Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Almost every week so far this year, I've written about the word "Joy" - my "Word for the Year".  I felt that was what God was showing me; so many things with that word had been placed before me...

I still feel as if He is guiding me to share "Joy" with all those with whom I come into contact.

Today, I'm thinking of "Joyful Songs"...

Songs that make me happy when I sing them, or hear them on the radio or television.

There are so many "joyful songs" that it's a bit hard to post all of them...

So, I share those that make me especially happy; like "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy..."

Because Joy does come from deep down in my heart! 

Last week, I couldn't help but share this "JOY" song performed by a bunch of cute kittens!

Check it out here ! 

 I especially love to sing with my grandchildren; songs like "If You're Happy and You Know It", or "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", or any song...with the motions, of course! 

Today, I will share children singing "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy...", for you to enjoy!

Now, this is  more like it sounds when I'm doing it with my grandchildren, including all of the movements and jumping and...


That deep down in my heart...JOY!

And, with joy comes happiness...

Check out Pharrell Williams and his "Happy" song!

May you find the Joy in your life, whether through a bunch of silly joyful songs, or others that bring out the joy in you!

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  1. Yes! I'm so blessed to work for radio station that is all about lifting spirits in Central Texas. Music has so much power! Especially when it is made in worship.

    1. I love worship music! I love music; and seriously, don't hear enough of it! When I'm home with hubby, it's usually the TV that he has on...

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!


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