Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - HEAL

It's "Tuesday @ Ten" time with Karen again!  And we have a whole week to come up with our post for this link-up...

Some weeks, the words come easily; while other weeks, it's quite difficult...
but, I persevere and get a post published most every week!

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This week's prompt is HEAL...

Last night after taking a shower, I noticed a couple of bruises on my arm.  I knew immediately where the bruises came from!

About a week ago, I noticed a bruise on the back of my leg as I held it up to shave...

I have no idea where that bruise came from!

The thing with bruises:  they will heal.  Eventually they will fade away and that "incident" will be forgotten.

But, before the bruise "gets better", it actually will look much worse than when it first surfaced.

We all have "bruises"; these "bruises" have many faces:

  • words spoken that hurt deeply;
  • being treated ugly or mean by someone, perhaps even a friend or relative;
  • attacks that leave us bruised, physically and emotionally - hurts so deep and traumatic that it is almost impossible to speak of them.

There are so many other "bruises" that people live with every day.

Many of our "bruises" cannot be easily seen by others...

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And they don't just fade away, out of sight, to be forgotten...

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Those bruises I found on my arm and leg?  They will fade with time.  They were recent acts of carelessness on my part - a fall or banging something against my leg.

The emotional "bruises" or the hurtful words or treatment don't show on the outside.  These are held deep inside until we are able to share them with someone else, someone trusted.

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Many people don't recover from the emotional or physical bruises.  They shut themselves away from those who care and may be able to help them.

It isn't easy to open up to others once you've been hurt in such ways.

I can't really speak to this subject fully.  My only physical "bruise" is the attack I suffered through almost 20 years ago.  It took time to be able to be alone; it took time to be able to speak of the experience openly; it took time not to get freaked out when I saw a person resembling the all took time for me.

It takes time for anyone who has been abused in any way to "get over it"...and many don't.

Those days are far in the past for me - at least when you think of 20 years; but they are right there in front of me whenever subjects regarding traumatic experiences come up.  Then...I remember clearly what happened.

After the attack, I turned to family and friends; I spoke with pastors I knew I could talk with.  And, yes, I did receive counselling to help get past the incident.  Not to mention the doctor's appointments for treatments for the physical "bruises". 

Sometimes it takes a short time to recover from these traumatic "bruises"; most times, I think it takes a lifetime.  The fact that I still recall my experience now, almost 18 years later, clearly shows that I have not completely "gotten over it"!

Whatever it takes, if this relates to you in any way, I pray that you can find the right source to help in your healing journey.

It's a hard journey; it may take the rest of your life to even want to talk about it; or write about it...

But, I pray you have the courage to take those steps to begin your journey to healing.

Brantley Gilbert
"My Faith in You"

And, don't forget to include the ultimate "Healer".  He is there, waiting to walk beside you on your journey.

Some of the prompted "words" are harder to write about than others...these words came slowly; but once I started writing, they came more easily.

I pray these words I have shared will help - even if it's just one person!


Thank you for stopping by to read my post today! I appreciate your reading and commenting - your comments are a welcome encouragement for me to continue one of my favorite things - writing!

You are special to me; and your words help in more ways than I can number...Thank you just isn't enough!