Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 27, 2016

For Today
June 27, 2016

Looking Out My Window
A beautiful Monday morning, almost 80 degrees at 9:00 am.  Planned to spend the day inside, but I'll be going out to do a couple of errands.

I Am Thinking
Trying to remember when I arrived home on Saturday evening after an afternoon of crafting...

What did I bring home?  What did I leave for the next crafting day?  Did a particular bag get thrown away - accidentally - by my husband?

I fear it did!

I Am Thankful
For my church and the leaders who step up during our time without a minister.  We continue to search for one, and will be making some hard decisions at our meeting this week.

Prayers for our Pastor Search Committee would be appreciated.

One of my Favorite Things
Things - or events - one of my favorite is spending time with my family and friends!

Oh, I know!  I've already used that one, many times!  But, it is a major favorite "event" for me!

I Am Wearing
Pink with black polka dot pajama pants; black pajama top that says "I {heart} SLEEP"; and, of course, my crocs!

{HONESTLY, I want to buy a new pair of "something" to wear around the house; but other things are priority!}

I Am Creating

Spending a whole afternoon Saturday crafting ...means I can get a lot accomplished on my projects.

First, since this was a Themed Crop - Super Heroes - we usually have a layout for the photo op we always have.  I completed the two-page layout that will hold photos of the "heroes" that attended.

Then, I finished the Summer Fun door hangers I made for a swap:

I also finished embossing almost 40 pillow boxes for the upcoming Puppy Crop.  They will be filled with candy and other treats to help in celebrating the birthday of the puppies born October 2015.

And of course, I visited with friends, ate too much, and just enjoyed the time we had together...though it was too hot and the longer I stayed, the hotter it seemed to be.

I Am Reading
I am still reading "Three Fates" by Nora Roberts; it's a really good book, a mystery...and I keep wanting to stop everything and keep reading!

I Am Hoping
The rest of the week is slow and not too hot!  I plan to do more scrapbooking; but would really like to get some other things done...

I Am Learning
I need to think more clearly before speaking to my husband; things can get a bit confusing when I string out the words I am trying to say to him.

Example:  I handed him two bags when I came home from a day of scrapbooking:  "This one is trash," I said, "and this one is not trash."  And, I said this several times...

Well, that was Saturday; last night I was looking for the bag that was not trash.  I am quite sure I brought it home but don't want to make an issue of it until I make sure I didn't leave it at our craft place.

So, in my mind, I really believed it was thrown away - by mistake - but a lesson learned!

And...maybe I am the one that needs a lesson on "remembering"!  I found the bag in the trunk of my car when we went out to run errands;

I'm being honest here, as I didn't change what I had written earlier!  Instead I just added that I had found it...thank you, God!

In My Kitchen
Hamburger to make burgers later; new potatoes to cut up and sprinkle with onion soup mix to bake...and whatever else I can find to go with it.

Also, dishes in the dishwasher; clothes in the washer and dryer...

Time for other errands!

Shared Quote
I was challenged to do a quote-a-day for 30 days; thankfully, I started on June 1st so I didn't have to figure out the days!

Today, I posted this one from C. S. Lewis...I think I have many friends like this whom I have connected with either through my love of crafting and writing/blogging!

AMoment From My Day
A hot, and not-so-pleasant hour to run a couple of errands; I'd have preferred going alone but hubby wanted to "get out of the house."

But, at least I found the bag that I originally thought had accidentally gotten thrown away!

Thank you, God...I was sad because it was for my Grandson's birthday!

Closing Notes
And, with the clicking of the keys, so ends another Simple Woman's Daybook!

I hope you'll join me next week; enjoy your week and the 4th of July weekend.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - STEP

I am ready to join Karen for Tuesday @ Ten - a weekly link-up where she posts a word or phrase for us to write from.  We have until the next Monday night to get our post written and linked.

Many weeks I am late getting my post written and linked, almost missing the "deadline".  But, I rarely miss joining her weekly link-up...

And, it's time to join her once again!

