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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 29, 2015

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For Today:
June 29, 2015

Outside My Window

It is looking a bit over-cast;
will be have an early rain shower?

I am Hearing

The TV on a Food Network show;
I'll take a break in a while
and catch up on a show
while I eat lunch!

I am Thinking

About the book I just finished reading...
"Through Gates of Splendor"

I am Thankful

For those who are called by God
to bring His Word
to those who have never heard it!

I am Wearing

Gray shorts and a blue/white top
and as always,
my crocs...
they are just so comfy
to wear around the house!

I am Creating

Hand-made cards
using Prima Dolls
"Party Girl"
stamp set.
(Will post photo when finished)

I am Going

To stay home again today!
Not really "sick";
but just feeling the need
to "chill" at home!

I am Wondering

I am wondering
I am wondering about!

I am Reading

"Through Gates of Splendor"
by Elisabeth Elliot
who passed away June 15th.
What an amazing woman!

I am Hoping

For a calm, relaxing week!

I am Looking Forward to

Hanging out with my daughters
and grandchildren
at the pool on Wednesday!

I am Learning to

Look to the Light of the World
to know the right path.

In My Kitchen

Dishes to be washed;
dinner thawing on the counter.

Around the House

Laundry to be done;
it's that time of the week!

I am Pondering

Was it selfish of me
to stay home from Church;
to have a "me time"
while nobody was home?!

A Favorite Quote for Today

Since I am still reading
"Through Gates of Splendor",
I will share a quote from
Elisabeth Elliot,
who recently passed away:

"Experience has taught me that
the Shepherd is far more willing
to show His sheep the path
than the sheep are to follow.
He is endlessly merciful,
patient, tender, and loving.
If we, His stupid and wayward sheep,
really want to be led,
we will without fail be led.
Of that I am sure."

Found on Pinterest

I will be sharing more of her quotes
in future posts;
just haven't figured out
what I want to write!

One of My Fave Things

My pink flowered chair;
I use it to do my morning devotions,
and to read in the evenings.

But, I think someone else
has claimed it as her bed!

Photo by BJLondon

So, this ends my Simple Woman's Daybook for June 29th!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Well, I seem to be doing my writing more on the weekends lately!!  It is Saturday night already...and actually, it is almost Sunday morning!!

So, trying to get this week's post for Tuesday @ Ten...

This week the prompt is:

I Will Never Forget...

And, if "I will never forget", why has it been so hard to figure out - what I would never forget?!

There have been many unforgettable incidents in my life - some good and some bad!  I could write about many times that come to my mind...

But, after pondering that phrase for a few days, I have decided to write about Prayer and Praying for One Another!

I will never forget the day you prayed for me.

Actually, you prayed with me!  It was one of those days, and you just happened to call to see how I was doing...

And during that conversation, you asked:

"Would you like me to pray for you?"

I gave a tearful, "Yes"...

And you started praying...right then and there while we were on the phone!

That was just what I needed, right then and there!

There were other times, too, that we prayed together; by phone or in person...you knew the words to say!  You touched my heart!

And there were other people, other times...

A group of women, some English speaking, others Spanish speaking; all attending a weekend women's retreat, uniting as one, worshipping and singing and praying together!

We shared our prayer concerns; we shared our hearts.  And we partnered with one or two other women we didn't already know, joining our hearts and souls in prayer!

Prayers lifted up to God...as one...lifting up the exact concerns I had shared earlier...

Found on Pinterest

Years later, my daughter prayed for me on the phone the night before I was to have surgery.  And I cried; but...

Hearing his mommy praying, and only knowing the doctors needed to "fix" MeMaw's heart, my then three-year old grandson also wanted to pray:

"God help doctors...", he said in his innocent little voice.  "Fix MeMaw's heart.  In Jesus' name, Amen!"

Yes, I cried!

These are just a couple of times someone has intentionally prayed for me...with me...right then and there!

Each time, it meant so much to me - at that very moment;

And I will never forget...

Many times I would say to someone, who had just poured out their heart to me, "I will pray for you."  Many times I would move on to whatever I was headed to do...and pray for them later...or did I go on and forget?!

But, I did not take the time to stop right then and there to pray with that person...it would have been so easy; it would not have taken any time at all to lift them up in prayer.

There have been times when someone would request prayer on Facebook, within some of the Groups I am a part of...and more recently, I have taken time to just bow my head right then and there to pray for whatever their needs may be.

Knowing now - as I pondered this week's prompt - how much it has meant to me for someone to pray for me, I will intentionally, with God's help, to take the time to stop right then and there and lift that person up in prayer...

"And so from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding."  Colossians 1:9

Found on Pinterest
Shared by justpiper.com

Father God, you are our all-powerful Heavenly Father.  You know all about us...

