Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 30, 2016

For Today
May 30, 2016

Looking Out My Window
As I sit at my computer, it is after 5:00 pm, and the temps are still in the high 80's.  Today was a scorcher; weather reports show the high is some areas was 93 degrees...and I have not left the apartment to enjoy this beautiful, sunny day; my choice to spend the time relaxing!

I Am Thinking
About all of the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom, and those who continue to serve our country...

I Am Thankful
And, I am thankful for them all, including my father, first husband (father of my two oldest "children"), my brother and his wife, and my husband - all who served their time and more.  And also my son who is currently in the Louisiana Army National Guard.

One of My Favorite Things
Spending time with friends, doing the craft we all love!  All day Saturday, a group of crafters met in the fellowship hall of a local church.  A few of our friends from Daytona Beach drove up to join us!

One of the women's husband made a delicious Andes Mint Chocolate Cake for us; he called us "a bunch of scrapping freaks"!  I "resemble" that comment - because I think we are!

I Am Wearing
A pair of pink with black polka dot pajama bottoms with a black top with "I {heart} Sleep.  The heart matches the bottoms.  And, of course, my crocs.  Since I bought a new pair of tennis shoes last week - because of my walk on the beach - I will put off buying a pair of "something" to wear around the house!

I Am Creating
Spent most of Saturday (besides socializing and eating) making tags, cards and a scrapbook layout using the Prima dolls that are already finished.  Here are some of the projects I completed:

I Am Reading
I am still reading "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson; my schedule has been so crazy busy ("cra-cra" as my oldest grandson would say).  Not much reading being done right now!

I Am Hoping
This cold or sinus/allergy infection goes away very soon!  I have been feeling rough the past few days and do not like feeling this way...I usually don't stop; but need to take it easy a few days to feel better.

I Am Learning
To be more patient and understanding with my husband.  I don't begin to understand why he does some of the things he does; why he says some of the things he says...but, I try to be patient with him, knowing that many times it's not something he can control.

I need to continue to learn that!

In My Kitchen
Since it is after 5:00 pm, hubby is getting hungry; so I'll be pulling out all of the leftovers accumulated from the weekend: fried chicken and wings, potato salad and macaroni salad and fruit.  Also have some leftover pizza and fried rice with chicken and veggies.  So...

Board Room
Sharing a couple of projects I want to do using the Prima doll stamps.  First, is a "set" of nine smaller pieces about the size of a business card, called "Pocket Letters".  Check it out here.

And, a canvas using the mermaid stamp found here.

Post Script
Check out more of the Prima projects on the Facebook group, "Julie Nutting Paper Dolls and Other Fun Stuff", here.

Shared Quote
In honor and memory of those who served our country, I am sharing a quote as well as a musical tribute:

And let's listen as Lee Greenwood sings it for us.  Please be respectful of this video, saluting those who have served and still serve the USA.  I realize there are many bloggers that are not of this country; but for this Memorial Day 2016, I share this tribute:

A Moment from My Day
I enjoy watching competition shows like Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.  Tonight, the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance - Next Generation aired with talented kids from ages 8 - 13.  Love watching the kids dance and sing and share their talents...so I sat long enough to watch the whole show!

Closing Notes
So on this Memorial Day, another link-up has been completed, joining Peggy and other bloggers to share our life through a few prompts and phrases.

Join me again next week for another episode of the Simple Woman's Daybook.  And check out Peggy's website here.

Friday, May 27, 2016

WORD WEDNESDAY - A Heart Full of Joy

This year I am pondering "Joy".

What is Joy?

What gives me Joy?

How/where do we find Joy?

I've heard it said that if there is anyone in our life that is negative, or bringing us down, we should leave that person out of our life...

That cannot always be done!  And, since this post is about JOY, I won't linger on that statement.

Instead, I'll focus on the joys that we can find every day all around us!

Remember this song?

OK, so I couldn't resist the kittens!  But, didn't that bring you joy!?

And I couldn't resist sharing - again! - the mom with the Chewbacca mask!  It is all over the Internet and the TV ... 

Absolutely hilarious!  Made you laugh didn't it?!

That laughter - joy - that comes from deep inside ...

Way down in my heart!  Deep down in my soul!

It brings joy to me; it brings joy to you! 