This week's prompt is - Step:

A few short days ago, we celebrated Fathers' Day.  Like Mothers' Day, we focus on one of our parents; we shower them with love and gifts and honor the person they have been for us.

I was fortunate to grow up in a home where I had both parents...all my life!  Actually, all of their lives since I no longer have either of my parents.

But, we had loving parents.  My brothers and I grew up knowing we were loved and disciplined when necessary.

Unfortunately, there are many children in the world that live in a "blended" family; a family with a parent that is not their "biological" parent...not their "real" parent.

They are considered a step parent, while the children are considered a step child.

I, personally, do not like that word!  It's hard enough to hold a blended family together; but to put a mark on them like "step child" doesn't make it any easier.

Neither is a step parent that makes the designation between a step child and their own child so obvious.

This isn't the norm...

But, for us it made for a very difficult marriage.  I had two children when I met my husband.  He was great in the beginning; but once our child was born, there was a definite difference.

I don't like to dwell on this...I know it was hard for my two children, growing up with a step father that didn't make it any easier by his obvious preference.

Their father was "in the picture", but lived in a different state.  They spent some vacations with him, but didn't see him often.

The "father figure" in the home was one hwo doted on the daughter he had always wanted.  And, this obvious partiality made things so much more difficult for the children, and for me!

My son exemplifies the father/daughter relationship that more resembles mine with my father...

When he met his wife married, she had a 2 year old daughter.  He became the only father that she ever knew.

Sad to say, my son is no longer married to her mother; but he certainly has not turned his back on her.

My husband feels that there is no longer a "relationship" since he is no longer married to her mother.

Happily, my son does not share this view!

She is his daughter; she will always be his daughter!  And, my granddaughter feels the same way about her "daddy".  They don't consider it a "step" relationship!

Recently I read the book, "Love Matters" by radio talk show host, Delilah.  In her book, she shares love stories of different kinds, heart-felt stories that touch the heart.

One such story, titled "Child of Mine", speaks directly to how I feel about the term "step child"...

"At the time of our wedding...I was somewhat scared about becoming a stepfather as I'd never even had any children of my  own, so I asked my maternal granddad what he thought about my taking on stepchildren.  I still remember his reply:

'...there's no such thing as a stepchild, and as far as I'm concerned (they) are my grandchildren, not step grandchildren.  No child should be saddled with the term step-anything.  They're children, period, and children are born to be loved.' "

Though this is a story read in a book, it could very well have been my son speaking with his own grandfather.

I am proud of the father that he is; and pray one day he will become a "biological" father.  But, that doesn't even matter!

He IS a father!

And, whether he has children with another woman in the future or not, I have a beautiful granddaughter...


Thursday, June 23, 2016


Four years ago today, I received the phone call...

My mom had passed away.

She was receiving a breathing treatment in the nursing home where she had lived for nearly six years...

That was a hard phone call to receive!

I had seen her on Sunday; it was Friday.

I was devastated; I couldn't understand...

How?  Why?  What happened?

While taking her breathing treatment, she asked the nurse if it was time for her pain medicine.

When the nurse returned with the medicine...

Mom had passed on to her Heavenly Home.


There IS Joy!

As I look back, I remember the effort it took for her to breathe.  I remember the pain she was in from arthritis and other medical issues.  In death, she was no longer struggling to breathe; no longer in pain.

She lived life to the fullest, as long as she was able to do so.  Even during the six years she lived at the nursing home; she did not just lay back and let life pass her by.

When she first went into the nursing home, she was able to get out once in a while to go shopping, to church or even out to eat with her family; but when she just couldn't handle getting out, we brought the "out to eat" in for her; or joined her in the dining room to eat with her.

She was involved in the activities at the nursing home, including Bingo - her favorite -Scrabble and other board games; jigsaw puzzles - another favorite; or the many word games the activity team came up with.

She loved when her family would come on a Saturday afternoon to play a game of Bingo with her. 

Or sit with her for the afternoon's entertainment.

And, she was always in attendance when special entertainment was on the agenda; music, or sing-alongs, and other activities.

Yes, mom enjoyed her life to the fullest...