You know our hearts and our desires.  You know our needs and our ocncerns; our sorrows and our joys.  You know our fears; and you are beside us in our walk, whether we are in the valleys low or the mountains high, you are with us.

 You are our Creator and our Shepherd.  You are our Guide and our Comforter.  You are our Heavenly Father.

I pray your loving arms will reach out to the needs of all those who are reading this post.  May they feel Your arms wrapped tightly around them, giving assurance that you are with them, whatever their situaion or need may be.

Thank you for loving us unconditionally; and for listening to our prayers.  May I, your wandering child, continue to lift others up in prayer, as so many have done for me over the years.

In your Holy Name, I pray.  Amen.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Reflecting on My Father(s)

As much as I know my earthly father loved me...

know my Heavenly Father's love is so much more than I could ever understand!

"Moreover, we had human parents to discipline us, and we respected them."  Hebrews 12:9a (NRSV)

Even though my earthly father has been gone for so long, I remember his quiet teachings.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the love of my earthly father...

As we were planning for my father's funeral in July 1990, my brothers and I wanted to share words of remembrance at the service.  None of us were able to actually speak these words; our minister, Rev. Stephen, read them for us...

My words, as oldest and the only girl:  

"It isn't easy for me to find the right words to say how I feel about my Dad.  He loved Mom for over 40 years, his sweetheart.  He raised his family in a quiet yet firm manner.  He captured the love and respect of all his children.  The calm, courageous acceptance of the ups and downs of his life has helped me through the ups and downs of my life.  He suffered the humility of being crippled with little complaint, with his sweetheart continuously beside him.  He slipped away from us quietly, peacefully, just as he lived his life.  His memory will be my guiding light, my strength, throughout my life.  I love you Poppy."

The Middle Child, a son, wrote:

"On 10 July this world lost a wonderful man - my father and my children's grandfather.  It is hard to express in words what he has meant to me.  I have always looked to him for love, guidance and understanding.  He gve me all that and more.  I pray that I can pass on to my children some of what he gave to me."

"I followed in his footsteps in both my career and my life.  It hasn't been always easy because his shoes are so big to fill.  But, I try everyday to make him proud of me."

"I was given a poem a few years ago that was from a son to his father.  It fits my relationship with my dad, and goes like this":

Found on Pinterest
Shared by northwood.bc.org

{My brother spent some time by phone getting someone to read this to him so he could write it down!}

And he signed his words, "I love you, Dad.  Bill"

And, the words of his youngest child, a son:

"Dad was never very demonstrative with his faith and my prayer for him was that he would be at peace with God.  I received the assurance of his peace while reflecting on my Dad's life."

"Jesus told us a tree is known by its fruit and I began to see the fruit Dad's life exhibited:"

Found on Pinterest

"Love - Everyone who knew Dad loved him, because he was just so loveable.  His easy-going nature made it easy for people to care about him."

"Patience - One of the greatest gifts Dad gave us was his patience.  He was patient with us, with his doctors and nurses constantly poking and probing; with grandkids being noisy and just being kids.  The only one Dad lacked patience for was himself.  Hundreds of miniature plastic airplanes testify to long hours of patient persistence manipulating tiny parts together with his one good hand."

"Kindness, Goodness and Gentleness were evident in Dad's quiet life.  More than being character traits, though, that was just who he was."

"Longsuffering - I guess only another cancer patient can understand the suffering involved in a battle against a disease that's determined to take away everything you love in life.  But Dad suffered silently and resolutely, determined to fight the battle to the end."

"Faithfulness - Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage in June (1990).  That's a commitment to faithfulness that is lacking in so many marriages, as evidenced by so many divorces."

"Love, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Longsuffering, Faithfulness..."

"Fruits of God's Spirit.  So God, my Heavenly Father, gave me His assurance that my earthly father had found peace.  My fervent prayer is that all of Dad's family and friends will find that same peace with God."

Some days, it's hard to believe it's been so long since we lost this loving man!  I thank my Heavenly Father for the love He shows this failing child, who just can't seem to "get it right"... and for his unfailing, unconditional love!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gifts Found in June 2015 - Part 3

All I can say is:  WHERE has this month gone?!   I have posted Part 1 and Part 2 of the "Gifts Found in June"; and here I am posting Part 3!!  This journey I am on has shown me the amazing Gift's God so generously gives to each of us!!

So, here goes another week's worth of Gifts:

June 15th
3 Gifts in His Word

1.  The Gift of Hope - We have hope in Him...no matter what situation we find ourselves in, there is hope...in Him!

2.  The Gift of Possible - With Christ, all things are possible!  There is nothing that God cannot do...

His plans are the Grand Plans; and He works all things possible into His Plans!

