Friday, June 3, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - VOICE

It is time to link up with Karen for our Tuesday @ Ten posts!  She shares a word prompt on Tuesday, and we have a whole week to write our post for this link-up; that gives us until Monday night to get ours written!  Most weeks I screech in at the last minute!  Wonder if I can get it done earlier this week??

The prompt for this week is Voice:

This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day, remembering those who have served and are serving our country.  In church on Sunday, we sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing", written in 1900 by James Weldon Johnson.  With connections to the City of Jacksonville (Florida), we always end our Memorial Day service with Mr. Johnson's "negro national anthem"...

Mr. Johnson had a voice; he shared his voice by writing this anthem...and many people today share  the words of his voice as we sing the song he penned, his words touching many of us remembering our past and the "liberties" with which we have been blessed.

Sylvia Plath shared her voice in the written word that asks why we write. And, why do we write?  We write to share what is inside of us; to share our voice!   

Sharing our voice doesn't always mean we are "speaking" the words of our heart and soul.  Sharing our voice doesn't always mean speaking audibly.

We share our voice through our writing every day...and I am "speaking to the choir" here because, well, the choir already knows they share their voices through song!

Just as the writer already knows they share their voices through writing. 

I have no clue what I was talking about here; but I was using my voice to speak to others - I think it was my family!  At least, somebody took this photo while I was speaking...

It isn't easy for me to speak in front of people.  I've done so many times, and each time it's just as hard.  It doesn't matter the topic, or even the size of the group.

But, I can speak passionately about things I love; things that I am, well, passionate about!

Usually, I am speaking about my family, and always about my grandchildren!

Many times it's about my hobby - scrapbooking; and the things I create through this outlet.

And I am always passionate when I speak about the non-profit organization I am a part of through my love of scrapbooking - Patriot Service Dogs.

Actually, the arts are another way of sharing your voice!  Reaching many people visually through the  art before them.

My son-in-law does this with his art, created from the voice within and what he would say if he did speak those words (and sometimes he gives talks about the "why" behind the painting).

And, music...that's another "voice" that touches many, through listening as someone plays an instrument, or sings their song.

Well, don't listen to my singing voice alone!  This was actually in a museum; I don't sing "solo" and never learned to play the piano (I leave both of those talents to my daughter!)


It doesn't always mean someone is speaking!

It doesn't always take your ears to understand!

The eyes can see what is before them, too.

  • The art and beauty of an artist's painting;
  • The creative work of a scrapbook layout or card;
  • The most magnificent of art - God's Masterpieces every day and every night!

Though I write often in my journal, it really doesn't touch anyone unless I share it; sometimes I have shared my journal entries on my blog, specifically on the Random Journal Days' posts previously written on the first Friday of each month.

My words are shared weekly on at least three posts on my blog: The Simple Woman's Daybook on Mondays; Tuesday @ Ten link-up anytime from Tuesday to the next Monday night; and Word Wednesday, where I share a post on my Word for the Year - Joy!

Each time I publish a post, I am sharing my voice!  Each time I read somebody else's post, I am reading their voice...

Share the voice you have - it may be buried deep inside of you; but it's there, waiting to be shared!  What you have to say...needs to be heard!



  1. Beautifully written. Beautifully said. :)

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