Until the very end.

My brother spoke at her service, sharing memories of our mom and dad dancing along with the old Lawrence Welk shows; he envisioned her dancing across heaven with my dad, her sweetheart.  I could just see my parents in each others' arms once again.

There IS Joy!

And, I think of all the other loved ones who had passed before her, and the reunions they must have had once she joined them...

Being reunited with the mother she had never met; and I wonder, did her mother know this precious one?  Read more here.

I truly feel there was joy when they "met" each other, and when she reunited with my father!

Every day may not be joy filled!  But, every day we can find some kind of joy, something that keeps us joy full!

After my mother passed, I discovered a typed document with a hand-written letter tucked between the pages.

These documents included the actual memorial words shared by the minister at my grandmother's service; and a letter dated a few days before her death on December 30, 1930...the date of my mother's birth.

Read more in my Random Journal Day post from March 6, 2015, found here.

I want to end this week's Word Wednesday with a portion of the words from this memorial service for my grandmother:

"In our sadness at parting from her in this life, we can glory in the crown of her womanhood, and pray for courage to continue to face life bravely, and touch life and live life even as she did, and leave our mark upon it, while we have our being."

My mother may not have known her mother, but she clearly faced her life bravely; she clearly touched life and lived life and left her mark upon all those around her...as did her mother.

Fredrika "Betty" Moore Harris
12/30/30 - 6/22/12

In Sadness, There IS Joy!

Even In Death, There IS Joy!

And, I can only hope and pray to live my life as she and her mother did!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 20, 2016

For Today
June 20, 2016

Looking Out My Window
The weather today is wonderful!  Not too hot and a little over-cast but no rain - yet!  Even a little bit of a breeze, with temps in the low 70's to mid-80's...just the kind of day I love!

I Am Thinking
About family, especially fathers and the role they play in the family.

I Am Thankful
For my family, and for the father that raised me along with my mother.  We were fortunate to have a family that "stayed together"...

You know that saying, "The family that prays together stays together"?  Well, I'm not sure how true that is for many, but it was true in my family!

One of My Favorite Things
Perhaps not a "thing" but a relationship!  I love the relationship I have with my "children"; that we can talk honestly to each other; we can sense when one or the other is not feeling well or is upset...

I learned that from my mother and father and pray I mirror that to my children and they do to theirs.

I Am Wearing
A pair of purple capris, a white shirt with purple flowers, and crocs.  We had an errand to run this morning before the heat sets in later; so I went ahead and dress...

Mondays are usually laundry day; and I stay in pj's most of the day, if not all day!

I Am Creating
I took the opportunity this week while I was at home to get some projects started;

and I've gotten the six (plus two extra) Prima dolls stamped and put together for a swap.  Here are the "girls" - since the swap has not been sent , I'll post final project once everyone has received theirs...

First Step - Stamp Girls
and Clothes;
Second Step - Cut out and 
glue together.

Now to finish the process...

If you've ever seen the game show, "Deal or No Deal", you may think this looks a bit like the girls that Howie tells to "Open Your Case"...

I think these resemble the group of girls with their brief cases!

I also experimented with my newest stamp, dressing her using the same color and patterned paper as the others...

The only difference
is the bows on their shoes!

I Am Reading
While staying with my grandson the other night, and spending the night unexpectedly, I picked up "Three Fates" by Nora Roberts and started reading it.  One of those captivating mysteries that covers a span of years and of continents!

I Am Hoping
The long hard work of our church's Pastor Search Committee is coming to an end soon...

We are trying to narrow down our candidates in the next couple of weeks - before everyone starts going away for their vacations!

I Am Learning
I really can talk to my daughters; and let them know exactly how I feel about things.  They understand!  They know what I am going through, as I know what their lives are like.

We sometimes may have to "agree to disagree" on things; but that doesn't mean we don't still love and respect each other.

Mother-Daughter Outing
for my Birthday

In My Kitchen
Just finished eating the dinner I made!  I spent an hour and a half making meat loaf, yellow rice, leftover green beans.  I also cut up a very large watermelon to take to the pool tomorrow when my daughters and the five grandchildren come to swim.  I also have some pretzels, cookies, and cheese and crackers...we'll have a feast!