Joy, from Disney Pixar's movie "Inside Out", gives us some good advice about starting our day:

"All right everyone, fresh start!
We're gonna have a good day,
which will turn into a good week,
which will turn into a good year,
which will turn into a good life!"

It just grows, doesn't it?!  Once we have found that joy - no matter how deep it may be buried - it is contagious!  It sticks with us from day to week to year...

To Life!

We were not created to be sad or unhappy!  God wants us to have joy and happiness  in our lives...

So, let's reach deep down into our heart and soul and find that Joy!

It is contagious!  Share it!!

Tuesday @ Ten - LEARN

Believe it or not - and since I just completed last week's post last night! - I guess it is believable ... that it's time to link up with Karen once again for our Tuesday @ Ten posts!

Luckily we have a whole week to write our post for this link-up...most weeks I screech in at the last minute!  Wonder if I can get it done earlier this week??

The prompt for this week is Learn:

Seems I've been "learning" all my life!

While in school, it didn't seem to be that important, though now I know it was; but I was still learning.

I wasn't a bad student; perhaps an average one?  I failed a couple of classes in tenth grade, which, in my days, was the first year of high school:

  • French - it isn't the same in school as it is when you are "living among the French", which we did when I was in Kindergarten;
  • Biology - not my "cup of tea"; I really did not like that subject at all!
  • Algebra (well, almost failed!); we were graded on a curve because we had so many different teachers during the school year.  That saved me from failing that class, and the whole grade level!

Yeah, I guess maybe not average?!

But, I was still learning!

I remember learning in Math class what a Social Security number was and how many digits they had.  I remember learning how to putt - both in golf and mini-golf (putt-putt)...imagine going to play putt-putt after a few classes of golf!

Knocked that ball clear across the highway - a four-lane highway at that!

I learned who my friends were, and they didn't have to be the most popular students in the school; though I had a few of those, too...the ones who didn't mind having friends who weren't the most popular!

I learned that I didn't want to stay in school any longer once I graduated; yet, I didn't want to work in retail, as I was doing for awhile during high school.

I continued my learning at a business school, studying the computer - back then, mostly males were in that field!  Not sure how much I learned about the computer; but I learned a lot about the types of guys I enjoyed dating!  I also learned typing, on an "old" electric typewriter, and accounting.

It was at this time I found my place in the work force...I loved typing and accounting, the clerical field was for me.

Fast forward to later, after I entered that work force...

I never stopped learning!  No matter what field I worked in - banking, insurance, retail - I continued to learn.  I would take any and all courses offered through the company, and learn as much as I could.

I also took a few classes at our community college; continuing to learn more, yet...

I never earned any "degrees"; didn't graduate from business school or college.

I did earn a few certificates for completing some of the courses I took through my work.  I felt proud of what I accomplished, much of it while working full time and raising my family.

During my years in the work force, I also learned I did not want to be a manager or supervisor!  I did not want to be "in charge" of others, supervising their work.  I have always been a good team player, working well with others, learning from and teaching each other.  I just did not want to be responsible for what others did (or did not do), or for hiring, firing or evaluating them.

Now that I am retired, my learning has come to an end ...

Of course that is not a true statement!  I continue to learn every day...though it may not be book-learning, or the types of studies learned in school, it is still learning.

I have learned the "art" of scrapbooking and card making.  I have learned the "art" of writing, blogging.

I have learned that I am a caregiver; and am learning every day how to be a caregiver!  I have learned that I am a writer...though an amateur one; nothing earth-shattering here...just some posts about my life.

I have to keep learning how to be the person that I am, because I sometimes feel I have lost that person in the responsibilities of being a wife, and a mother, and a caregiver.

So, before I find myself too old to learn anything new, I think I want to find more things to learn...

Like, that new technique I learned at a card-making class the other day!  I had seen a few cards with the "accordion" or "drapery" fold and was excited when I learned one of the cards used this technique:

And, most important, I want to learn how to really dig into the Bible and the devotions I read each morning, and write how I feel the words relate to me instead of quoting what I read!

I want to learn what it is that I am suppose to do - for God, for my family, for me!

Mostly, at this stage in my life, I want to learn to "slow down" and enjoy my family and friends; to enjoy the things I enjoy doing!  One day I'll look back on this life and wonder if I've done everything I wanted needed to do...

