fellow blogger, Barbie Swihart ... and the quote is one to remember, too!

Thank you, God, for bright quotes and images; for beautiful flowers and daughters; and for reaching out to others, not only via Facebook and e-mail and blogs, but through the mail and phone!

September 4th
A Gift Cool, Warm, Sun-Soaked

The Gift of a Warm Bath:  Even on a hot/warm summer day, I enjoy stepping into a nice warm bath.  It is so relaxing and helps the aching body!

September 5th
3 Gifts Autumn

1.  The Gift of Change:  Autumn ... the color of the leaves change from greens to golds, reds, yellows.  They slowly drift to the ground as they trees "shed" their beauty ...

Found on Pinterest
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 But, sometimes change is subtle; sometimes - some places - the change in color of the leaves doesn't follow a seasonal calendar ... that is how it is where I live -

And, osmetimes our life changes ... slowly drifting; or changing subtly - and we thank God for all those changes.

2.  The Gift of Cooler Weather:  Yes, cooker weather ... if you call "high of mid 80's" cooler!

But, that is cooler - and better than "high in mid 90's"!!

So, yes, cooler weather ... and soon, it will be even better!

Thank you, God!

3.  The Gift of "Starting Over":  I never really thought of autumn as a time of "starting over" -

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Yet, in the summer, life is fun and enjoyed and time is flexible and the days are long and ... life is FULL!

Once the coolness of autumn sets in, life slows a bit, if only to consider what lies ahead:

a new school year; shorter days; holidays approaching, ushered in by Labor Day celebrations.

It is a time of "starting over"; becoming atuned to changes in the weather, the trees and other flowering plants; the birds even feel the change and will eventually find warmer places during the winter!

Yes, "starting over"!  Our lives need that time to reflect, and to begin a new journey on our current life's path!

So, I am thinking this over ... perhaps autumn is my favorite time of year with all it has to offer me!

Thank you, God for times when we can "start over".

September 6th
3 Gifts Growing

1.  The Gift of Children:  Each week I attend church, I look around at the "children" in the congregation ...

The ones who were babies when I first joined the church; or toddlers, or young people; or born after I came.

Now, it's a new group of children that run up the aisle for Children's Moment - and before you know it, they will be the Acolytes, or the Junior Deacons, or reading the Scriptures during worship!

Thank you, God, for our growing babies and toddlers, and ... all those little and big ones!

They are our future!!

2.  The Gift of Faith - Growth:  Through prayer, music, scripture, sermons ... my faith has the potential to grow; and to draw me closer to God.  Leaning on Him, I am comforted and strengthened, and He is helping me grow ...

3.  The Gift of Nature:  The trees, flowers, plants ... always growing, growing, growing!

I'm not a very good gardener; I just can't seem to keep them alive.  So, I leave the growing to nature; to God; to someone who does know how to garden!

September 7th
3 Gifts Given

1.  The Gift of Friendship:  Recently, while on a short vacation with my husband, I had hoped to visit - meet - an online friend.

It didn't work out, this time, but when I came home, I packed up a little gift I had taken to give her ...

I wasn't going to wait for the "when" we get the chance!

2.  The Gift of Sharing:  And, finding a "deal" on Facebook for a t-shirt - for FREE except for shipping and handling of $6.95 ... great deal!  {Some have argued the "free" part when you are actually paying for the S/H; but, well - t-shirts are not cheap!}

So, I ordered a t-shirt!  And when it came, there were two of them!  I put a "give-away" on my Facebook status and had people guess a number; and gave away the second shirt! {That t-shirt will be "delivered" to a scrappin' friend at our next retreat - oh, in just a few short weeks!}

 3.  The Gift of Craft:  Many page layouts lie waiting ... some in my drawer at our crafting place; others lying near my computer.

Many crafty women created these layouts, then "donated" (actually "gave") them up for our retreat in October.

These layouts will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to Patriot Service Dogs, a great non-profit organization that trains service dogs for disabled vets.
Group of Retreat Attendees (purple shirts),
Puppy Trainers (red shirts)
and the "puppies"
Puppy Crop
May 2015

I am thankful to all who created the layouts; to those who train the dogs; to those who support the organization; and to those disabled vets who will receive a dog once they "graduate" from their training.  I am also truly thankful to all the military men and women who have served, are serving, and will serve our country!

Check back later for more Gifts Found in September!


  1. I love reading your gifts. There is so much there. Thanks for sharing the quote I posted about. It's one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks for reading, Barbie! I loved the bright yellow of the image on that quote you shared...and it just fit right in for that "gift"! Yes, there really IS so much THERE...right in front of us! And, somehow, I am getting backed up in writing them down, because of everything else that I have been involved in...but, they ARE there!

      Appreciate your comments! And your "other" help!


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