So, the kitchen is now cleaned up and the dishes in the dishwasher, waiting to run...

Post Script
Today I want to share the post I wrote on "Prayer" for the Tuesday @ Ten link-up last week...read it here.

Shared Quote
To go along with the above post on Prayer, here is a quote I also shared on that day:

A Moment From My Day
I don't usually take photos of my "every day" since it's a big bulky digital camera.  I do not have a Smart Phone that takes pictures; mine is what I call a "dumb phone" and I am not able to get the photos I do take off the phone!

So, I just want to share a connection I made today with someone from one of my crafting groups!

First, let me say I really feel like we have been connected for a reason!

So, here are the awesome similarities:

We are the same age, with only two months between our birthdays...hers in October and mine in August on the same dates and the same year.

Our husbands are one year apart in age; but were both born on the same day in January!

We both love crafting and are not quite as efficient on the computer as we'd like to be; but have someone that can come to our rescue, if needed.

We are both retired; have grown children and a few grand children!

We both have craft rooms that seem to constantly need "organizing"; and spend a lot of time in those rooms crafting (for me, it's only "sometimes"!) or on the computer.

Believe it or not, while we were chatting, we both had put towels in the washer and dryer...great minds, huh?!

She has been reading my blog - and will see this, I'm sure!!  And has honored me by saying that it was being inspired by my writing that made her want to "meet" and connect.

I love the connections I have made with friends all over the world because of my blog and the groups I am a part of on Facebook.

Closing Notes
So that takes care of another Simple Woman's Daybook!

I pray you are having a good start to your week and to the summer, since today is the first day of summer!

See you next week!

Friday, June 17, 2016


Yes, I have chosen "JOY" for my Word of the Year 2016...

But, because it is what is on my mind...and because it is so fresh...

I just can't find the joy in what has happened "down the road a mile or so" from where I live.  I can't go on in the same ways I did just a couple of weeks ago.

So much, and so much more...

Where will it end?

Where is the joy in living when so much dying is all around us?

It's hard, I know; yet...

I woke up on a "normal" Sunday morning; only to learn during church of the shootings in Orlando.  And, I did what I normally do on a Sunday.

I woke up on a "normal" Monday morning; and the news continued on and on and on to talk about the shooting and the victims and the shooter.  And, I did what I normally do on a Monday; but I avoided listening to the TV.

But, these weren't normal days, for me or for anyone.  These were just a couple more days following another tragedy; another shooting; and more violence...

And, for many, life didn't go on as "normal"; their life had changed in an instant of violence never to be forgotten.

We hear sooooo much of it taking place all around us.


Where is the joy?

Where is the happiness in the "happiest place on earth"?

But, then I start hearing stories of what people are doing for one another, in the aftermath of this - and other - tragedies.

People reaching out in the ways they can to help each other cope, grieve, go on in the only ways they can.

And then...

Another tragedy in the same city...the "happiest place" that may no longer be known as the "happiest place on earth".  That "magic" place that may hold different meaning for many people.


The good can be found; and the joy can be found and...

We do go on;

But, we don't forget...

We won't forget...

Can't forget!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - PRAYER

Today is Wednesday and I am ready (that was last week's word!) to join Karen for Tuesday @ Ten.

When I read this week's prompt, I knew the words would flow once I starting writing...

And, once I started writing in my journal this morning, the words did flow easily!  So, here it is...

This week's prompt is - Prayer:

Prayer - what we need in this world is prayer; and the one who hears our prayers...those prayers we cry out in the dark; and those we hold silently, deep in our soul.

Our prayers are lifted to the One who can give us strength and comfort and hold us together in our times of need...

When our heart is broken, hearing of tragedies around us; across the waters or down the street.

Tragedies that affect a single family, or many families; losses from a senseless shooting of many, or an accidental drowning of one.

Our hearts are broken; our lives are shattered...but we must go on, yet...how do we go on?

