Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 2, 2016

For Today
May 2, 2016

Outside My Window:  Another beautiful day in Florida, with our temp at 73 degrees at 9:15 this morning!  It will soar to the high 80's before they begin to ease off for the evening!

I Am Thinking:  That I would love to be on a cruise about now; my brother and sister-in-law sailed away on Saturday afternoon on a Disney cruise...makes me want to go on one, too!!

I Am Praising God for:  Waking me in time and "encouraging" me to go to church, even though I had awakened early in the morning with an upset stomach...so thankful I went!!

I Am Wearing:  A comfy pair of black pajama bottoms, and a black and white striped night shirt, plus my crocs!

I Am Creating:  A few coloring sheets with the Prima Doll mermaid, "Sea Sallie"; my granddaughter and I can spend some time coloring them when I stay with her this week.  She is almost 2 years old and loves to color, just like her big brother, the artist, who is 5 years old.  Asking him once if he wanted to play the piano like his mommy, or be an artist like his daddy, he answered, "An artist like my daddy."  Either way, he'll be one talented little boy!

A Few Things for the Week:

Monday:  Today is my "stay-at-home" day, to get some laundry done and a bit more organizing of my craft room.  Yes, I am always organizing that room!

Tuesday:  Early rising so I can stay with my almost 2-year old granddaughter.  We will have a fun day together!

And, have a meeting to attend at 6:30 pm for our Pastor Search committee; I think we are picky and wanting the "perfect" pastor!  But, the right one is out there, somewhere!

Wednesday:  Another early morning, to stay with my granddaughter again.  The good thing is that she takes a nice long nap after lunch...so, I can take a nap, too!

Thursday:  No plans yet!

Friday:  No plans yet, but will probably do some scrapbooking...projects to finish; ideas in my head I want to work on!

Saturday:  No plans yet; I sometimes wait to see what the daughters and grandkids will be doing and join in with them!  Or, I might join my friends and do more scrapbooking.

Sunday:  It's Mothers' Day!  We will most likely get together at one of the daughter's homes to celebrate...and for sure, I'll attend church!

I Am Wondering:  If I could really save enough money to go on a cruise next year?  I wonder how much per month I should save?  

I Am Reading:  Still reading "The Yearling" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  It isn't as easy of a read as some I have read; but am determined to finish reading it!

I Am Hoping:  That I feel better tomorrow; my tummy has really been cramping and upset today, starting early yesterday morning...hubby is headed to the store to buy some "pink stuff" for me!

I Am Looking Forward to:  Some fun events coming up in the next few months!

I Am Learning:  What I need to be learning is to lean on God more and leave my worries with Him...but I don't.  Why?  I don't know!

I Am Hearing:  CNN; the news.  I don't really like the news!  All of this political stuff is making me crazy...probably because I don't know what to do!  The stuff on the news doesn't make it easy to choose!

In My Kitchen:  The kitchen is fairly cleaned up; but dishes in the dishwasher need to be put away.  I need to take something out of the freezer for dinner; thinking maybe some Spanish rice with beef?

A Fave Scripture Thought:  I have always loved this one:

I Am Pondering:  The scripture above;  God knows what our future will be and will give us the hope for that future.  Our hope is in Him, and Him alone!  Oh, to be able to live and believe that every single day!!

This week's Simple Woman's Daybook is now complete!  Don't forget to check out the others' posts here.


  1. Barbara, I love reading these posts of yours and bet your children must cherish them too! What an insight in to your daily life! I'm hoping you are able to save up for a cruise next year (I'd absolutely get the tickets for you both, if I could). And hoping that, whatever you decide about politics, you don't place your vote for Trump (!). Sorry I haven't replied to your email: I slipped in the bathroom and have been/am in a great deal of pain, making everything very difficult :( Wishing you well, my lovely. Enjoy your day with your little granddaughter! Helen xxx

    1. Oh, my friend! I am sooooo sorry to hear you have been hurt! Hope you are able to get relief very soon! I appreciate your kind words about my posts; I enjoy sharing my day-to-day activities in this way!!

      Actually, I think the cruise may be a family or friends thing, as I'm not sure my hubby would want to go on another one...I know I sure would LOVE to; and it is sweet of you to say you'd get the tickets for us! I am sure, if I am frugal in other things, I could save up!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting; and take care of yourself!


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