3.  The Gift of Praise - "Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.  He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases."  Psalm 203:2-3 (NLT)

For me to praise God is my gift to Him...all that He does for me is His gift to me!  His far out-shines anything I could do for Him - yet, He is waiting to hear from me!

Thank you,God...for - Everything!

June 16th
3 Gifts Moving

1.  The Gift of Youth - A 4-year old, running - or fast-walking - around the perimeter of the park; is pure energy being let out...

Moving to the beat of his own independent drum!

The energy of a 4-year old...oh, yes!  Moving!!

2.  The Gift of Age - Though not as energetic as that 4-year old, we joined them at the park - in weather over 90 degrees...

That heat zapped our "old age" energy!!  But, we did continue moving - although slowly!

3.  The Gift of Movement - Some "gifts" I struggle to find!  But, watching a talent show, I see so many "gifts" -

Talents in "moving"; such as dancing, the "slight of hand" of a magician, and then...

There are the "death-defying" acts that have me on the edge of my seat - 

Jumping from a helicopter, and not pulling the parachute cord 'til the very last seconds; twirls, and leaps, anjd jumps of a cyclist; water "tricks" on a jet ski...

Amazing?!  Crazy?!  Suicide?!

Hard for me to think of why someone would even attempt these acts; but they do...

I guess for them, it is their talent, their gift!

June 17th
3 Gifts in Your Dad

1.  The Gift of Perseverance - Even after his stroke, my dad would persevere in his hobby, putting together many model airplanes -

With his crippled one hand, he'd prop the pieces and paint, glue and put them together; persevering until it was completed.

2.  The Gift of Love - There was no question about the love my dad had for my mom, for the 40 years they were married.  He died about a month after their 40th wedding anniversary.  There was also no question about his love for his 3 children.  My dad would have turned 90 years old this past May 25th; and he has been gone for 25 years.

3.  The Gift of Security - My dad always provided for his family, giving us all we needed - a house; food; an education; spiritual upbringing; and parents who loved us, unconditionally.

June 18th
3 Gifts from Your Heavenly Father

1.  The Gift of Strength - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."  Psalm 46:1 (NRSV)

2.  The Gift of Hope - From my devotion in the Psalms, using the book, "A Daily Journey Through Psalms for Women", I read these words:

"...when the demands of life seem great, you may find yourself feeling exhausted, discouraged, or both.  That's when you need a fresh supply of hope, and God is ready, willing, and able to supply it."

Thank you, God, that my hope is found in You!

3.  The Gift of Love - As much as I know my earthly father loved me...

I know my Heavenly Father's love is so much more than I could ever understand!

I thank my Heavenly Father for the love of my earthly father who has been gone so many years...

Some days, it's hard to believe it's been so long!  And I thank you, my Heavenly Father, for the love you show this failing child, who just can't seem to "get it right"...

Thank you for your unfailing, unconditional love!

June 19th
3 Gifts You Became Today in Serving

1.  The Gift of Graciousness - Accepting the offer to do something for me...why is it so hard to allow my husband to do something for me?!

But, today I paused and quit the protest...and let him go fill my car up with gas, even though I have half a tank of gas - he wanted needed something to do, and I let him do it!

2.  The Gift of Compassion - Serving God can take on so many "hats" or roles.  Today, as I read the post of an online friend, I felt compassion reading his words.

He is dying; how long he has left, only God knows.  Yet, his words uplift, inspire, draw the readers into his life; to share our prayers, our own words of comfort; a cyber-hug, so to speak!

Thank you, God, for friends; be with those in need of your comfort and strength.

3.  The Gift of Patience - I'm not sure this fits me - most of the time I am not patient...

Actually, most of the time I am patient, except with my husband.

It is so hard carrying on a conversation with someone who has a hearing loss and a memory problem...

But, for the most part, I did exercise patience today!

As I was finalizing this post, I watched a very touching video about patience that had me in tears...I think God was speaking directly to me!

June 20th
A Gift Bent, Beautiful, Loved

The Gift of Friendship - God has gifted me with a great number of friends...

Many are "scrappy" friends, sharing the hobby I love, scrapbooking!  They are more than willing to share "product" - inks, paper, ribbon; you name it.  If you need it, someone will surely have it!

They are also generous with handmade things, like the awesome die-cuts we swap; and the one made for me by a new friend: "This Magical Moment."

Now, to pick out the right photos to put on a page with this awesome title and other embellishments!

June 21st
3 Gifts Found in Light

1.  The Gift of Lights - Stumbling around in the dark, it's sometimes hard to see what's in your way...

But shed a bit of light - even the smallest of lights - and the way is clear...

