Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - POSSIBLE

Another week is here to join Karen for our Tuesday @ Ten posts!  I am always glad to know we have a whole week to come up with our post for this link-up...

As I sit at my computer today, a few ideas are coming to mind - but I still wait 'til the last minute to write them down!

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This week's prompt is Possible...

"But Jesus looked at them and said, 'For mortals it is impossible, but for God all things are possible.' "  (Matt. 19:26 NRSV)

These words, of course, were the first to enter my mind as I read this week's word prompt - Possible.  I know that nothing is impossible for God; I know that He is there for me - with me - through all things!

These words, yes!  I do know this!  Yet, at first the words would not flow onto the screen; I put it off another day, then another!  For some reason, the words just didn't come!

As if preparing me to sit down and write this post today (it is already Monday morning, right before a new word will be posted tomorrow!

As if to remind me of His word and that all things are possible...

This morning's devotion began with a question:

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?"

This question - isn't it aimed directly at myself?

"Is anything too hard...?"  Is anything impossible for God?

No!  Nothing is impossible for God!

No matter what the issue or the problem, God is able to handle it.

The devotion writer says:  "God is always present with us, bringing hope and peace."

There's that peace I keep asking Him for!  Right there...because God is always present with us...

We need only to ask for His help - though He already knows the problem, and the solution - we need only ask for His help, knowing that all things are possible for the Lord!

Perhaps it isn't the solution we thought it would be; perhaps it doesn't come as quickly as we hoped...

But, God does have the solution; and it's always better than anything we could ever have expected.

I thank God that all things are possible for Him; and that he "has my back", He has my future as well as the present.  No matter what that future or even the present may be for me, He has it, because...

Nothing is impossible for Him!


  1. Yes! It's ALL possible with The Man!

    1. For sure, Andrew! Appreciate that you read and commented! Take care...


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