So, in all of the learning in life, be sure you do slow down.  As seen in this video, time can get away from you:

"Slow Down"
by Nicole Nordeman

Yes, learning is a lifetime thing!  Because even if we feel we aren't learning any longer, there are still things that we didn't know yesterday that we learn today or tomorrow!

So, as Glinda told Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz"...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 23, 2016

For Today
May 23, 2016

Looking Out My Window
It is a gorgeous, sun shiny day!  The temps are "scheduled" to be in the mid 80's...which is great; much better than the high 80's already!!

I Am Thinking
About my grandchildren, and the things we can do together this summer.

I Am Thankful
For the young people in my church!  They had a wonderful and inspiring Youth Sunday service last Sunday...really talented young people!

One of My Favorite Things
Having the lifestyle where I am able to spontaneously decide to do something - or nothing - and just do it - or not do it!  That's what I love about retirement!

I Am Wearing
A pair gray pajama bottoms and a gray and black striped night shirt, and crocs.  I have been looking to replace these crocs for a few months now but haven't found just the right comfy pair that will work for me!

{Besides, after a walk on the beach Saturday, after a women's meeting held at a church located on the beach, I had to buy a new pair of tennis shoes!!}

I Am Creating
I attended a "card making" event Sunday afternoon and made two cards...one was learning a new technique that I had seen others creating, the "accordion" or "drapery" fold:

I Am Reading
I finished reading "Honor Thyself" by Danielle Steel; and have barely started "Ravenscliffe" by Jane Sanderson.

I Am Hoping
That I can enjoy this summer with my family - daughters and their families - without the heat affecting my mood and attitude!

I Am Learning
To take my days slow and easy; but set aside time to enjoy them as well.  No sitting around doing nothing, though there are days when I am home and can take my time with whatever needs to be done.

In My Kitchen
Laundry to be done - about three loads!  Dishes to be done - unload dishwasher and reload it!  But first, a bit of breakfast.  Then, some organizing and putting things away.

Post Script
As a writer, a blogger, there have been times when I just didn't have the words to write.  No matter how much I tried to pull words out, they just wouldn't come.

There have been times, since I actually started blogging - not even 2 years ago! - that I wondered if it was even worth it at all!

My friend and fellow blogger, Barbie Swihart, posted "Where I've Been, Where I'm At, and Where I'm Going - A Blog Update".  Read it here.

Shared Quote
Sharing a quote one of my daughters posted earlier today:

A Moment from My Day
This comical event actually happened to me on Saturday, after a wonderful meeting at the beach, and a walk on the beach with a few friends after the meeting concluded.

I can't walk barefoot on the beach, especially where there are seashells; they really bother hurt my feet!  So, I left my socks and tennis shoes on...

Needless to say, the water came in and caught me while we were trying to get a selfie!  Soaked my shoes and socks...

As I left the beach area, I was searching for a store I could stop by and look for another pair of shoes!  Ended up closer to home, but found a pair, after looking around for a while (I take a wide size, and am picky about how they fit/feel)...

So, here I am walking around the store barefoot while I was looking at shoes.  Once I paid for them, I put my wet socks and shoes in the bag and carried the new shoes in the box; and put them on after I left the store!

No photos of me walking around barefoot; nor any of the shoes - I did think about taking a photo of the wet shoes and the new shoes!!

Closing Notes
And so ends another post for the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Be sure to check out the other posts on Peggy's website here, and join me next week for another "episode" of my "simple" life!

Tuesday @ Ten - FAITH

Another week is here to join Karen for our Tuesday @ Ten posts!  I am always glad to know we have a whole week to come up with our post for this link-up...most weeks I screech in at the last minute!

I sat down late last week to draft out my post, then life happened and took off on a crazy busy time!  So, here I am once again, nearly the last minute...but, here I am!

The prompt for this week is Faith:

As I reflect on this verse, the first thing that comes to mind is how my grandson described "Faith", when he was not quite 4 years old:

"I can't see God, but I love God."

This may sound basic, or simplistic; coming from a toddler, it actually is quite profound - at least, I thought so!

And, it certainly shows that he is being taught the basics...