2.  The Gift of The Light - ...and the same can be said of our life's journey...

Sometimes we travel on that journey in darkness, not knowing if we've taken the right road.

God's Word - and His direction - will lead us to the right path.

The Light of the World - Jesus!

3.  The Gift of Promise - Problems may come and go; some harder than others.  but, God's promises help me be assured that there is "light at the end of the tunnel".

June 22nd
3 Gifts That are Difficult

1.  The Gift of Memories - Three years ago today, I received a call from the nursing home where my mom resided.  She was taking a breathing treatment and asked the nurse if it was time for her pain meds...

When the nurse came back with the meds, mom had slipped away...just that quickly.

I think about my mom often; I miss her very much.  But, I know where she is; I also know she has been re-united with my dad, who has been gone for 25 years.

2.  The Gift of Story-Telling - So many times I want to share things - stories, experiences, life stuff that I just can't seem to get words together to say what I want to say.

The idea is there; the thoughts slowly coming together... But, the words just won't come out as I was hoping they would.

But, maybe they'll come - eventually!

3.  The Gift of Acceptance  - It is difficult to accept all people as God's people; to accept them all as equal...

Black, white, brown, tan, yellow ... even if they were pink or purple!!  God created man "in His own image".

So, it's difficult when we see or hear of people doing wrong - killing, stealing, embezzeling, whatever!  It's hard to not accept the person's race as a "reason" or factor in what they have done.

But I do try to accept...even while living with one who does not...

This concludes Part 3 of "Gifts Found in June"; the final part will be shared later in the month - well, once the month has ended!

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 22, 2015

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Here I am again...linking up with Peggy for "The Simple Woman's Daybook" this week!

For Today:
June 22, 2015

Outside My Window
The sun is shining bright;
there doesn't seem to be a breeze in sight!
The weather is going to be HOT again today!

I am Hearing

The only sounds I am hearing right now
are the fan and the air conditioner...
it is quiet because hubby
is laying down.

I am Thinking
About my mother and father...
Yesterday being Fathers' Day,
I am remembering my father
who passed away 25 years ago.
And today...
my mother has been gone 3 years.
I miss them both;
but am comforted in knowing -
they have been re-united
in their Heavenly Home.

I am Thankful

For my loving mother and father!

Wedding Day
June 1950

I am Wearing
A pair of jeans capris;
a gray night shirt
with purple and pink flowers;
and my usual
pair of crocs
(I'm thinking I need
a new pair of crocs!!)

I am Creating

Die cuts for a swap...
one is a sand castle
and the other
is a beach ball.
These will be sent out
to 8 other people
to use on a scrapbook page.
{They are done!
Hope they are OK
for this group of
Crafty Ladies!}

I am Going

To be babysitting
my three youngest grandkids
this afternoon;
every time we are together,
it is an adventure!

I am Wondering

Will I get my die cuts finished
and mailed by Wednesday?!
{actually need to be mailed on Tuesday;
they are done and in the envelopes!!}

I am Reading

Though I am still reading
by Jim Brickman
"Chicken Soup
the Writers' Soul"...
since these are the type of books
that can be read in bits and pieces...
I wanted to re-read
"Through Gates of Splendor"
by Elisabeth Elliot
who passed away June 15th.
What an amazing woman!

I am Hoping
To get some housecleaning done
tomorrow and Thursday,
maybe Friday...
those are the only days
with nothing planned - yet!

I am Looking Forward to

Another card class on Saturday
with my friend...
we always have FUN together!

I am Learning to

Let my husband "think"
he is taking care of me!
He wants to do things like
put gas in my car...
even when it's still half full;
or go buy a few groceries...
even it we don't really need them!
But, it gives him something to do!

In My Kitchen

The dishes are already done!!
Since I am leaving in about an hour
I have done my chores already...

Around the House

A mess...
just that!

I am Pondering

My spiritual life...
am I doing enough?!

A Favorite Quote for Today

"It's funny how, in this journey of life,
even though we may begin
at different times and places,
our paths cross with others
so that we may share our love,
compassion, observations,
and hope.
This is a design of God
that I appreciate and cherish."
- Steve Maraboli,
"Unapologetically You:
Reflections on Life
and the Human Experience"

One of My (New) Fave Things

A little bench I bought from a friend,
"because I liked it!"

From the Board Room
Be sure to read this story,
"Red Marbles"
from Devonay Potter

Red Marbles

And here is another example of
God's Beautiful
shared by our bloggin' friend,
Karrilee Aggett
Abiding Love, Abounding Grace

God's beautiful masterpiece,
sunset over Yakima Valley

Until next week...may you have a beautiful week!