In the world of scrapbooking, the Photographer and the Scrapbooker are usually one and the same.  Therefore, very few photos of that person are included in any of the scrapbooks or photo albums.

A few years ago, I joined a group of other scrapbookers in a monthly challenge - to create scrapbook pages all about themselves!  Really?  All about me?!  Each turn of the page in that scrapbook reveals my life, my journey; and was titled "All About Me".  I have also completed an ABC Scrapbook that shares some of my likes using the letters of the alphabet (ex. A = Anne Murray - my favorite female singer; B = Beanie Babies - I have a collection of them; etc.).  A short description of each letter completes the information about my favorite things.

So, how do I share who I am in written form, to show those who open my blog to read what I have written?  Perhaps, the following may share a little of who I am:

Who Am I?

I AM Barbara Jean born of Paul and Betty
on August 25th.
I AM precious First-born Daughter.

I AM Bobbie Jean; that is what my Nanna called me.
I AM Grand-Daughter to my Father's parents.

I AM Barb or just Barbara to my Family and Friends.
I AM Niece, Cousin, sister, Big Sis, L'il Big Sis.

I AM Barbara; Friend, Classmate, Best Friend.
I AM Employee, Co-Worker, Acquaintance.

I AM Barbara Jean;
I AM wife, Lover to Jimmy Warren.
I AM Daughter-in-Law, Sister-in-Law
to his Parents and Sisters.

I AM Mother, Mommy, Mom 
to Christopher Warren and Catherine Marie.

I AM Ex-Wife, Estranged, Separated,
No Longer Held High in his eyes.
I AM Single, Single Mother.
I AM Divorced.
I AM Single Working  Mother.
I AM Dating.

I AM Barbara Jean.
I AM wife to Bobby Earl.
I AM Sister-in-Law,
I AM Aunt.

I AM Mother, Mommy, Mom
to Melissa Dawn.

I AM Child of God, made in His Image.
I AM Love and Loved - I AM Someone!

I AM Me, Myself;

To this I must add:

I AM a Caregiver - no matter how much or how little is required of me at this moment in time,  I AM a Caregiver!

And, I AM a Writer!  Not a professional one, but I AM a writer!

Now, you know who I am, too!  I AM JUST ME!


  1. Hi! I saw that you left a comment under "i will blooms" blog on the Tuesday at Ten word.. I run Tuesday at Ten.. I was in AWE of your truth you shared on her blog .... my name is Karen and I run Finding The grace within blog ... I would LOVE to have you be a part of Tuesday at Ten ... your honesty is courageous as well... I bookmarked your blog :)

  2. WOW!! This is the first time I even saw that somebody has found my "WHO AM I?" post!!! Thank you for stopping by and reading all about me...isn't that a hard thing to do? Talk about yourself?? I love reading "I Will Bloom" and as I told her, reading her heart. I would LOVE to join the Tuesday at Ten (is that ten PM?!) I have my Monday, Sunday and Thursday night for Five Minute Friday taken care of, and hoping to keep up the writing even after the daily Blogmas 2014!! I'll check out your blog and follow you so I can join next Tuesday!!

  3. I like your post about you too! I found it! :) I like all your tabs at the top with categories too...I need to figure something like that out for my blog. Well done Ms. Writer/Blogger! :) Jenn

    1. Thanks, Jennifer (or is that Jen?!). I have tried off and on to fine-tune my blog and keep adding different tabs for categories. I sometimes think there may be too many; but haven't done any merging or anything yet.

      Thanks for reading "about me"! It isn't easy to talk about myself - so hopefully this page sounds OK...it IS me!!

  4. Hello Barbara, It is nice to meet you. I absolutely love your About Me page.. Very Well done and love the key points you added. :) Now following

    Samantha @ countingmemories.com/blog

    1. Samantha, thanks for reading this, and commenting! I am so sorry that ... WOW! It's September!! I don't usually think to check here for anybody leaving comments...I did this for a couple of different things; we were challenged to think about this "Who Am I?" in a Sunday school lesson, originally. I edited and re-did it so I could use it on a scrapbook layout in an album that was "All About Me"; and it just seemed right to use it here!!

  5. I love how you did your About Me Page!

    1. Thank you! Just something I wrote a few years ago that seemed to summarize who I am!!

  6. This is lovely blog. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Debra! Appreciate your stopping by!

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