Should we go on?  Of course we should!

But, it is hard.

And, we reach out to others, share our concerns and heartbreak with each other.  We pull together - connecting in our heartbreak; loving and encouraging and leaning on one another to help us through it all.

And, we lift our voices in prayer, as one or as many.

We lift our prayers to God - our Father, the Savior of us all; the One who gives us strength and comfort; and gives us each other...to pull together in fighting for what we need and want...


My prayer; your prayer...

Joined together...


And lifted on high!

And we are one in our thoughts; we are one in our suffering; we are one in our prayers!

Together...no matter what is falling around us; we are connected and share in these heart-breaking days.

As we remember the most recent tragedies, as well as so many others that have happened in our past history, let us join our hearts together in prayer.

We pray in many ways, yet I always come back to the prayer that Jesus taught to His disciples...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 13, 2016

For Today
June 13, 2016

Looking Out My Window
This morning it was clear and sunny; this evening it is cloudy and - well, I heard a little thunder; but nothing came of it...just gloomy, just like the mood I am in...gloomy and solemn.

I Am Thinking
Of the families and friends of the victims - those who lost their lives and those who were injured - in the Orlando shooting...such a senseless act of violence; so hard to comprehend...

I Am Thankful
For those who were there...to help save those they could; the "first responders" - police, fire, rescue, passers-by, nurses, doctors, ministers, chaplains, volunteers...

And for those who will continue to be there to help others make sense of this horrible act of violence...if there is sense to be made of it...

One of My Favorite Things
I can't focus on that today; just can't...

I Am Wearing
A pair of grey stretch pants/shorts and a pink and white shirt; and...my crocs! 

I Am Creating
Thanks to the "Addicted 2 Paper Dolls" Facebook group, hereI experimented with three of the Prima dolls to create one, "mixed-up" doll!  Here is what I came up with:

I also created one dressed in a fancy outfit:

I Am Reading
I finished reading "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson; but have not picked up another book to begin reading yet.

I have several boxes of books that need to be sorted through... what to keep and what to give away!

I Am Hoping
Is there hope?  Yes, there is hope in Jesus Christ...He is our only hope!

I Am Learning
Life is short.  We do not know when our last day will come.  We do not know how much longer we will have with our loved ones.

Life is short.  Make sure you let your family and friends know you care.  Spend as much time as you can with them...

Life is short...

In My Kitchen
It's the normal Monday morning chores...but is it really "normal"?

Today, I don't feel "normal"; I don't feel "routine"; I don't feel...but I do feel different.  Somehow, changed by what is happening around me...

I'll cook some hamburgers and steak fries; and we'll eat it...somewhere close, there are those who won't eat; who can't eat; who can't even focus on their lives without a loved one.

Today is not a "normal" "routine" day...

Post Script
You may be able to tell the parts of this post that were written prior to all of the news about the horrible shootings in Orlando, FL.

Orlando is just a short road trip south from where I live...a "happy" place, as people think of Disney World and Sea World and Universal Studios and Epcot...

Yet, not so happy today; or for days, weeks, months to come.

Please stop and say a prayer for the victims and their families...

Shared Quote

A Moment from My Day
Remembering last night before I went to bed...

I had shut down the computer, not able to concentrate on reading or writing anything.  It had been a rough day; today even more so as news kept on and on and on about the events at the club in Orlando.  I was just overwhelmed...

And, I bowed my head on top of the laptop and cried out to God for comfort, understanding, strength to go on...

No, I wasn't "directly" affected by the events; but, weren't we all directly affected in one way or another?

As I lay there crying out to God, my ever-faithful cat, Midnight, jumped up and edged her nose between my arm and my face...she knew how upset I was and...well, God answered my prayer for comfort!

Thank you, God!

Closing Notes
So, my post for another Simple Woman's Daybook has been completed.  Not much of a "happy" post, yet I felt I had to write my thoughts; some of them good and "normal"; many not so "normal"...

Join me again next week for another episode of the Simple Woman's Daybook.  I just can't seem to let this one pass without joining Peggy; check out her website here.