Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - READY

It is time to link up with Karen for Tuesday @ Ten!  She shares a word prompt on Tuesdays, and we have a whole week to write our post for this link-up.

Most weeks I screech in at the last minute, publishing my post on Mondays - and usually it's late in the evening!  But, this week I have words running through my head, and here I am...oh no!  Too much has happened...here I am on Monday, again!

The prompt for this week is Ready:

There was a time I was ready to give up...

to "throw in the towel", so to speak.

What was I giving up?

Well, first of all a marriage that had been invaded by alcoholism; I did not want to live in that kind of atmosphere, or bring my children up in it.

Oh, and I was giving up my children...

Well, not really!  I was giving up the "family life" for my children, and becoming a single working mother.

But, it was best.

Before I actually made up my mind to leave, I almost gave up more...

My life!

That would definitely have been worse!  It would have left my children mother-less; and who knows where they would have ended up - perhaps with an alcoholic father?!

No; my life was spared...saved.  I had things to do!

I had two children that needed me...and, I needed them!  So, I took the steps that were necessary to get me ready for the next chapter in my life...

There have been other times I was ready to give up - throw in the towel; but I kept on going, like the Energizer Bunny...I "took a lickin' and kept on tickin'"!

And years later, here I am sharing my life on a blog that I sometimes feel like giving up on, too!

Well, I love to write!  I love sharing bits and pieces - perhaps too much! - of my life and the journey I am on as a caregiver...

Some days the words don't come as easily as other days.  But, I keep on going; I keep writing what is on my heart and what I feel I need - or want - to write.

But, am I reaching others?  Do they really want to read about a 60-something year old married woman who has an older husband with issues; who is a caregiver that loves to be independent and go her own way and do her own thing...

Is that really me?!  Actually, I am independent; I am a caregiver; I do love to go my own way and do my own thing.

But, am I ready for the next chapter in my life?  That of a real caregiver; not able to be as independent as I'd like to be, or to go my own way and do my own thing?  One that has responsibilities for another person?

I don't have children this time; yet...perhaps I do, in some ways, have a "child" that needs me.  One that can't remember the basics of certain things - like properly putting out his medication for each day; or ordering the prescriptions when needed; or even making and keeping doctor's appointments on time.


I feel as if I'm at the starting line of something new; something I don't even have a grasp of, and I don't know what will be expected of me in the days and weeks and months - perhaps years - to come!

Am I ready for that next chapter?  I doubt it!

But, I just take it one day at a time; and let God be the one to guide me in the ways I should be going for this part of the journey.

Ready or Not...

Here I Come!

Remember how much fun we had playing hide-n-seek as children?  We loved trying to find just the right spot, where we wouldn't be found!

Many times, like this cute little dog, we actually would be hiding in an easily-seen spot!

What lies ahead for us in our lives hides in much the same way!  Most of the time it's totally hidden, where we can't find it; other times, it's right in front of our eyes, in an easily-seen spot!

Whatever lies ahead, I want to be ready to tackle it head-on...

 And, like this mermaid riding the waves on the back of a whale, I will embrace my heart's desire...

I am ready!  Are You?


Thank you for stopping by to read my post today! I appreciate your reading and commenting - your comments are a welcome encouragement for me to continue one of my favorite things - writing!

You are special to me; and your words help in more ways than I can number...Thank you just isn't enough!