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Simple Woman's Daybook - May 9, 2016

For Today
May 2, 2016

Last week I wrote my post before reading Peggy's blog...making a few tweaks to the prompts.  Still using her prompts, I had switched several around and omitted a few that didn't relate, and also added some that I had read on others' posts!

Since I had already written my post, I went ahead and posted what I had written.  This week, I am tweaking my own post and using those Peggy shared.  Hope you enjoy!

Looking Out my Window
A beautiful sunny warm day;
temps at 9:00 am were 62 degrees;
high in the upper 80's!
I am staying inside today!

I Am Thinking
About the "mothers" in my life:
Mothers of my friends;
Sunday School teachers;
Friends, not much older than I,
but to whom I looked up;
And of course,
my own mother and grandmother.

I Am Thankful
For my mother and grandmother.
Since I never new my mom's mother,
it is my dad's mother that I recall.
But, that is not to say
I am not thankful
for my mom's mother, too!

I am also thankful for my daughters, who are also great mothers!

One of My Favorite Things
spending time
with my family and friends!

I Am Wearing
Khaki capris,
pink shirt,
and crocs.

I Am Creating
Prima Doll Stamps
to make tags, cards,
or scrapbook layouts.
Here are a few I've completed:

I Am Reading
"The Yearling"
by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings;
a classic written in 1938,
which ticks off one of the
categories on my reading list,
'a book written before I was born.'

I Am Hoping
To get more organizing done
in my Craft Room;
and gathering things
for another yard sale.

I Am Learning
More about Alzheimer's Disease;
once I have what I need,
I hope to write more about
our journey with
Dementia's Demands - 
with Alzheimer's Disease.

In My Kitchen
Dishes in the dishwasher;
Counters wiped;
Leftovers in the 'fridge...

Post Script
In Honor of Mothers' Day,
and in Memory of
my Mother and Grandmother
(her mother),
I am sharing this post written for
Random Journal Day,
March, 2015:

Shared Quote
A fellow blogger,
and friend,
Karen Deschenes Courcy
posted this quote:

"No matter how wide
you stretch your fingers,
your hands will be too small
to catch all the pain you want to heal."

{found on her Facebook page at
no author was noted)

Closing Notes
I always enjoy writing my posts
from Peggy's prompts!
I'm attempting to make them
look a bit more appealing,
and perhaps not quite
so long!
{I do tend to get quite wordy!!}

So, this is my post for the week, linking up with Peggy.  Be sure to check out the posts at Peggy.


  1. Thanks for sharing your daybook.... Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, Jodi! I see I need to do a bit of editing on it!! I left off a couple of the prompts, and just saw a misspelled word!!! Oh, well...should have paid attention instead of doing it while talking on the phone!!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

    2. I see the pics of the dolls.... sooo cute!!

    3. I love "playing" with the doll stamps, dressing them as I did paper dolls many years ago! It keeps me busy, relaxed, and (as my husband says jokingly - out of trouble!).


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