As this scripture in Hebrews says, faith is what we hope for in our lives, evidenced by things that we can't see.  We don't know what the future holds for us, but we do trust God - have faith in God - that He will take care of us now and in the future.

This week in our women's meeting, we talked about various women of the Bible.  This scripture from 2 Timothy 1:4-5 was shared:

"Recalling your tears, I long to see you so that I may be filled with joy.  I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and now, I am sure, lives in you.

Just as my grandson is being taught about faith and God, and the stories we read in the Bible, we all first learn from our parents and grandparents.

Other people in our lives also teach us about faith: teachers, pastors, friends, parents of our friends...and so many more!

As we continue to learn the "basics", they carry us throughout our lives.  We learn to live with the faith that everything is going to work out for us; with God as our guide and Savior, we have nothing to fear.

Just because we have faith, though, doesn't mean our lives will be without crisis or illness or other "life happenings".  It just makes things possible, know that God is with us...

All the Way!

Have Faith!

Thursday, May 19, 2016


A post that uses the words "Grateful" and "Joy" cannot be written without including Ann Voskamp!

Her words have helped me so much over the past year as I attempted to name 1000 gifts, as she wrote about in her book...

I never put the two together!

Yes, I have been grateful for all of the things that God has given to me - to us all!  Yes, I thank Him - every day?  perhaps not; yet, I should!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us:

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."  (NRSV)

This verse doesn't tell us to give thanks when we want to, or remember to, or if we feel like it!

No, it says we should give thanks "in all circumstances"... Why?  Because "this is the will of God..."

That's right!  We should give thanks to God because it is His will that we do so!

Writing this post today also reminds me of the "new" word I learned while daily seeking for the gifts of God...

Though I had heard the word "eucharist" when speaking of communion, I had never heard this form of it.  When I came across it in Ann's book, "1000 Gifts", I had to do some "research", see exactly what she was talking about.

{This "gift prompt", so to speak, for April 16, 2015, was "Three Hard Eucharisteos"; I had to know what it was that I was to find!

I wrote more this on my blog so I could remember and share; check it out here.}

The basic concept for Eucharisteo is this:

Grace + Thanksgiving = Joy

What more can we ask?  We receive and show grace; we are thankful; and from that, we receive joy...

...and "grateful joy changes the present", says Ann Voskamp.

So, just remember:


Grateful Joy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 16, 2016

For Today
May 16, 2016

Looking Out My Window
It is 76 degrees at 11:00 am; the view from my window is a bright sunny - probably HOT - beautiful day.

I Am Thinking
About what I need to buy when we go shopping tomorrow; I think I need to make some changes in my eating habits.

I Am Thankful
For my Family; spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon together, outside, in the beautiful weather!  And, it also included some inside super hero dress-up fun, and ice cream!

One of My Favorite Things
I have to repeat...spending time with Family!  See the above FUN!

I Am Wearing
A pair of green capri pants, a yellow shirt, and crocs.

I Am Creating
Though I was tired, and a bit out-of-sorts, I spent time scrapbooking on Saturday; I finished creating a Mexican prima doll to go along with the theme of the day, Cinco de Mayo!

I think the reason for my being so out-of-sorts is because I was not feeling well and was really tired; pushed myself anyway, and ended up having a good time, as I usually do when I am crafting!

The reason for the Mexican doll comes from a challenge on a Facebook group I am in; we were to show the dolls we create participating in every day life or travel, like the "Flat Stanley" that was so popular a while back!  So I "traveled" to Mexico via the scrapbook event!

I Am Reading
I finished reading "The Yearling" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings; and started reading "Honor Thyself" by Danielle Steel.

I Am Hoping
The rain holds off long enough for us to get our grocery shopping done tomorrow; though we need the rain, I don't really want to be out shopping in it!

I Am Learning
That I need to take better care of me...rest, eating right, exercise(?); but mostly, my attitude and enjoying this life I have.

In My Kitchen
Leftover spaghetti and biscuits - it's what's for dinner.  And the dishes are in the dishwasher.

Shared Quote
I loved reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C. S. Lewis - all seven books in the series.  Here is a quote from Mr. Lewis:

Closing Notes
Another post has been written, linking up with Peggy at the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Be sure to check out the other posts on her website here, and join me next week for another "episode" of my "simple" life!