Friday, June 5, 2015

Random Journal Day - June 5, 2015

Today I am linking up with Dawn and others for Random Journal Day.  On the first Friday of each month, we share an entry from one of our journals, whether it's yesterday's entry, or last months, or even one from several years ago...just share!

Being the "Rebel" that I am - and yes, Dawn knows what a rebel I am!!! - today I am sharing an entry from a story I wrote about the beautiful tuxedo cat we adopted a couple of years ago.

This story was not written in a journal; but was written in a word document to save the story of Midnight - a story that we learned a short time after we adopted her.  It is a story of connection!  And what do we do through our blogs but...connect!

So, I hope you enjoy my story:


       One morning in early spring, a scrawny little black ball of fur quickly made her way into the hearts of a family who loved her back to health.  She was curled up on the car that was parked in the driveway.  When they called to her, she jumped down and ran straight to them.  The little kitten had to stay in the garage instead of the house because the father had allergic reactions to animal fur.

The family decided to name her “Midnight” because of her beautiful black fur.  She also had the signature white of a Tuxedo Cat, with four white paws and a precious white “birthmark” on her little nose!

Since Midnight was used to being an outside cat, she didn’t really like being confined to the garage; so she became a community cat.  But one day, during a really bad thunderstorm, she disappeared and was not seen until a few days later.  After that, the family decided, for her safety, she needed to become an inside cat.

So with time, patience, training, and a lot of love and care, Midnight became a fully tame indoor cat who loved to sit by the door or on a windowsill looking outside.   The family spent many hours playing with Midnight, using household items such as empty toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, and aluminum foil rolls.  What fun they all had playing with and bonding with Midnight!

But the one thing that Midnight wanted, she couldn’t have: to be inside the house with the family.  But with the father's allergies, she just couldn't stay inside.  They just didn’t think she would survive being an outside cat and felt it much better to keep her in the garage until they could find a place for her.

Being animal lovers, the family volunteered at the local Humane Society.  As soon as they had an opening, after several months of caring for Midnight, they reluctantly took her to the shelter to wait for her fur-ever family to come and adopt her.  But they still had a chance to see Midnight and care for her whenever they were volunteering at the shelter.

It wasn’t long before a young student met Midnight and took her home to live with her in the college dorm.  But after one night, when Midnight slept near her head, the young student woke up covered in hives and had to go to the emergency room to be treated – severe allergies to cat fur, which, hopefully, she had outgrown.  Reluctantly, she had to take Midnight back to the Humane Society to wait for another family to adopt her.

Soon another family came and played with Midnight and several other kittens, trying to choose which they wanted to take home.  After a little bonding time – they chose to take Midnight to live with them in their apartment where she became their fur-ever pet.

On her first day "home",
Midnight finds the softest spot...
our bed!

But, this is not the end of the story!

You've heard of "The Rest of the Story"?  Well, this is the rest of Midnight's story!

      Through Facebook and the Humane Society’s fan page, the newest family met the foster family and they spent an afternoon connecting with each other, and allowing Midnight to re-connect with the family that saved her life.  Both families were happy to share stories and fun facts about Midnight – and to be thankful to each other for the love and care given to her as she grew from a scrawny kitten to a beautiful sleek black and white cat…with two loving families! 

In a short time, Midnight will turn three-years old; and has been living in her new home for almost two years!

What a journey this has been!

{In case you didn't figure it out, we are the last family to adopt Midnight; her foster family is still connected to her and have visited several times!}


  1. What a lovely story. I wanted to cry, but it had a happy ending.

    1. Tessa, sometimes we DO cry even with happy endings! Thanks for reading Midnight's story and for your comment!!

  2. Aw, Barbara- you are such a love! I am so glad that you became part of Midnight's Happy Ending. Thank you for sharing this precious fur baby story with us. I am blessed by your sweet, "rebellious" little heart! lol. Hope your weekend was wonderful!

    1. Yes, Dawn...we are happy to have become Midnight's Happy Ending! She is a joy to have and really stays close to wherever I soon as I opened the door yesterday evening, she came running to the door - she knew it must be me because my hubby was laying down in the bedroom with the door closed!!

      Glad to have shared this "Midnight" Journey with RJD - and glad to be a part of it!

      My weekend WAS wonderful; it's hard to say "I'm glad to be home"; but I guess I am!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting - and for "hosting" our RJD and other journaling opportunities!

  3. That is so sweet and so wonderful. I love happy endings!

    1. Yes! So happy we could give her a happy ending! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I'm the allergic mom to a very sweet animal loving child. I have no doubt that he will have cats and dogs and hamsters of his own one day!

    1. Yes, one day for sure he will have his cats and dogs and whatever! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. What a sweet story! I'm so glad that Midnight has a 'furever' home with you!

    1. Oh yes! We are glad to have her!! Thanks for reading and commenting!


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