Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 13, 2016

For Today
June 13, 2016

Looking Out My Window
This morning it was clear and sunny; this evening it is cloudy and - well, I heard a little thunder; but nothing came of it...just gloomy, just like the mood I am in...gloomy and solemn.

I Am Thinking
Of the families and friends of the victims - those who lost their lives and those who were injured - in the Orlando shooting...such a senseless act of violence; so hard to comprehend...

I Am Thankful
For those who were there...to help save those they could; the "first responders" - police, fire, rescue, passers-by, nurses, doctors, ministers, chaplains, volunteers...

And for those who will continue to be there to help others make sense of this horrible act of violence...if there is sense to be made of it...

One of My Favorite Things
I can't focus on that today; just can't...

I Am Wearing
A pair of grey stretch pants/shorts and a pink and white shirt; and...my crocs! 

I Am Creating
Thanks to the "Addicted 2 Paper Dolls" Facebook group, hereI experimented with three of the Prima dolls to create one, "mixed-up" doll!  Here is what I came up with:

I also created one dressed in a fancy outfit:

I Am Reading
I finished reading "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson; but have not picked up another book to begin reading yet.

I have several boxes of books that need to be sorted through... what to keep and what to give away!

I Am Hoping
Is there hope?  Yes, there is hope in Jesus Christ...He is our only hope!

I Am Learning
Life is short.  We do not know when our last day will come.  We do not know how much longer we will have with our loved ones.

Life is short.  Make sure you let your family and friends know you care.  Spend as much time as you can with them...

Life is short...

In My Kitchen
It's the normal Monday morning chores...but is it really "normal"?

Today, I don't feel "normal"; I don't feel "routine"; I don't feel...but I do feel different.  Somehow, changed by what is happening around me...

I'll cook some hamburgers and steak fries; and we'll eat it...somewhere close, there are those who won't eat; who can't eat; who can't even focus on their lives without a loved one.

Today is not a "normal" "routine" day...

Post Script
You may be able to tell the parts of this post that were written prior to all of the news about the horrible shootings in Orlando, FL.

Orlando is just a short road trip south from where I live...a "happy" place, as people think of Disney World and Sea World and Universal Studios and Epcot...

Yet, not so happy today; or for days, weeks, months to come.

Please stop and say a prayer for the victims and their families...

Shared Quote

A Moment from My Day
Remembering last night before I went to bed...

I had shut down the computer, not able to concentrate on reading or writing anything.  It had been a rough day; today even more so as news kept on and on and on about the events at the club in Orlando.  I was just overwhelmed...

And, I bowed my head on top of the laptop and cried out to God for comfort, understanding, strength to go on...

No, I wasn't "directly" affected by the events; but, weren't we all directly affected in one way or another?

As I lay there crying out to God, my ever-faithful cat, Midnight, jumped up and edged her nose between my arm and my face...she knew how upset I was and...well, God answered my prayer for comfort!

Thank you, God!

Closing Notes
So, my post for another Simple Woman's Daybook has been completed.  Not much of a "happy" post, yet I felt I had to write my thoughts; some of them good and "normal"; many not so "normal"...

Join me again next week for another episode of the Simple Woman's Daybook.  I just can't seem to let this one pass without joining Peggy; check out her website here.


  1. My heart breaks for Orlando. This world's only hope is Jesus. Have a blessed week my friend.

    1. Thank you Barbie! All we can do...at this time and others...is to pray! Appreciate your reading and commenting.

  2. such a senseless tragedy. My heart breaks for those families. Praying for them as well as this nation in general. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today <3

    1. Thank you for reading, Amy...it was such a senseless tragedy, as have been so many others in our past history...prayer is what we need...


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